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766 thoughts on “PayPal – Reviews

  1. I am so very tempted to make a purchase. However, reviews kinda look to good to be true. Who knows, maybe you are just a group of people commenting and replying to each other to reel in and beguile others. Hope this is not the case. lol

    1. The skeptic is a hard person to convince of almost anything. Make sure to update if you do end up ordering, I would look forward to your reaction

    2. I’m literally stuck at the same point…it seems like so much effort to go through to swindle idiots but then I feel like that’s what an idiot that gets swindled would think. I’m just here trying to psych myself to pull the trigger

  2. Hi everyone!

    Just got a quick question, is there a minimum order amount required for Paypal transfers? If so, how much would that be?

    Looking forward to your responses.

    Best regards,

    1. They have the smallest one listed as 1200 on the automated checkout but you can email them and ask if they have anything smaller available to start with. That’s what I did for my first order since I was only testing it out for legitimacy purposes. They sold me an account for $700 range which ended up working out great. Now I just use the automated checkout since I know they aren’t going to rip me off and it’s a lot quicker.

      1. Thank you for the information! I have already emailed them and I will be putting in my very first order as soon as my BTC comes through. I do really hope everything turns out fine.

  3. Guys, I’m concerned with how I can justify where the money from the transfers comes from. Does anyone with more experience have any tips? Mostly BR’s

        1. For what you can do with it, it is easy and worth it. If you are a lazy ass then hire someone to set it up for you. You sound like a lazy ass.

    1. How much did you order and how long did it take?
      I am about to make an order but don’t know how much I should start with.

    2. How safe is this paypal transfer? I really want to know can it be traced from the vendors accout sent to mine ?

      1. I am told it’s very safe since the funds come from a “mixed account”. Whatever that means.
        Anyways i’ll find out soon. I am hopeful, my online pen pal already ordered and is going crazy spamming me messages about it.

  4. anyone here already managed to withdraw more than 10k? had an account problem, like limitation, or dispute? please take these doubts away

    1. I haven’t done that much. I have withdrawn $5000 at one time after waiting a day and a half after the transfer showed up in my account. Nothing bad happened and the withdraw worked. Maybe it would be different for larger amounts.. I wouldn’t know. I do my best to avoid large sum transfers in general, it draws attention.

        1. Yes, more than I can count. My first time trying them out was last year in July or August. I’m still around for obvious reasons.

  5. Hello everyone, after a long research I founded the financial oasis and I want to start investing to paypal account trasnfer. My question is how do you cashing out, I mean about how do you recomand to accept the account balance. Doing an anonymus paypal account and send it to personal account or If I want into a Payoneer bank account and cashing out whit card it is dangerous if that account is on my name ?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s fastest having it transferred to another paypal account but not by a lot so either works in my experience. On my first or second order I asked the same question about safety and I was informed that the funds are safe to use once they arrive in my account. I havn’t looked back since. Also it’s easy to get your paypal account setup to be able to transfer right to a bank account so thats what I did so I didn’t have to provide a bank account number, etc.

      1. Thank you very much for the answer, so you are using your personal paypal account for now ? I made my first order today. I hope will be fine. I made a litle mistake whit a new paypal account because I have no idea how to accept the balance. Now waiting…

        1. I started with a personal account and moved to a business account to be able to increase my volume of transfers I could get without the account getting flagged for over activity. Also how did it go?

  6. Im really leaning on trying this spot out. to many good stories and reviews. How long does it normally take for a transfer to complete? I got ripped off by another spot that claimed 1.5-2 hrs

    1. First transfer took 6+ hours to show up in my account and the last time I ordered one it took about 4 hours. I’m pretty sure they are just advertising the average time.

      1. truthfully, just testing the waters. Im not capable of just gambling out here lol. thanks for the info,im gonna try to get my BTC together and get an order in.

  7. Wow, It’s interesting here. Can’t wait to get some money and make a purchase here. I hope it is as trustworthy as it seems.:)

    1. Remember your life right now. Once you do your first order, your life will change so you want to remember how it was before. This sounds cheesy as fuck but I am dead serious. A year ago my life was so insanely different than it is now.

