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607 thoughts on “Financial Services – Reviews

      1. I paid yesterday night but I didn’t pick up the transfer until today. It all came through so I will be trying it again tomorrow but maybe do 4 or 5k instead of the minimum!

  1. Hola alguien de América Latina lo ha probado? Personas de argentina, chile, Perú, Bolivia, ecuador, colombia, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana? Alguna referencia latina ?

  2. Say I have a job at a money gram office? Can I get you guys to send me numerous transfers at once? I could handle a lot of volume spread out through a day.

    1. Hello Cisforcunts,

      We don’t have limits but we do advise not ordering too many close together because that usually results in the customer being blocked by either Western Union or MoneyGram. If this is not an issue for you then it wouldn’t be an issue to order as many as you could safely process.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  3. Hello guys I sent my email and bit coin for the western union last night still waiting.
    I seen alot of reviews on here stating it took a while soooooo I’m trying to be patient. It’s the first time I’ve done this do I’m kinda nervous not going to lie.

    1. Hello guys I just got the MTNC number and sender information so I’m going to go pick it up now! I’m soooo nervous.

      1. Well that went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Basically no questions at the western union office, I filled out the slip and provided ID and they they provided me an envelope with the cash. F’in bomb

  4. Hello, I want to order but I am from Peru (America), will I have no problems in the future? any experience in this country?

  5. okay everybody, I’m omy to make WU order. I will keep you updated and share my experience.
    I sent them email (1 May 2020, 11:05AM)

    1. is there any good news, Did you receive your WU order and transfer completed or not after getting MTCN

      1. It took me longer than I planned for both receiving my bitcoin into my wallet to pay with as well as waiting for the MTCN number. Once I paid it was around 6 hrs before I received the number and receiver information. Once I had it, there was no problem picking up the money so I am very happy with the outcome and will be ordering more in the future.

    2. Hello admin I have sent an e mail on placing an order today!
      I will keep y’all updated about how things turn out.

      1. Hey y’all. I didn’t update because I forgot.
        I don’t remember how long it took but it didn’t seem overly delayed. I was extremely excited it turned out to be legit so that is all I focused on and have ordered two more since.

  6. Offices opened back up here and I need cash asap. Is everything still working here? I noticed I can’t order this on the virtual checkout.

    1. Hi Mikey77,

      We are selling 24/7 and transfers go out 24/7 as well. Make sure you have a location you can pickup from(that is open) over the weekend.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. hey brother, is there any concerns using my ID for pick up and is there a high risk of getting in trouble upon pickup?

  7. Greetings from Ghana (West Africa),

    After paying for a WU transfer, besides providing the MTCN number, please i would like to know if you also provide other details such as the name and address of the sender (you). I’m asking because these details are needed at my end before receiving the money. I remember the last time i went to receive a WU transfer from the bank, the agent even asked me how i knew the sender and what the money was meant for. They are normally so strict.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Michael Yeboah,

      Yes the required sender information that you are asking about is always provided with ever transfer sent.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  8. Are these still good? I want to order and already checked and confirmed I have a location I can go pick up from.
    Also there is no automated checkout for these? Email sent, waiting for a reply.

    1. Hello D0D.s,

      They have to be picked up in person. It sounds like the paypal account transfers would be a better option for your needs. You can email us to order or place an order on the virtual checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. You are missing out if you havent tried the account transfers. Everything is closed around me too but it literally doesnt matter.

    1. Hello 2d-34d,

      The vendor we have have that provides WU transfers, won’t send out payment until they’ve been paid ahead of time so that isn’t possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  9. Placed my first order gonna see how this plays out. gonna use these guys alot if it goes through.
    will keep you guys updated

    1. I will be using these guys a lot. I have the transfer number and checked it online and it’s just waiting to be picked up.
      Legit. I will be back for more updates

  10. hello mr

    At the moment I am in Congo Brazzaville (Central Africa), I am interested in Western Union and Money Gram products and I would like to know if the transfer is available.

    1. Hello By Master,

      Yes, WU and MG transfers are available to you in Africa. Please email us for your order.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. The guy at the wu office was so salty at me for some fucking reason. Some people.. made me nervous as shit though. Got the money though so I still consider it a success

  11. Hi Guy!
    Which service here do you think is good I want to order to test the service Can you help me which one I can start with.

    1. Well all of them are pretty good. Pick what sounds best to you and go from there.
      The only one I wouldn’t recommend are the stand alone paypal accounts.

    1. Late posting since I couldn’t pickup the money until Monday.
      It came through and my trust has been gained.
      Cheers to everyone here!

      1. Got it all picked up. This is really awesome.
        I had major doubts in the first place but figured it was still worth the risk.
        This is my first time in a long long time that taking a risk has paid off for me.

    1. Hi MAXUNIN,

      If you have concerns about placing an order, please send us an email about it. As of now our WU and MG services are still fully available and yes they are safe to pickup.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Sorry I just realized I didn’t update this comment. You can see my other comments I posted above though.
      With the orders I have placed, they have been good about getting the transfers sent to me the same day. My biggest concern is that I will be blocked by WU if I do this too much. I heard it’s common if you do over 10 or 20k in a short period of time. I don’t want this cash cow to stop so if I get blocked I’m going to be pretty upset.

  12. I am planning to raise the money to buy 1200 from Wester Union. But the price seems cheap compared to other sites of equal service.

    I have a question for Financial, how much do they charge you for transferring money?

