Prepaid Debit Cards

Placing your order for prepaid cards. Please include the following in your email to us:

1. The type of card(s) you want to order(US,EUR,AUD or Travel(worldwide)).
2. How many you want.
3. Type of shipping, regular shipping is free, expedited shipment is $20 and overnight shipping(not available to all countries) is $45.
4. The country you are ordering from.
5. How you will be paying for your order(We accept bitcoin, monero, bitcoincash and ethereum as of now) and when you plan to place the order.

Our Email: [email protected]

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*We no longer offer magnetic plain magnetic cards, if you want to purchase the data from us and make your own, that is just fine.

*All physical cards that we ship will come with both the magnetic strip and an EMV chip.

*The only cards that we will allow you to customize the balance on are the world wide use “Travel Cards”, all other cards come with a static minimum amount loaded on it which we will not customize.

*Please order the cards according to your location.

*Prices are shown in USD.

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