    1. Hello Zavior&8,

      Yes account transfers can be split up. I think we had a question like this further down the thread a while back.
      You will have to contact us via email and provide the details of what you want to have done.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. If you are undecided on what to order, get the account transfer. The stand alone account isn’t worth it. I had to eat the loss of the first one I bought.

      1. Thanks @MrMegaMan,

        I ordered the account transfer and it came through as promised. I am still curious about the stand alone accounts, so they are just too hard to do yourself or something?

    2. Hola, soy de Peru quisiera hacer un pedido a de “Transferencia de paypal” mi duda es, siendo nuevo en paypal cuanto es lo máximo que puedo retirar? Ya que temo a que paypal me bloquee la cuenta al recibir una transferencia de 1000$

  8. hey, just tried to buy stand alone account via automated check out and nothing happened once my transaction was confirmed.(JAVA Script was on)
    I emailed and hope I’ll get some help with this.
    Wish me luck)

        1. Nope account transfer. Worked out good.
          I ordered another last night and am now in the process of setting up a business account to do a larger amount of transfers and hopefully not get blocked.

    1. So I was told my payment was received and got told to wait. It took 8 hours to arrive. The account balance is all there as promised so now I have to figure out how to withdrawal the funds

      1. Hello MrMegaMan,

        Once you have the data for the stand alone account, it is out of our vendors hands and up to you to withdrawal the funds.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

  9. Great support from Admin. I recently Place my first order. Which were a few hours prior to this time stamp.
    Payment was and is successful just waiting on update from admin as far as details .

    @[email protected]

    1. And it’s in! Fuck ya man this is awesome. I should’ve but I was feeling to pussy to risk that much
      also I didnt have the 2400 in btc to cover that.

      1. Oh scratch that I already got mine. I was checking the wrong account.
        Do you know if there are any limits to this? I still feel like there has to be some strings attached or something. This is wack though.

  10. I have just placed my first PP order with these guys after much consideration and reading of comments on here! Will update later on either way – hopefully with good news!

    1. Admin have confirmed they have received my payment, however now transfer has arrived. Hopefully it will land over the next few hours. Will update later either way.

      Admin please can you look into this.

      1. Ya so I did get it and a while back. I setup a new paypal for this and then ended up giving my old paypal account and didn’t realize it. Anyways I have it now and checking the time stamps it took around 7 hours to show up from when I paid. Sorry about the false negative.

        1. Hola amigo, pudiste retirar el dinero? Cual es tu país? En cuanto tiempo te llego el dinero una vez que hiciste el pago ? PayPal no te limito tu cuenta ?

    1. Well if you want you can read our past conversations and gather a logical conclusion from that. If that’s still not enough then you’re just going to have to find out by risking the money and placing an order.

      /rant/ why are you people always posting this kind of question at the top of threads like this? I mean there is more than enough feedback to read through I’d think to make an educated guess. I mean what good are you going to get out of a question like that? Are you just wanting some random person you don’t know to give you a yes or no and then base your decision off of that? It makes no sense.

  11. I completed my first order about 2 hours ago. $240 for $1200.
    I havent received anything yet in my paypal account.
    I will update if I receive the order.

    1. Okay so I read more comments and saw that it takes more than 2 hours for the money to be transferred.
      Anyways, by noon I checked back into my account and saw a new $1255 transfer into my account. Is it normal that the amount transferred in is not exactly $1200? I know it didn’t come from anyone else because I setup a new account just for trying this out. Its working and i’m glad because I couldn’t need this more in my life right now. Cheers to the nth degree!!!

  12. How long should I expect to wait for simple $1200 account transfer? Also do they process transfers on the weekend?

    1. Hello D0D.s,

      Digital orders are processed 7 days a week. Once you’ve paid if you use the virtual checkout, you can expect the funds to arrive in your account in 3-6 hours.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  13. I need to pay off my house before I lose it an need 79 grand. Are transfers that big possible?
    this is really serious and I am running out of options here.

    1. I read some comments further down from a while ago of a few guys buying some large accounts but the conversation fizzled out. I bet they still offer them but you would have to email and ask. I haven’t tried anything more than a $5000 transfer just to make sure my account didn’t get locked up. I would personally would be sketched out doing a transfer that big on paypal, if you could have it transferred to your bank account, that would seem less risky. Also you have to consider the upfront cost of a 79k transfer. You have to come up with almost 16k just to pay for a transfer that big if the price is still 20% of the transferred amount.