    1. Hello pablex,

      The cost for WU and MG transfers is 15% of the amount transferred so a $1200 transfer would cost $180 . We do our best to find quality vendors that have competitive pricing.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Okay I already have picked up the transfer. That was faster than I planned for.
          I am blown away that actually worked
          all i can say is .. holy wow

          Did you happen to order already Randall?

          1. Hey sorry for the delay, Binance is messing with me, they won’t let me transfer the funds. First they said I should wait a day for some reason, now they need 1-3 days to verify my identity. Gaah, really annoying. What wallet are you using?

          2. Ok, I just made the payment, waiting on them to tell me they saw it. It’s Tuesday 07:39. Will update everyone as I proceed.

          3. Well damn.. i have the money picked up.
            I really didn’t fully believe it would work until I tried it.
            Thank you finesse700 for talking me through here 🙂

    1. got the money in my hand right now
      my gf was like wtf where tf did that come from
      all i gotta say is connecctions bitch
      you guys are the bom

  13. To be clear.
    The western union and moneygram cash pickup costs 15% and
    paypal account transfers cost 20%?
    I would think it’s the other way around. What is so great about the account transfer?
    I would choose picking up cash and will continue to order unless I am missing something

  14. Hello, I saw that you advise this method to more experienced people, is this a much different procedure than just a normal one? (from what I read here, it is not)
    And the second question is, do you offer this service for 100$? (Obviously, I will receive less money than you posted for services, just curious if it is possible)

    Thank you

    1. Hi sebas7a,

      We don’t have any transfers available for under $100. You can ask what is available via email though. Availability is always changing.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. Hey, little update, I placed the order and made the payment, now I’m waiting to see what happens next.

      If you guys are interested, I can keep you updated with the process and with everything that happens. 😀

    3. Well it works. I picked up the money and no out of the ordinary questions were asked.
      I still plan to get a fake id for continually doing this but am having a hard time getting in contact with someone with those kind of skills.

  15. I had to have the transfer split into 2 separate transfers because my country didn’t allow me to pickup more than 5k at once. No problems, picked up both the 5k and 2.5k right after each other. Of course it sure helps having an extra ID with stuff like this, i’m sure I’ll get blocked soon by western union after a few more big transfers like that.

  16. This new year is going to be full of new experiences and I want having money to be one of them. How safe is it to have 5 figure amounts transferred? I don’t want to start small since I don’t need to start small but am lacking experience with this.

      1. Ordered moneygram (187,-), oasis received my btc, and told me to hold on. Will keep u guys updated what happened if I received pickup info, cheers Happy New year

        1. I have picked up the money already. It took 7 hours of waiting before they would provide the pickup information but it all worked out
          thank you and Cheers

  17. When u purchase western union… You get a wu account with the balance or you get the mctn +information. There I’m cunfused, selling accounts with balance or selling transfers

    1. Yep all you need is a valid ID. I usually have my little cousin pick it up and pay him $100 for the favor of using his ID. Works great!

  18. Hi, I have been looking at the comments for a while now and I think that the page is very legitama I only have one question in question. I want to buy a transfer by western union but I don’t have all the money I would like to know if I can receive half and when I charge the money to give it the rest. I eat fully in FO. but I didn’t have so much money to buy their products

    the page is very good if you look at the comments you will notice if you are new as I have a lot of watching what happens. the page is really genuine I recommend it

    1. Hello jo-han1509,

      You can inquire via email to see if we have any transfers available that are smaller than what is listed on our site. We are not able to accept half the payment and then half after just because the vendors we have that are providing these services, require to be paid in full before they provide the service or in some cases the product. I hope you can understand. Thank you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  19. How fast do I have to go and pick up the transfer? Would if its sent to me and all the offices are closed for the day?? I really don’t want the waste my precious btc here.

    1. Hi attackoftheclones,

      Once the transfer is sent you have 48 hours to pick up the funds.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  20. Hi, I just want to know if I can use Escrow on my first purchase even if it’s not a lot of money,
    if it works you will have a customer for life

    1. Hello jo-han1509,

      Escrow can be used if the cost of your order is $1000 or more as implied on our FAQ page.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  21. Received email from FO about 7 hours after my order email. Sent bitcoin and sent confirmation of payment to FO. Now we sit and wait. it’s 11:45pm 12/12/19, will continue to update. If anyone is on the fence, I suggest just give it a try. Think of it like learning to ride a bike. We have all been scammed before ( I.E. Fallen off a bike when learning to ride ) but we got back up and tried until we were riding wheelies down the road. So start out small and go from there.. SO far FO has been on point.. Cheers to all … Beers to all…

    1. It’s been roughly 16 hours since my payment was processed and only now did I get the MTCN number. I can totally understand that they must be swamped. Thank you for being legit, though next time it would be nice to know if you’re going to be that delayed. I was sweatin balls and sure I had been scammed. Happy cake day to myself!

      1. So i picked the money. I am in disbelief still, this is crazy i’m just staring at it.
        I never thought I would find a legit vendor.

  22. Why are they listed as a scam on the TOR scam site? the reviews are good, after reading through them, so I am kinda puzzled..

    1. That site is such bullshit, I went there first as well to see if financial oasis were legit and of course they had FO listed under the list of scams so I try out one of the “verified services” they have listed call “buy real money” or something like that and it’s a fucking scam. I lost $360 to that stupid fucker. They are just their to bait you into buying from their scam sites and trying to scare you away from any other service out there.

