PayPal Accounts

When placing your order for a money transfer service, please include the following in your email to us:

1. Whether you want a stand alone account or an account transfer
2. Size of the account you desire(we will let you know what we have available closest to the desired amount)
3. If applicable, where you want the account balance to be sent to.
4. How you will be paying for your order(We accept bitcoin, monero, bitcoincash and ethereum as of now) and when you plan to place the order.

Our Email: [email protected]

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Stand Alone Accounts

– We will provide you with the base tools you need to get started on safely accessing the account and preparing to make a withdrawal. We sell a more in depth manual that covers all of the services that we offer here including “how to safely transfer funds from a hacked paypal account”. The manual is $100.

– A stand alone account with balance will cost 10% of the accounts value.

Example prices:

Amount – Cost
$1200 – $120
$2500 – $250
$5000 – $500
$7000 – $700
$12000 – $1200

Are you in a hurry? Use Automated checkout and get free shipping!

Paypal Account Transfer

– This costs more, but is what we recommend to even those with a lot of experience using these types of accounts.
– We will send the funds from the paypal account into a different paypal account, card account or bank account of your choosing.
– A paypal account transfer will cost 20% of the accounts value.

Example Prices:

Amount – Cost
$1200 – $240
$2500 – $500
$5000 – $1000
$7000 – $1400
$12000 – $2400

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