      If you go ahead with a big transfer like that, please update me on it

  14. sorry to put this on here, has anyone had a problem contacting this venoer on his mail? i have tried through proton mail and all failed delivery, i created mail once i send a mail to this this vendor i get a note saying can not send the mail, any solution anyone might have for this? trying to order PayPal

    1. I just sent my first payment last night. I hope it will not be a problem if I sent a little bit more by mistake. Wish me luck.

        1. I don’t think it makes a difference. I have always paid the exact amount they quote me and a couple of the times I got more than what was initially agreed upon.

          1. This is my first time here and I’m considering placing an order for PP, please what is the lowest amount I can get, cos I’ve got a little over $30, how much pp can that get me? Thanks y’all

    1. Yep it works. I still use mine for a a transfer here and there.
      If you start doing a bigger transfers or a lot of them you will want to setup a business paypal account.

      1. I can second that. I don’t buy the transfers very often anymore, just sticking to the cash orders now but whenever I do need some money in my paypal account quickly I will order a transfer and I only have used my personal account. Its not a business account or anything.

  15. I bought a paypal transfer yet I recived just now. I purchased this around two days ago, I was sure I had been scammed and even left some bad reviews on a couple forums but now it’s in my account? What happened here? I am sure as hell happy but am also a little confused.

    1. My first time ordering I asked for the cheapest available and I had to pay like $140 for $750 transfer. Maybe they have cheaper transfers now but you will have to email them to ask since it’s considered a custom order. Good luck kid, you have a lot to look forward to if this is really your first time.

    1. It’s not complicated. Just tell them how much you want and they give you the instructions. If you dont understand the concept of the account transfer then you need to read through the product pages more.

        1. i placed the order on the automated checkout and received the transfer in 5 hours.
          that was easier to get done than i thought

    1. Hello kelton,

      Yes it can be split and delivered into several accounts upon request. If you’re doing that, you will want to place your order via email.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  16. hey guys , im going to do a tiny test and update you , anyone who has done small custom balance transfer before?

    1. i got the confirmation of payment after 4 hours, but took almost 8 hours to show up in my account.
      More than happy its legitimate, but they do seem to be really busy right now. There are big delays in response.
      Think i will end up using the automated checkout for the next order and hopefully it will be quicker!

      1. Why did you wait so long to update then? I am thinking about trying out one for the first time but am still reluctant.

        1. I waited because I didn’t want to say it worked until the money had sat in the account for at least 24 hours. I was waiting to see if the transaction would reverse or get flagged or something, but none of that happened

  17. Hello, curious how long from email to, sending funds, to hitting account it takes? And if I want to adjust a order for a larger amount before I send payment is that possible? Thank you.

    1. Sent payment for first order. Eager to hear that it was received and transfer received. Fingers crossed….if all goes well going to bump it up for a large order. I’ll post a follow up after completion. Fingers crossed.

      1. Payment received email at approx 4 hours ago. Waiting on deposit and then after 5 hours it showed up in my account, not even a notification or anything. I don’t know if paypal has payment notifications though so maybe that’s not a big deal. Anyways the big news is that these guys ended up coming through for me. I can’t express my gratitude enough!

    1. Fuck coinbase and all their stupid holds.
      I have lost money due to all their precautionary steps they force you to go through
      You and litterally use almost any other exchange and it will be a better experience than dealing with coinbases shit.

    1. A business account is advisable especially if you keep having transfers made to your account on the regular. If you’re only trying it out for the first time or doing it a couple times then your basic account will work good.

    1. Got confirmation yesterday around 6pm and it showed in my paypal account by 10pm.
      Sorry I only started with $2500 to test. I will let you know unless you beat me to it!

      1. Hello jojocap,

        Larger accounts as such are available. Please email us for more details.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hey Im new to this but seems like this legit I sent an email for a order how long b4 i get a reply or is it better do do an automated checkout ….either way i do belive this is legit business

          1. Automated checkout is a lot faster. I have only ordered with email the first time and then with one custom order since and both times it took significantly longer than when I used the self checkout.