      1. Yeah I purchased from one of their “verified sites” and got scammed as well. Afterwards I thought the guy that put up the scam site was prolly affiliated with all of the “verified sites”. Fucking scammers. Sounds like from all of the comments this site is the real deal and they actually produce what they sell.. My good friend is in the process of trying out a Western Union Money Transfer with Financial Oasis as I type this.

    1. Hello tonydee,

      You are able to use escrow if the cost of your order is $1000 or more as implied on our FAQ page.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  23. so this is my first time doing any of this can someone please tell me how do i even send money what is bitcoin also? i want to know to how can i sell information if i have business accounts information. im willing to give this a try but i do not know how to send money or anything

    1. You should first start with getting acquinted with using bitcoin before anything. A safe free wallet can be setup on and then you can purchase bitcoin from numerous exchanges online or you can try to find a bitcoin ATM near you. Once you have btc it’s easy to buy this stuff, just send them an email telling them what you want and they provide all the information you need to place the order. I’ve been doing this for over a year now so you can take my word for it.

  24. Booking some orders for tomorrow.
    Will they still get processed the same day or Sunday?
    I prefer not to wait until monday if possible but will plan for it if that is the only option.

  25. Hey as a first time customer I just wanted to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I needed extra cash so bad and after getting scammed 3 times I felt hopeless and gave it one last shot here. I had no chance to get through the rest of the year if this didnt work. bless you all <3

        1. Hell yes I have and have been.
          I wouldn’t be so extreme if I didn’t have any experience here with these guys.
          All yall are a bunch of pansies.

    1. hello friends ..
      i have recently been scammed by anther page… just want to make sure this is real so am gonna place my first order tomorrow morning. as i already work in a store with WU in it i guess it will be easy for me to cashout..need your advice thank you

  26. I need to order soon. Please reply back to my request.
    Also why aren’t these available on the automated checkout? I could really use one right now.

    1. Hello Terry09,

      Thank you for your business. To address your question in your comment, currently our vendor doesn’t have enough supply of transfers to list them on the automated checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  27. ive been able to put a downpayment on a house because of these western union transfers.
    Seriously thank you so much for this service. As cliche as it may sound.

  28. What do you do with all the money you can make with this? I know very little when it comes to business so I could not launder the money even if I wanted to. I have built up over 30.000 and keep it in a heave duty safe I bought a little while ago. Any ideas?

    1. IF you really can’t figure out how to launder money like that, hire a friend who you trust to do it for you.
      It really isn’t very hard if you do a little research.

    1. Depends bro, you have to go ask. It’s different wherever you are.
      I know in some places all you need is like a secret pass phrase and you can pick up the money.

    1. I saw an ID store a while back but don’t know if it’s legit. I will try to find the link.
      Tell me if you find any good sources.

        1. They say 3-4 hours but it was around 7-9 hours the two times I ordered.
          It is still better than waiting for a package.

  29. Because you guys deal in these, can I pay using western union as well? I am having a hell of a time buying bitcoin right now.

  30. I was abit nervous it being my first time trying out picking up a transfer but it went pretty well and I got the cash in the same day I paid. I asked the people what the most is I could pickup and they just told me that anything over 5k where i am at requires a social security number.

  31. Hello all,

    Please be advised.
    If it’s your first time ordering, please check with the MG or WU office local to you to see how much they will allow you to pick up in one transfer. Too many people are having us send more than they are allowed to pickup and then get upset when we can’t refund their purchase. It is up to you to determine how much your money transmitter office will allow you to pick up.
    Thank you.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

  32. Review English and French
    Retour en Anglais et Français

    I’ve contacted Oasis Team and in less than 30 min, I got an answer. Now, I’ve not ordered but in few day I’m going to. Thx encore Oasis Team. Great Job

    J’ai contacté la Team Oasis et en moins de 30 min, j’ai eu une réponse. Je n’ai pas encore passé commande mais dans quelques jours, je pense que je vais le faire. Merci encore la Team Oasis. Excellent Travail

  33. could i use my id to pick this up? Or have a friend, will they question anything if you get 5k or more slightly nerves about picking it up, if somebody could explain the pickup process it would be appreciated!!

    1. Just placed my first order… Freaking out a bit that this won’t work… I need to just chill and trust the comments though.. sent Bitcoin waiting on piçk up info.. wil post update when available

      1. Okay I got it but it’s too late to pickup right now so i will wait until the office WU store opens. Seems good though, I was able to check the balance online with the mtnc number and it was there waiting to be picked up.

  34. mail said pickup info will be sent 2-3 hours after reeived payment, its been 8 hours now. i dont know if this is bad or just a normal delay. i’m nervous of course. will update

    1. a few hours later i asked if they got the payment, they confirmed and told me they had sent the info already. It ended up being in the spam folder XD
      That took me way to long to figure out but i’m happy i got my order.

  35. Hey guys just want to find out does this platform really work cos i am about to go into it and i would like one or two persons who can guarantee that this platform actually does work

    1. There is a lot more than 2 people here saying it works. I know it does after picking up more than a few moneygram transfers.

    1. Hi .. I would like to know that too .. but so far I have not found anyone who would clearly say that everything was o.k. .. anyway, I would also like to find some credible source where I could pour some dollars ..

    2. I trust them now. I paid for a small account and it worked so I bought a much bigger transfer with the money as a gamble and it worked too so now I trust them. It was hard because I was scammed at least 5 times by other so called vendors before this.

