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Hello Anon,

We are an entity comprised of several parties, pooling our illicit services (products) in to one clean and tidy site. This is the face of our combined operations. We hope navigating our site and placing orders is a seamless experience. Now on to the services we offer.

Pre-Recycled Notes

The product we move the most of is our pre-recycled notes, we have sources for USD, EUR, GBP and AUD notes. These are genuine government issued notes that have been marked for disposal. The quantities of each currency varies due to demand and the size of the operation manufacturing the notes(we have more than a few that are apart of our enterprise). Precise details are given on age, availability and prices when you navigate to the “Pre-Recycled Notes Page”.

Prepaid Debit Cards

We have just two suppliers of prepaid cards, but it is our second most popular product we sell. The cards sold are connected to accounts created and funded by the suppliers. The funds that are loaded onto the cards are taken from accounts selected from the creators and the cards they are creating are just a byproduct of a bigger laundry operation. The whole advantage to prepaid debit cards is that they are not stolen or cloned like 99% of the credit cards being sold on the darknet , in turn they will not be tracked or blocked when in use since the cards will not get flagged as stolen or fraudulent. Our customers are able to utilize the full balance of every card purchased.

Money Transmitting services (Money Gram and Western Union)

This service is rather self explanatory. We have several parties providing “man in the milddle” attacks. They provide the details of the user sending funds to purchase an item, that information is intercepted and the person picking up the funds(our customer) information is given to the sender which in turn will allow our customers to go pickup a large sum of money at a Western Union or MoneyGram location for a small fee. We advise this service to users who have experience with these money transmitting services, it can get complicated for customers what are not familiar.

PayPal Accounts

We have two options here, you can purchase a stand alone paypal account with full access and the tools to get you started on using the account. Then we offer a paypal account transfer service where we can transfer the funds out of the compromised paypal account into another account of your choosing such as a bank account, other paypal account, etc. Truthfully we always advise the paypal transfer service opposed to the stand alone accounts since it’s a lot quicker and most new buyers are not capable of safely emptying the stand alone accounts.

Amazon Gift Cards

These are straight forward. Amazon gift cards are the most popular gift cards on the internet right now and we have more than enough suppliers asking us to sell their codes.

*We do not accept any other form of payment so please don’t ask to pay with paypal, paysafe cards, etc.