  18. Just sent the first email to start a tiny custom transfer. If it goes well, I’ll be sinking some serious loot into this place.

  19. Hi yall
    I tried my first last nigh before downing a 40 and passing tf out.
    woke up and holy hot shit, 1233 balance in my account
    course I had to start small but damn I sure had my doubts
    thank yall so much

  20. I see there is no price discount for larger size transfer and after ordering once to see how it played out, I know have a question. If I order say 10 of the 1200 paypal transfers opposed to the 12k transfer(value being the same as well as price), will I get 10 separate 1200 transfers sent to my account or will it be sent all together in a 12k transfer?
    I want these to look like legit business transactions and that is why I’m asking. Thank you!

    1. Hello JasonReev,

      If you didn’t leave a note with the order as to what you wanted then it would likely be consolidated into one transfer. We could possibly arrange numerous transfers to be sent but we would have to ask our vendor about it depending on the number of transfers and the frequency of them. Please email us to discuss this further if you’re interested in proceeding with something like this.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  21. Theres no way these transfers can lead back to me in any bad way? I have been buying them for a few weeks now and it has been great but I want to make sure nothing will come back and bite me
    so completely risk free right?

  22. Could someone tell me about the difficulties of buying the “Stand Alone Accounts” package?
    I’m delivering to buy it

    1. Unless you have good experience getting funds out of a stolen account, its not worth it
      you will get locked out and then your money is wasted
      just get the transfer and then you get the money no matter what

  23. Question? Do I use my own PayPal account to transfer in to? Won’t PayPal just flag your account the first time that one of these accounts announced that funds were transferred without there knowledge? Then I pay taxes, which isn’t a problem, as long as my account isn’t investigated. Who knows the answer

      1. They don’t flag the transactions. They are clean, for the past year I have been doing it regularly and nothing got shut down. Paypal did recommend me to get a business account though XD

  24. is it possible to stack and combine orders on the auto checkout? kind of like custom order?
    It has been so much faster than email so I prefer using it and not having to wait for a reply.

    1. Hello lunarboy,

      We advise you place your custom orders via email. If you do end up paying for multiple transfers that are being sent to the same location, we will try to combine them. To avoid any confusion though we advise you place those kind of orders via email opposed to the automated checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. The game has changed.. it took a little over 5 hours to show up in my paypal account. I’m about to put in another order right now but am not sure if I should do larger transfers less times or if more transfers for smaller amounts would seem more normal. I have a friend that is willing to sell me bitcoin and he lets me pay him with paypal so its the perfect setup.

      1. Okay I looked there and see it is an option but everyone is charging so much compared to other payment methods. Is there a better place I can buy at market prices?

  25. Any good reason to choose prepaids over this? After my last time I don’t see how they compare, this is so much easier and I can get a lot more money all at once without the hassle.

    1. The main discrepancy is that with an account transfer you have a paper trail and so you have to report it as income and get taxed(of fined if you don’t) where as the other isn’t connected to your name in any way so you can do all you want and not worry about having to report it as income. Also it will matter what country you live in, some people can avoid taxes with little to no consequences.

  26. Is this site for real? Cause I made an order on cash cards yesterday and they haven’t sent me anything back… It’s only been one day but I feel like that website is a scam. Has anyone used it? Is this site better?

      1. Yep he’s talking about another vendor, they got me as well. fuckers
        I can let it slide though since ive been here ive more than made all the money back that I lost

    1. Updating right now. The funds went into my paypal account 5 mins ago.
      The real test will be spending it. I am so surprised anything showed up.

      1. Okay this works. I didn’t go very big with my first order but 2 grand is still a lot for me at this point.
        HFS this is crazy

  27. I posted this question in the money transfer services thread on accident so I will repost here. How safe is it to have 5 figure amounts transferred? I don’t want to start small since I don’t need to start small but am lacking experience with this.

    1. You are better off transferring it out of your paypal into a bank account and then buying it from there. Paypal has a bad rep for reversing or canceling transactions if it involves buying cryptocurrencies.

      1. Easiest way is to transfer the money in your paypal into your bank account and then buy bitcoin on the cash app with your debit card.

  28. Anyone have tips on how I can make this seem like money that is part of my business? All I have is ach transfer reference numbers and I know they can see that transactions so if I dont report them I am sure i’ll be on the hook for something and I really dont want to draw any attentions to myself.