    1. Are you ordering WU or MG? I’m in the UK and have only used the WU. You have to make sure and ask for gbp transfers.

  36. Hi everyone,

    These guys have been awesome so far, this is my first time. Whats the average waiting time? I placed my order a few hours ago, payment was confirmed and I’m waiting on payment info for Money Gram. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Beanbear-1004,

      We unfortunately do not have that service available.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start: “financo”)

    1. Hello anon,

      Have you checked your email mickylaf****@******.com? We have sent you the sender information along with the mtcn number yesterday. Please check it!

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start: “financo”)

        1. Guess you just got to try it, take the risk, at first it’s like gambling but after it’s just maths adding your money up

    1. I still don’t have enough to place an order yet so I won’t know for a while longer.
      It doesn’t help that btc is goiing down

  37. How to know that this is real and not a simple scam?
    Can I start with a low amount to see what is real and avoid losing a lot of money if it is not?

    1. Hello Juan,

      You can inquire about our account sizes available(smaller or larger than what is listed on the website) via email. They are always changing so please ask what we have available at the time.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start: “financo”)

          1. Sorry for the late update. I was able to pickup the WU transfer today. I had the sender information sent to me early morning and just had to wait until the local offices opened. The transfer came through good, i was expecting there might be a problem but that is because I am always assuming the worst to happen. Thank you fo!

  38. I don’t mean to sound like I’m begging and I am respectfully asking that the Admin (s) allows this to post. If not, I understand. I am in a rut right now and I was hoping someone could give me a Bitcoin loan of $200 to get a $1,250 WU Transfer from Financial Oasis. I am willing pay the lender back half of the transfer via Bitcoin. If no one is willing to help me, I understand and thank you for your time.

    1. don’t be fooled, there are a lot of scammers.
      That being said, this is the first place i placed an order and actually received my transfer so I understand how people are still willing to get scammed over and over trying new vendors until they find someone that is legit like here. I had gotten ripped off 3 times before I found this site.

  39. can I buy a venmo transfer? I don’t want to use my ID to pickup money, it seems like too much risk.

    1. Hi AnonymousMisery,

      The transfers come in clean so you can safely use your own ID and pickup the funds without any exposure to risk. Sorry we do not offer venmo transfers, the closest thing to that we offer are paypal account transfers. You can view the details on that here

  40. I need 3000 WU sent to me. Can I pay with paypal? I don’t have bitcoin and its hard to buy. please!!

    1. Hello paralinforrest,

      As stated on our order page and main page, we do not accept any other forms of payment other than the cryptos that are listed: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Monero. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start: “financo”)

      1. Taking bit longer than most but admin email that my transaction has been confirmed waiting on MTCN information…

    1. I picked it up sunday evening. All the offices were closed except one of my local stores that had a money service booth still open. No hang up or problems came up and I got the cash. Excellent experience!

  41. I just figured something out. If you get blocked by WU you can just have a friend or family member start picking up money for you. The downside is you’ll have to pay them a small fee but it works good. I’m sure you could even make a deal with a stranger if you told them you’d pay them

      1. Yes I have been doing like 2 a week. I’m trying to make it last as long as I can before they block me otherwise i would do one everyday.

    1. No.. no its not.
      I’m pretty sure you can send up to 9999 and that’s only in some places.
      If you want larger sums like that then you need to look at the account transfers on the paypal page.

    1. Ya i am. The first time I ordered i did a transfer via WU and it was successful, but since then I switched to the recycled notes and don’t do anything else. It seems the most anonymous and the safest option. Also you can do far larger quantities than a transfer.

        1. What do you mean quality? They aren’t selling counterfeits, they are just government currency that was marked for disposal so it’s the real thing. Quality isn’t even the question because they aren’t fake.

    1. Sorry I forgot to update.
      They fucked up my order and it took almost a full day to get the funds sent.
      They made up for it by sending almost double what I paid for so i’m not complaining

    1. I just made my first payment. Now to wait and see how it goes. If this works I’m getting my car out the repo tomorrow.

      1. Yes, sorry did you see my comment? I fucked up with my user name. The post above this with the user name bonono1 is me.

  42. Someone Please Help me out i’m in serious crisis , western Union is safe? and are these guys really legit? TBH answer someone please guys asap .

      1. really? i’ve some btc’s i want to trade with them should i ? please an honest opinion , if you’ve done this .

  43. hey can anyone Please tell me Honestly does it work? i am in serious crisis of money i just need to confirm , People keep refereeing this website .

    1. No, I asked about it and they said they rarely get anything under $800-900. Prepaids or a paypal account is the next best option.

  44. The pickup went as expected and I have the money right in front of me.
    I need a bitcoin atm or someone I can trade with to get more btc so I can keep doing this.

  45. Hi,

    I have now received the MTCN along with the sender information. I hope the pickup goes well
    I will have to wait until tomorrow to get it.

  46. anyone sell id’s? WU just blocked me yesterday.
    It’s been almost 3 months of nonstop pickups without a single issue and now they are pulling this bullshit.

  47. I’m going to try and pick up a transfer today(Sunday). See if it will work like you all are claiming.

      1. Yes i got the money, but I ended up picking it up on Monday :/ I thought I would be able to pick it up at the little grocery mart but their financial desk is closed on Sundays. idk where I can find a place to pickup that would even be open for me on a sunday or even saturday for that matter

  48. Can transfers be made on the weekend? I’ve never used these services before so i’m a little out of the loop on how they work.

      1. Yes I don’t see why not. I’ve had a family member send me money on a Sunday before and I was able to pick it up. The problem is that most offices are closed on Sunday so their are fewer places to pick it up at. I have a grocery store that has a financial hub area where i’m able to pick up transfers and that’s what I used.

