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Question: Do you have Automated checkout available on this site?

Answer: Of Course! Click the button near any product, pay (only BTC), and you are done! Plus you get free shipping, Expedited or Overnight!

Question: Where can I purchase one of the accepted forms of payment(bitcoin, monero, ethereum, or bitcoin cash)?

Answer: If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrencies then we advise you purchase bitcoin since it’s the most available to purchase. We always recommend purchasing bitcoin on using a cash payment method such as in person, money gram, western union or cash deposit. If you’re trying to use a card to purchase bitcoin then it might be a little harder, first check for a bitcoin ATM for your area as that will be quickest(but cost more due to convenience fees). If a bitcoin ATM is not an option for you then proceed with a reputable exchange for purchase(expect this last option to take a few days).

Edit:  is a great place to purchase bitcoin with a credit or debit card.

Question: Do you accept escrow?

Answer: Escrow slows the time it takes us to process orders and usually it’s the new customers who’ve been burned in the past that are asking for it. We will allow it but there are minimum order sizes required if you plan to use it. It’s a pain and time consuming to deal with 3rd party services for tiny test orders when we’re trying to please all of our regular buyers who know we are completely legitimate and are usually placing much larger orders.

Question: Is all of this legitimate?

Answer: We have an understanding that there are many scams on tor, we do our best deviate from that and create a positive reputation among our clients so that concern of our legitimacy never comes into question. What we have created is something we are not willing to risk ruining.  In short, yes, these services we offer are legitimate.

Question: How safe are these services?

Answer: Some are more than others, we will specify. For example, the prepaid debit cards sold here carry no risk at all, but drawing funds from a paypal account in an unsafe manner could get you into a lot of trouble. Please understand these products are illegal and depending on what you’re doing with them, there is always some level of risk.

Question: Why are your prices higher than “this vendor” or “that vendor”?

Answer: We provide quality across the board and do not fudge about what our products are capable of. Our customers know that there is a very large margin of profit to be made even if we doubled or tripled our prices so they are not going anywhere and we know that. We are selling ourselves, our reputation and trust as well as the products. And most importantly “this vendor” or “that vendor” may or may not be legitimate in the first place.

Packaging and shipping:

Question: What is the cost of shipping and what are my options?

Answer: Regular shipping is always included free. Expedited shipment is available world wide for $20 and overnight shipping which is not available to all customers costs $45. Overnight shipping is available to North American and European customers. *ORDERS WILL SHIP OUT THE VERY NEXT BUSINESS MORNING FROM WHEN THE ORDER WAS PLACED(PAID FOR), ORDERS DO NOT SHIP THE SAME DAY THE ORDER IS PLACED*

Question: How safe is it to receive a package from you guys?

Answer: Every order we ship out is packaged in a manner that would deceive anyone, even upon opening it. We do not discuss the specifics of the packing until the order has been placed, we do this to protect our customers and their orders. Note: Packing will change depending on what you’re ordering and the size of your order.

Question: Should I use my real shipping information? How can I avoid revealing myself?

Answer: You can safely use your own shipping information and there won’t be any problem. As stated above, all orders are packaged in such as discrete manner that nothing will seem suspicious or out of the ordinary for the mail couriers or customs. We make sure you don’t have to sign for any package unless you want to. If you don’t want to use your name, you can use a fake name or nickname or neighbors name. Just make sure the address provided is 100% real, otherwise there will be problems with the order arriving.

Prepaid Debit Cards:

Question: How safe are these to use?

Answer: These are prepaid debit cards, not stolen or cloned credit cards. They are connected to accounts that were created by the suppliers and are not accessible by anyone else. This means only you will have access to the account via the card and it will be seen as normal use. The cards do not get blocked and you will be able to utilize the full balance of every card you purchase, guaranteed. They carry zero risk and are the safest product we offer.

Question: Why don’t you or the suppliers use them?

Answer: Who says we don’t? As for the suppliers or creators, the cards they are creating are just a byproduct of a bigger laundry operation so it’s not worth it to them since they are playing with much larger sums of money.

Question: How long do these cards last? Do I have a time limit in which I have to use them?

Answer: The cards we ship out have expiration dates that are a few years out so you don’t have to rush to use them. Once you start using the cards, there is no time limit in which you have to use up the funds on the card. These are not like stolen or cloned credit cards.

Question: What are the card balances?

Answer: No matter the card, US, EUR, AUD, or Travel(world wide use) the balance of a single card will be equivalent to roughly 2000 USD.

Question: Where can I use these cards?

Answer: All cards come with both the magnetic strip and EMV chip so they can be used anywhere. Stores, shops, ATM’s, online, etc.  Each card will come with a PIN for use. The maximum daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is 600 USD, some machines will only allow you to withdrawal a smaller amount so you will have to use more than one ATM if that is the case. There are no set spending limits on the cards so you could easily spend the full balance of a card in one day.

Money Transmitting Products(Moneygram & Western Union):

Question: Should I use my own name?

Answer: Unless you have a fake ID, yes you should. They will require to see your ID to receive the funds. This is just procedure to comply with money transmitting laws so you can be sure it’s safe to do so.

Question: Is it safe to pick up a transfer?

Answer: Yes very, just make sure you have an ID to provide and the correct receiving information.


Question: Can you cash these accounts out into a crypto like bitcoin and then send it to my bitcoin account?

Answer: No, we don’t do that.

Question: What are the tools you provide with the stand alone accounts?

Answer: A working account with the login information, a matching socks5 proxy server and basic instructions on how to go about cashing it out. If you want more in depth, higher quality instructions then we advise you buy the manual that covers all the products on our site including stand alone paypal accounts, that manual is $100.

Question: Can I have a free test account?

Answer: No.

Pre-Recycled Notes:

Question: Are the quality of these notes very high?

Answer: Yes, they are genuine government currency so they are the absolute best quality possible.

Question: Can these be deposited at ATM’s or banks?

Answer: You can successfully deposit the notes into ATMs if the atm has that option.

Question: Why aren’t you or the suppliers using these?

Answer: Who says we aren’t? Also the suppliers are selling them through us because now days it’s far easier to launder crypto than it is to launder physical cash.

Question: Can I have a free sample? I’ll pay for shipping.

Answer: No, you can start with the minimum order size if you want to try it out.

Amazon Gift Cards:

Question: Why are these so cheap?

Answer: We have more than a few suppliers pushing these gift codes on us, so there is a lot of competition, hence the competitive pricing.