  29. I need 20k as fast as possible. Can I safely have a transfer that large sent to me?? I have paypal and a bank account but feel sketchy giving out my bank info.

    1. Hello milkfordays,

      Please send us an email and we can tell you what we have available close to the amount you want. It wouldn’t be an issue.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. How big can can you guys go? And legitimate bank transfers? Like is it a wire or what shows up in the transaction list?

        1. They are transfers from paypal accounts to your bank account so like an ach transfer I think is what it technically shows as. The biggest transfer I paid for was the 5th time and it was for $64200. No bad in my opinion.

      2. Hello Admin,

        Do you work with escrow service? It is my very first time placing an order here. I have been deceived in other places very recently. I am interested in buying from you.
        I look forward to finding a supplier.


  30. So I got the courage and finally made my first order for the PayPal tranfer after reading such good reviews, I contacted them thru email, and I got a response saying “ I can see you have made the payment, hold on “ this was about 10 hours ago. The transfer didn’t arrive until hour 7. I was starting to second guess myself but when it finally came through I knew I made the right choise.

    1. Merry Christmas Everyone, Ive gotten scammed so many times now. But its a risk I take to know if a site is a scam. I have not tried this site but I really want too, Any real vouchers? Please just reply thanks!

  31. Hi. I would like to ask if you encountered the 21-day hold after you received the funds? Does it need a verified paypal account before you can transfer funds?

    1. I have only used a verified account because in order to have your bank account connected to transfer funds to, it has to be verified so I would recommend that. Also, no I haven’t ever had to wait that long to use the money after is showed up in the account. I hope that helps.

  32. The delivery times on these transfers seem sporadic. Is there a way to avoid this so I can be more planned out.
    I feel bad complaining. Please let me know.

    1. Order though the auto check out and they are a little more consistent. It will still vary some though. They aren’t that great with their timing.

      1. Myself as well! I dont have the coin yet but as soon as I do I will be leaving an experience review as well. I can’t wait for this

    1. it has been a blur since the first one and I forgot to update so sorry about that.
      these are incredible, I never thought something like this could ever work. It always seemed too good to be true.
      i will be a customer for life, that i can guarantee

  33. This is my 3rd transfer this week, all of them have been under 5000. I don’t have a business account, should I hold off doing more until next week? I’m still new at this so any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Wow, I’m surprised they haven’t already flagged your account by now. I do maybe that much per month(15-20k), but never all in a week. I would setup a business account if you’re going to be doing that kind of volume and expect to pay taxes on it too because if you don’t, you’re not going to last long.

    1. I sent the payment about 6 hours ago and have only now received the account details. I’ll update how it goes (I started with the stand alone account).

        1. I bought a manual on empiremarket on how to extract funds from a compromised paypal account.. it didn’t work at all. The account locked my out almost right away. So back to square one, I still don’t have enough bitcoin yet to place an order for an account transfer

  34. I put in my first order on account of reading your post Dax.
    Your post convinced me too much not to give it a try and I was right. You can tell when someone is genuinely surprised about something even if its written. Cheers mate, I haven’t spent any of the transfer yet but it’s sittin there in my account!

    1. Okay guys this is the real deal. I opted to transfer the 1200 to my bank account from my paypal account and I see the funds are already pending in my checking account so I know they cleared the transfer and that would mean no red flags. Does anyone here with more experience than me know how often I could do this without raising suspicion?

    1. Please forgive my earlier skepticism, it’s very difficult to trust anything or anyone after being scammed so many times over.
      You all are my lifesaver! I love you guys for this, serious too if you need any luvin, shoot me an email and i’ll be waiting

  35. Hey folks.
    Any Idea on how the money gets transferred to Indian accounts? All accounts are in USD’s . So if i buy the same , will it be transferred to an Indian Paypal Account?

        1. No they are talking about once the money is in your own account. If you have a stand alone account you want to get all the money out at once regardless of what denomination it is in.. also i wouldn’t recommend them in the first place.

  36. Is there a way to expedited the transfer speed so I’m not waiting 6+ hours each time?
    Everything else it great though, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I am curious if that is an option.