  49. I just finished picking up the money from my first order here($2500 with WU) and really the hardest part is just choosing an office where the employees don’t treat you like a criminal. lol

    1. You usually don’t want to have more than that sent or you put up red flags and they need to know more about you. I always keep my transfers under $5000 and have been fine for a few months now. No transaction holds or being blocked. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually but then I can just use a different ID and start over again.

      1. Thank you for answering. It looks like the paypal account transfers will work better for my needs anyways.
        Thanks brother

  50. Checking in.. these are still working right? WU vs MG? I have both available to me, is there one better than the other?

    1. It will vary depending on your location but either service does the same thing so it doesn’t really matter which you use. Base it off of what is closest to your for pickup.

  51. How long after payment will i receive the code. Just curious what the time frame has been for every one else.

    1. It’s usually 3-4 hours after they respond back saying they “see my payment”. The first time I was pissed because I thought it was only 2-3 hours after I made the payment, but they corrected my saying that it takes that long after they confirm and see the payment. Pretty annoying but it’s still worth it.

    1. I already made the payment and waiting for reply , i’m a little bit nervous and i hope it goes well , cross finger !
      I’ll update with the results .

      1. 12 hours past from the last Email but i now have received it! I will have to wait until the offices open back up to go receive the cash!

  52. Hello, im experiencing delays on my WU order and was wondering if that was normal? How long is the wait period. Can I reach admin with another email? Please advice. Thanks.

      1. It took a full day. I have the money now though. Once they send the mtnc number and sender information it goes quickly.
        At least they apologized for the delay and said I would get a small discount the next order i place so I am not too upset about it. I’m actually just more happy that it worked out and I didn’t get scammed.

    1. I’m also interested but will like to see how much delay before an order is received.. so please let us know when you’ve received your order. Thanks

  53. Hi Admin…Im getting my $ together to make my first purchase with you, but I have a business Paypal account to receive the transfer. Will that still work or does it have to be a personal account?

    1. I’ve only used my business account and never had problems. It’s easier to file it as income that way too.
      But ya if you want to discuss more you should repost it on the other thread.

    1. They are likely procured from man in the middle attacks. Either that or they have access to the whole network and are able to reroute transfers to different recivers. What I do know is that they have been working for me and no red flags have gone up for me.

  54. Why would I pickup a money transfer with western union if I can just do an account transfer to my paypal account or bank account? Am i missing something? It just seems like the account transfers are far superior to this.

  55. Hello Everyone,
    First time exploring this website so trying to get more info for wu or prepaid cards.
    can anyone tell me do you get confirmation # for wu and how those the process of picking up money from the wu office works? and regarding prepaid c is it recommended to use your own address for delivery?

    1. Have a friend send you money with WU and then pick it up. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll know how to do it again, it’s the same way and it’s not hard.

  56. Hello,
    I’m so broke and I’m just researching on how this might turn out. Still not sure if I could go ahead. Been scammed too many times before. I’m truly afraid of loosing loan money

    1. Dude you are playing a dangerous game regardless of their legitimacy. Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.
      That being said, this service is the real deal, at least it has been for me. Still you need to pay that money back so that you don’t own anyone anything and then save up enough to pay with your own money.

    2. I have been scammed out of thousands and I lost my daughters trust in the process. I feel your pain..I just want one thing to be legit then I can have mylife back!

  57. How many of these can I do a week? Sorry if this question has already been asked, i’m trying to create a business plan.

    1. I don’t think there is a limit. Just make sure to pay attention to your local limitations via the service you use whether it’s WU or MG. They can fuck you over by blocking your ID so you can’t pickup any more funds if you pickup more than the monthly allotted amount. It’s different depending on your location though.

  58. Please Let me know if this site is legit or not.
    As because most of site Block the user after payment and from his username write good feedback.

    1. I’m sure that’s true because there are so many fucking scams everywhere but I haven’t seen any evidence of that happening here. Also I just got an order so I’m feeling a lot more trusting.

  59. I see the paypal accounts got added to the online checkout, will the mg or wu transfers ever be added?
    If it’s not been decided, please do add them it would make this process so much more convenient!

    1. email them about it like I did. I’ve always been doing the MG transfers and if they were to automate it that would allow me to do at least twice as many.

        1. sorry guys. I just remembered my comment and it was left open ended.
          It worked as they promised it would. I’ve done another one since for 5k and it went smoothly too.

    1. Keep us updated, will you? Thanks! I just got scammed from other sites. Twice! Fuck my life. I will take my last shot here if it works for you.

      1. Dammit i’m sorry I forgot to update sooner!
        Getting a lump sum of cash after being depleted of funds for so long can really fuck with your head and the last thing you think about is updating a thread
        The clerk was acted a bit strange when i picked up the money but it was likely just me being nervous especially as he was counting out a few grand in 100s in front of a line of people.

    1. I already made the placed the order and made a payment tuesday… They confirmed it… Now Im Just waiting for them… Let me know how yours goes.

  60. I’ve just finished up with my first order. Just before I was about to get kicked out of my apartment too.
    I’m an idiot for taking the risk but it paid off and either way i would have been out on the street if I didn’t risk it. Anyways good luck guys, i’ll continue to milk this cow.

    1. I got evicted last month man, I got in too late. I likely would’ve been getting out of that shit hole anyways, now i’m looking at getting into a much more baller pad.

