Western Union and Money Gram Transfers

When placing your order for a money transfer service, please include the following in your email to us:

1. If you want it to be WU or MG
2. Size of the account you desire(we will let you know what we have available closest to the desired amount)
3. A name, address, country/state to direct the funds to for pickup.
4. How you will be paying for your order(We accept bitcoin, monero, bitcoincash and ethereum as of now) and when you plan to place the order.

Our Email: [email protected]

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– We are able to get a WU transfer sent to your receiving information within an hour of confirming your payment for the service.
– The cost of either a Western Union transfer or a Moneygram transfer is the same. The cost is %15 of the transfer amount.

Here some example prices:

Amount  ||   Cost

$1250     ||   $187
$2300    ||   $345
$3500    ||   $525
$5000    ||   $750
$7500    ||   $1125

*We advise this service to users who have experience with these money transmitting services, it can get complicated for customers what are not familiar.

*We do sell in depth manuals for using services such as this and all the other services we provide on our site. It’s $100 if you’re interested.

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