    1. Hello ZarShow..X,

      You are right there are not a bunch of accounts that have an exact balance of $1200 and same with all the other amounts. Basically those are baseline numbers meaning that you will get that amount transferred to you at the very least so almost never will you get exactly $1200 transferred to you. You would see something like $1288.64 arrive in your account for example, sometimes more sometimes less but always at least $1200. I hope that clears up your concern.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  37. If I can’t get the funds out of a stand alone account, can I pay another 10% and get you guys to transfer it out for me? I’m in over my head.

    1. Hello chimeduster,

      Unfortunately the vendors we have for stand alone accounts and account transfers are different so that isn’t an option. The vendor who provides account transfers won’t work with anything that didn’t come from them.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Well fuck, I guess that money is wasted.
        There is no way i’m going to get anything out of that account without it locking down on me.

    1. Dude just place one right now. You will will find out the fastest that way
      If you aren’t willing to believe any of us blokes then that is your best bet!

      1. i like how no one answers any fucking questions and makes the person find out themselves. legit makes me wanna play with fire no cap.

        1. Well do you really think he’s going to take my word for it? For all he knows I could be full of shit. Words don’t prove much, you just got to experience some things for yourself.

          1. Flashfire, you’re right. I’ve had a few conversations with them within the last couple days since this is my first time & they seem very professional and legit. Starting with the lowest account transfer is probably the best thing to do so that way you feel comfortable.

  38. How would it work if I opened more than one paypal account and bough a bunch of transfers all at once? Would that work? This is great and all, but it’s a little slow buying one once a week.

  39. I really want to buy a pay pal account but the transfer to my account will not lead the police directly to me? I mean I’m not anonyme there… thanks for explaining that to me

    1. No, they say that before the funds are transferred to your account, they get mixed around with other accounts first so that the digital trail can’t be followed and so you can safely use the funds once they arrive in your account. I had the same concern so I asked.

    2. After reading comments, it’s been said that transfers aren’t risky. Stand alone accounts are the ones you should be more worried about. I’ve never bought anything on this site yet, but I think account transfers is the first thing I will buy.

      1. Correct, don’t do the stand alone accounts, even following the tuts it’s hard to do it right. I blew my accounts up the first two times I tried them. I switched to account transfers and it works every time. Also consider getting a paypal debit card, its nice to have.

  40. I have bought a few of the account transfers and everything worked out fine, but I was thinking maybe I should upgrade my account to a business account so they don’t get suspicious of all the money coming in. Does anyone have any advise for that? I don’t think I can open a business account without a business license number so its a lot of work and that is why I want to know before hand.

    1. Its easy to setup and i didnt need a business number or anything. I had to do it cos I sold something on eBay and couldnt receive the money until I did.

    2. I’m a first time buyer on here. I was hoping to hear good responses about Paypal. I’ve been scammed a couple hundred two years ago from a site who claims they have a Paypal Money Adder. Any success with this one? Is it worth it??

  41. Excellent experience here.
    I really wasn’t expecting it to be legit but I never complain when i’m proved wrong

    1. Can you explain more how you placed the order and how it went? Was it your first time??
      Its my first time and I don’t want to make a rookie mistake.

      1. Autocheckout
        no it was my 3rd time and i won’t be stopping anytime soon
        Dont overthink it and move little bits at a time starting out until you are more comfortable with it.

    1. I doubt they could do very much, if they had your name and birth date and SSN then you’d probably be fucked but without that it’s very hard to do anything with just an account number.

    2. I wouldn’t advise using your own bank account. Open a paypal account first and link it to your bank account. Then, when you receive the funds to your paypal, transfer them over to your bank account.

      1. Thank you, that sounds like the smartest way.
        I actually think my account is already linked and I just didn’t think of that XD

    1. Update:
      I waited about 3 hours and got nothing. I did get in contact with them thru email and they did respond after a few hours asking for my order number. I replied with the requested information and am just now seeing the transaction show up in my account. About it took about 8 hours in total. I didn’t remember to put the account email address in the notes so I think that’s what caused the delay.
      To answer the questing to me:
      I choose the automated checkout and transfer.

    1. Account transfer?
      I’m about to order as well but my payment for the bitcoin hasn’t cleared yet so i’m just waiting for it.