  61. Excellent timing, even though it was 3 hours late i’m not mad because it worked out perfectly.
    Next time i’ll make sure to prepare myself for the possibility of a longer wait time.

  62. Does anyone try picking up the $7500? What’s your experiance been?
    I never pickup more than 5k because where I live they ask for a SSN when you pickup over 5k.

    1. Yes, i’m in the states and have a friend who works at the financial center so i’ve been able to consistently pick up a $7500 transfer every 2 or 3 days. I just give my friend $1200 and he makes sure i’m able to keep receiving them, i’m pretty sure he even filed some paperwork that essentially whitelisted the ID i’ve been using to pickup the money. Anyways I know that’s not available to everyone, but they are selling them and I am buying them

  63. Do the MG fees seem lower than WU? Thats what i’ve noticed but i don’t’ know if it’s like that for everyone.

      1. I haven’t paid yet, i’m waiting for my bitcoin to be available on my coinbase account, it takes so fucking long to clear.

  64. My transfers are still going smoothly and i’ve been at it for 5 weeks now. I haven’t even switched up the name i’m using to pickup funds. From some of the others comments, i thought i might have been blocked by now. I’m not complaining

    1. I’ve been doing these for a few months now and there’s nothing to be scared of.
      Not sure why it wouldn’t be saafe to pickup money with the correct details and sent to your name.

  65. First time doing business with you guys. I didn’t know if you took sunday off but lucky for me I found out quickly that you’re not. The communication is a good as I could expect it to be for email communication and the time it took me to have the funds sent wasn’t too bad(3.5 hours). I want to order again soon now that I know this is for real!

  66. I need cash asap. Western union would be the fastest way to get cash in my pocket in a days time right? I’m just making sure. If i get a paypal transfer I still have to figure out how to turn that into cash.

  67. I’m back looking forward to make some row cash . but i don;t have any experience how it work .mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Can someone help me here ?

    1. Whatever you’re more comfortable with. MG is usually not so anal about everything but that’s just my experience.
      It might be different for you.

  68. Is this available in Australia? And has anyone from Australia tried this service? Can you please share your experience? I don’t know if we have MG I think WU is around but very rare.

  69. WU doesn’t keep track of how much you pickup and send it to the IRS right?
    I’m thinking i’ll need to get a fake ID to ease my concerns. I’ve been keeping track
    and last year in the last few months alone I picked up over $60,000 in total. I really hope
    I don’t get some sort of notice that I owe a shittone in taxes, i’ve only ever gotten a return.

  70. I just picked up the biggest tv i’ve ever seen last night.. it was a 98″ tv lol. spent over 7 grand on it, something I should be able to recoup in a few days. I can say it was worth it

      1. Sent initial mail 2 hours ago and have confirmed the payment was sent. Makes me a bit nervous but still being patient; if this works out…will be a long-term customer.

        1. HomeOnTheGrange : did it work ? i plan to make an order buy i am concernd it’s not gonna work since i have been scammed twice now..

  71. First time and it came through fine. No suspicion from the teller or anything. I’m quite please how that went.

  72. I hope this not stories , because i need to placed my own tomorrow to start from somewhere , i will let you know when doing this because i’m still waiting for my coin to get to my wallet.

  73. I just placed my first order, after reading all the comments I know its going to be a few hours before I will receive, I will keep you all updated on how it goes.

      1. Ya I got the money picked up and immediately needed to go spend it so I forgot to update here for a while.
        The rush you get from picking up a few thousand dollars you normally wouldn’t have can be a little distracting. I plan to make another order tomorrow once my coin comes through to my wallet.
        happy new years!

  74. I’ve picked up 3 per week for the last 2 weeks, is that too much? I don’t want to get blocked because this is a really good thing going for me. please any feedback on what i’m dealing with is welcome.

    1. You should start shopping for some fake ids.
      Thats all you need and you can keep them coming.
      Or if you have a lot of friends, just pay em $100 to pick up a transfer for you.

      1. Yup it came through. It took a little longer than promised but it went smoothly once I got the senders info. I ordered another already and am picking it up this afternoon before christmas. Quite the Christmas this year.

  75. It works!
    Disclaimer: i’ve only used moneygram so i cant speak for western union. I don’t doubt it would be any different though.

  76. Hello,
    My first experience was with WU since that is all that is available in my city and also I have a cousin who works at the western union office so that is helpful. It took 8 hours from when I paid to receving the transfer number and info to pick up the money. There were no problems and I was able to pickup 2300 euros the first time, I tipped my cousin a couple hundred euros so i’m pretty sure I can keep this going for as long as I want. This is great, thank you!

  77. What’s a safe amount to start with? Does it matter? First timer here.
    I’m planning to use moneygram since people are saying they are easier to deal with.

    1. A couple grand at a time is good. If you’re picking up large amounts like 5-7k at a time you’re gonna get blocked pretty quick. One isn’t easier to pick up than the other though.

  78. I sent my money got a email confirming they received my money and to hold on. I’ve been waiting since last night I expected to receive the pick up info this morning but ended up with it early afternoon. I was able to get in and pick it up within and hour from then. The delay was worrisome but well worth the pay off!

    1. I can turn around and buy another one with the money I just picked up right?
      I mean i’ll have to buy bitcoin first but this just seems too easy..

  79. Hey i’m checking back here and want to throw in my 2 cents.
    First, i’m pleased it’s not another scam like queen of cards was and second moneygram seems way more lax so thats all I plan to use unless I get blocked or something.