    2. Update: I waited about 7 hours before I got the notification that funds were being deposited in my account. I was happy to see they deposited more than promised. I have only done a couple test transactions to be safe and the funds are still usable, no freezes or anything! I look forward to what this will turn in to

  42. Hi. New here.
    Couple of technical questions. Is it better to use a personal Paypal account, or a business one?
    I know that with the business one you can manage the limits on how much money is going through the account (ecommerce business, etc), so it won’t get a red flag, or something. I have some doubts about the personal account. I’ve received transfers of +1k on work stuff. But I don’t know if a 5k transfer will be a problem.
    Have you ever encountered trouble like that? Canceled accounts? or 180 days freeze account? Would be great to know, just to be sure (I guess you never know). Thanks.

    1. Experimentation, that is your best bet. Who knows what they consider fishy or not.
      Also you probably will get away with more with a business account but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your personal account. I personally don’t have a business account yet and have just stuck with 1-2k account transfers every 4-5 days. So far no freezes or anything.

      1. Thanks a lot for the reply. Yeah, I guess it is like that. Just trial and error.
        I guess Paypal rules change from country to country.

    1. If you are actually buying stand alone accounts then its only like an hour or 2. I wouldn’t recommend it though, it’s too easy to blow up the account and get nothing out of it. Buy the account transfers if anything.

  43. How is not everyone doing this?? I have only ordered one account for the first time to test if it was real. Now that I see they are not lying, I don’t know why more people do this. It’s crazy!

    1. I forgot to update! I have been spending the money that was sent to my account. I waited almost 8 hours before it showed in my account. I have spent about $850 so far and no problems

      1. Another update, I spent the last of that first account and did not have a single problem.
        I’m going to buy more bitcoin soon to order another, maybe bigger this time. I have to make a plan for how I will write this off for taxes though because i’m sure the transfers will get reported and I will have to count it as income. Anyone know of some good guides for that kind of stuff?

    1. Wow it works, i see the money is in my paypal account now. I subconsciously was thinking it was probably a scam.
      I haven’t ever been so happy to be wrong

  44. After being deceived many times, I tried again to believe that this wiki has an endorsement store. I placed the order now and paid the BTC with my last remaining money. I have not received any response yet. Every minute and every second is a long wait, expecting the final result to be good

    1. I have my response now and I see my money is in the account so I have not been deceived again! I am so happy for this to work!

  45. Hello i plan on purchasing the pp transfer and i was wondering what the process of this will take. also i plan on using coin base do u guys accept the transfer from coinbase once i purchase bitcoin.
    another question me and my GF are doing this together ill be transferring the funds from her coinbase acct bcuz for some reason it couldn’t verify me but it did with her. my question is will that be ok ?? also i plan on being a recurring customer

    1. Hello can someone please notify me or help me on where to buy bitcoin im having a hard time, also the price of bitcoin fluctuates should i obly purchase or 240.00 even or do i pay for what the btc amount says bcuz i tried doing that earlier and it costed 300 dollars compared to 240 please help me ppl

  46. Just purchased a 1200.00 paypal transfer this morning at 8:26 eastern standard time via the automated checkout. The process was pretty simple and seamless, however the bitcoin amount was a little off but no biggie. looking at the posts and following the instructions looks like all orders are shipped out the following business day. Payment was confirmed via my bitcoin wallet so I havent received anything back as yet from ADmin but it’s only been a couple of hours. Will defintely keep the group informed as to how it all works out. So far they seem very professional…

      1. Hey sorry I kind of forgot to check back to update.
        Apparently the bitcoin amount being off a little fucked up the order and they had to email me about it. Something about it failing in their system and just confirming my details. Anyways I do have the transferred funds now and have been able to move some of the money out of the account. I was just moving the transferred money around to test it before I went ahead and started spending it. So far it’s looking good.

  47. wait so is there a trail that can be followed with the account transfers? Wouldn’t that cause problems once I tried to spend the money?

    1. No the mix up the funds before they land them in the account. I had the same concern and I was told that the money goes through a mixing process first.

        1. I buy 1 a week. sometimes more
          The I have been mixing in prepaid card orders as well now that I have a PO box I can ship to.