  80. So i put in for my WU tonight around 2am. Hopefully this is gonna work, because i seriously wanna keep doing business with these guys and only these guys. I won’t be able to pick up anything until morning anyways but i’m just too excited to sleep. I’ve been scammed a handful of times my self trying to come up. Lord know’s i need it…. I”ll update everyone once i get code and finalize everything …. So excited yet very nervous. . . ( to be continued )

    1. Placed my first order today just waiting on a confirmation email. I’ve read the reviews so I hope I’m just happy of a customer I’ll update later

  81. The limit is one per day correct? Is that for both MG and WU or can I do one of each per day? I want to know please respond.


    1. I’ve only been able to get one WU transfer in a single day but i’ve never tried to alternate to MG in the same day. I might try that.

  82. Just placed my first order here, trying out the minimum amount western union transfer. Got to admit I’m a bit anxious until I confirm everything’s fine. To make it worse, I think the operating hours are from a different timezone than mine so have to wait a bit but good things take time. Will leave an update to this review once I go through it!

    1. Hey so i’m back with my update. It took about 4 hours before I received the sender info and the MTNC number to pickup but once I had it it only took me 15 minutes to get down there and have the cash in my pocket walking out the door. I’m very please how smooth that went. I plan on trying the prepaid cards next.

  83. Hello all,

    Due to an overwhelming influx of orders we are limiting our customers to a single transfer per week, whether it be MG or WU. This shouldn’t last too long unless the overwhelming demand doesn’t change any time soon. Thank you.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start: “financo”)

    1. I tried to get a western union transfer but you guys must be busy. Today is Monday November 26,2018 and I’m going to try to place an order tomorrow. Please answer my email when you see it!

  84. I have always been familiar with WU sending money to family so it’s what I tried for the first time here with Financial Oasis. It worked the same way except I picked up a lot more money than I ever have. It’s such a good feeling and the funny thing is that i’m sending a lot of it back to family with WU

  85. As someone who works for MG, this is my go to for everything. There’s nothing like being on the inside, i’m almost ashamed of myself :’D

  86. placed an order early yesterday, got a confirmation late night (praying this is the real deal)
    hoping today to get the green light, will update all on experience. So far besides wait time everything seems okay. Just a little on edge after getting scammed by the mirror site

    1. Okay after 5 hours I finally got the email with the reference number and sender info. I have to admit, I was pretty convinced there I was scammed again. Now all I can think about is getting more $$

  87. I picked up my first transfer today(Friday), figured the risk was worth it and i’m so happy I did.
    I’m planning on trying the cards next and will post in the prepaid thread once I do.

  88. Hey sorry for spamming your guys’ email but i’ve been waiting for whenever you have another 7k or more transfer available for me. Please hit me up asap!

  89. Other than the timing, everything was as promised.
    Exceptional customer service and a great service that is actually not a scam for once

  90. It’s my first time ordering and even picking up money from moneygram for that matter. Truthfully I was quite terrified that when I got to the front and gave my information i would have the cops called and I would get hauled off to jail. I took the risk anyway because damit I needed the money and I was willing to take the risk. Nothing happened. I picked up just under 2000 dollars and was on my way. Sadly I don’t have a fake ID so I used my real identity but so far there hasn’t been any calls or anything out of the ordinary. I’m going to wait a week and if everything seems ordinary I plan to try picking up another transfer. I know I must sound paranoid but the fact of the matter is that I am. Luckily this seems to come with very little risk thus far. I’ll do my best to update.


  91. Planning on getting another ID so I can do two pickups back to back. I’m I able to order more than one transfer at once?

    1. You’d have to go to different locations and make sure you don’t let the tellers catch on that you have mulitple ids. you’d likely get fucked if they found out.

  92. Top notch customer service, the order didn’t take too long to process either. I read some of the prior complaints about it taking so long but it only took the couple hours that i was told. I’m more than happy regardless and plan to do much more business moving forward.


  93. This is all so insane. I’ve never had more than a few thousand dollars on me in cash until now. I sure hope I don’t wake up and realize it’s all a dream.

        1. i was getting 1000$ but after making payment they said i was going to be sent $1035 so that’s how much I picked up today. I’m happy it worked out well, I was worried about getting scammed.

          1. Now I can afford to pay 2 sluts to fuck me at the same time every fucking day. Fucking great
            Cheers motherfuckers

    1. Well fuck apparently they can be. Thanks guys, that was my first go around, I picked up the 1250 for the test and I plan to be ordering a lot more!


    1. How much did you pickup? I’m not sure how much I want to start with for my first order. Do you have any recommendations for a noob?

      1. Okay finally got it. Thanks.
        Please don’t overestimate the time frame next time,
        That put my whole day on hold thinking it would be in sooner.

  94. I plan to order next week since that is when my bitcoin will arrive in my account. Are there any kind of limitations I should know about? Ordering from Ontario.

  95. 5k pickup! They are the best, where i’m at they require you to put in your ssn if the transfer is over i think 6 or 7k so right at 5k all you need is an id and there is no hold up.

      1. Well it’s possible for me. Where are you located? Some places don’t allow you to send or receive more than a certain amount. country/state laws usually.

  96. Has anyone been blocked from WU or MG for picking up too much money over time or a month? MG stopped allowing me to pick up since last week and said I need to fill out some form if I plan on transferring large amounts (15-20k) on a monthly basis. Is there anything I can do?

        1. Try using your middle name after that or a family member or a friend, if you know a lot of people then you can keep it going. You could even find like minded strangers to pay a small commission to pick them up for you. There’s lots of ways to work around it.

    1. You could try but it’s likely offices will be closed, at least they are where I live on Sundays.
      Are you doing WU or MG?

    2. You don’t have to pickup at an office specifically for that service. Like at Walmarts they usually have the MG service integrated in the there and it’s open 7 days a week where I live so you should be able to pick up on Sundays no problem.

    1. I think they just use it for more identifying info but i’ve always made up the address and they don’t seem to care.

  97. Any newbs be prepared to have to wait longer than their expected wait time. That’s all i’ve experienced so my timing rarely ends up working out. Just keep an open schedule and you’ll be good.

  98. Getting very concerned! When I read the other reviews, other people seem to get their transfers a couple hours. I’ve been waiting over 3.5 now.

  99. So it’s a guaranteed 3 hours from payment until I receive the information? I want to be able to time this right so I don’t order too late and then the offices close for the day and I can’t pick up.

    1. haha rarely. It’s more like 3 hours once they see your email saying you paid but even then i’ve had them take like 6 hours. Just pay the night before and hope you get the info sometime the next morning or something like that

    1. Yep it’s the same way for me. WU offices around here look at you like your a criminal when picking up $100 from a family member. Fucking annoying.

  100. this is not cool Ive sent my payment and i’ve been told the info won’t be ready until tomorrow? Whyy!!! The last pickup was in the 2-3 hours that was originally promised. Smh

    1. I have it now at least I got it in the morning and didn’t have to wait long. You guys can all chill, i just get annoyed when people over promise shit.

  101. So i paid for a 1250 transfer and picked up over 1300 for the amount transferred. Is that supposed to happen? do i have to pay more for the order since it was more?

  102. Hi there!

    First time doing it, I have been transferred the money successfully,

    What´s next? I have sent an email without response…

    Help me ASAP, please!

    1. Hey Guys,

      I have received an email about the order is in progress 1 hour ago…

      Could you please tell me more about that? That´s the first time that I am doing it and I am getting worried, please, don´t let me down…

    2. Sorry for complaining. It’s my first time and I didn’t know how long I had to wait. Thank you for responding with the information. I have the money and will place another larger order as soon as i have the funds in btc to do so. Best Regards!

  103. Please no more delays. The last time took way to long, please be like the first time that actually completed in the time frame you gave me. I’m waitings

  104. It’s been over 2 hours since my confirmation email and I’m getting worried…it’s my first order but something tells me I’m on the right track. Please don’t let me down guys…

  105. the bitcoin just left my wallet. Please send info asap. its my first time i’m going to try picking up more than 5k. wish me luck

      1. Ya I did sorry for not updating sooner. I even put in for another just today so hopefully i’ll be picking up another one soon.

    1. Aye how long did it take them? I’m waiting for my info right now from placing an order a bit ago. They said it might be longer but I don’t have much more time until the WU office closes so maybe i’ll just have to pick it up tomorrow.

    1. They’re always taking orders, sometimes it just takes a while to get a response. For me, at the end of the day I always get a response from them. Try being patient.

  106. Well so far so good, I have the mntc number or whatever and the sender info, gonna pick it up when the offices open back up.

    1. Can you keep us updated. I’m nervous. I read all the reviews and they seem great. I just don’t wanna get my hopes up high.

      1. Hey sorry aboout not getting back sooner. I picked it up and I didn’t run into any problems. I just put in for another transfer to day

    1. I couldn’t tell you but from my experience, i’ve gone 5 days before picking up a transfer and it was still available and I got the money. I think it depends on if the sender tries to stop the transfer or not. gl

    1. I use a local guy I know, haven’t found anyone on tor that makes em for where I live though. Check craigslist for “freelancers”. Good luck guy

  107. Payment sent. I’ll be ready to pickup this one in the next couple hours. Send sender info the the pickup number asap please! Pleasure doing business.

    1. There’s a guy on the general disscussion page that put is email out that I talked to. You could probably still get ahold of him. Thats who I talked to and then made the leap. queen of cards ripped me off really bad so i didn’t want that to happen again and was reluctant to risk more money. It sure paid off though :). good luck man.

  108. The MG transfers seem to be less hassle. The staff at most the of the WU locations i’ve been too are up tight about picking up funds especially larger amounts. At least that’s been my experience, i’m sure it’s different in other countries. I’m in the US.

  109. Great coordination sending the pickup details on time and giving me a somewhat accuate time frame. I’ll be back for more.

  110. Sorry for the question .
    I was already scammed in queenofcards with 450usd in bitcoin
    I need a Western Union transfer ..
    How reliable are you?

    1. We are not a scam if that is what you’re implying. We have heard more than a few complaints about QoC so we have been trying to warn our customers that ask about them. We are source you can rely on though if you’re looking for WU or MG transfers. Also in the future please avoid posting questions like this and just send us an email, this thread is more for user experience and not questions.


  111. Living like a king off these WU blocked me though so now i’m just using mg, they said I was doing too much volume and if I wanted to do more I would have to fill out some big forum so I just decided to quit using them. I need to get another ID or something.

    1. You’re asking if this is legitimate? The first time I was worried like you seem to be but ever since it’s been easy knowing i’m not gonna be scammed and would be worth even if every other time was a dud. It’s always come through for me so far. I’m talking about mg, i don’t know what one you were asking about.

  112. Fast pickup time on the moneygram transfer. The wu people are a pain in the ass to deal with some times so it’s far more worth it to go with the mg option

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