  48. 21/08/19 – 18:47:01 – I purchased a $1200 PP Transfer to test the waters. There’s already a plethora of positive reviews here, but I’ll (hopefully) be adding to them by keeping you guys posted.

    1. I made sure I wouldn’t post prematurely. I waited until the funds settled from transferring them out of the account I had them sent to in the first place. I just checked and they must have cleared just a couple hours ago. I’m going to mark this as a green light and start placing bigger orders once I can get my hands on more bitcoins.

  49. Can I order custom on the auto checkout? Like if put 3 of the $1200 transfers in the cart will I get one $3600 transfer or 3 $1200 transfers?

    1. Hello Osilad,

      We are sorry you feel that way. The reason the account you got was slightly less than what you paid for was due to your transaction taking so long to confirm. 1 satoshi per byte isn’t sufficient to complete the transaction in a timely manner. It takes days to get a single confirmation when you pay with a fee that small and our vendor won’t send out the account or transfer until they’ve been paid. We can’t count unconfirmed transactions as payment so we have to wait until it does confirm. The account you got was the closest amount available to what you paid for. You still made good money on this so your statement of us scamming you doesn’t seem fair.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  50. Do you know how I can use a paypal account to purchase more bitcoin? I bought a 1200 account but now can’t find any exchange that will accept paypal for payment. Advice?

      1. It looks like i have to link my account first and it needs a bunch of inflammation. I’ll try it later today when i’m back from work.
        Thank you for the help!

    1. You can put it in the notes or just set the email address as the same address you want the funds sent to. The first time I ordered they actually emailed me to confirm where I wanted the transfer to be sent to. I’m sure they would email you if they are unsure.

    1. It sounds too easy huh? That was my quandary when I first started out so I paid for the smallest account they had and went from there. It’s been crazy.

        1. I need some assistance can i have some cash on my PayPal account but I can’t transfer funds out because I don’t have the necessary documents.
          Please any help on this would be appreciated.

  51. Has anyone done a larger transfer to their paypal account? 5 figures or more? I’m worried it will get frozen for suspicous activity or something.

    1. Okay that took longer than I thought but I’m pretty sure it was because I screwed up my email address. hah whoops.
      Didn’t mean to scare anyone

  52. Placed an order for a bank account transfer yesterday afternoon, got a “waiting for confirmation” email. Looking at the bitcoin transaction itself there are plenty of confirmations. Apart from this no answers on the email and then the transfer just deposits into my account. Weird as fuck but i’m not complaining.

    1. been waiting for about 6-7 hours and just now see the transaction show up in my paypal account.
      It’s a few hours longer than they said. I don’t mind, it’s worth the wait.

    1. Well i’ll be.. it’s fuckin showing in my account.
      Until now I didn’t realize how doubtful I was of this that it would actually work.
      I guess i’ll comment back if anything goes wrong.
      motherfucking cheers!

  53. I was told that the largest account they can transfer right now is almost 75 thousand. Is that possible? That is far bigger than I was expecting. I am new though so I don’t exactly know what to expect. I’m looking at maybe buying a transfer first.

    1. Yes but I wouldn’t start there unless you have a good way to launder it. Numbers like that will pop up with taxes so you will need to have a reason for how it showed up and obviously saying you obtained the funds through illicit services isn’t going to fly.

  54. Putting in for a 12k transfer soon. I have successfully completed a 7.5k paypal transfer so I want to move up a little at a time. I guess after the 12k transfer listed on their site I will have to place customer orders if I want anything bigger. Looking forward to the update.

          1. Well ya I didn’t have any other account I could use and my account lets me transfer money to my bank account so thats what I wanted to do after I received the money. It worked too.

        1. new to the dark web…..i got scammed by netauth on the hidden wiki page…wondering if these guys are legit???please let me know

  55. Order has been placed for paypal transfer.
    payment has been confirmed by btc.
    Status waiting for “financo” response.

    time is tick…

    1. Order confirmed at : 2019-07-20 07:04:04 full balance availabe in paypal account,
      how long took time to process?! 04hours:34minutes

    1. If it’s a transfer from your paypal account, they won’t ask. If you were making a cash deposit of 10k or more then it would be a different story.

        1. If there is a “paper trail” they can follow then they don’t have have to ask you. That’s how I know.

  56. With the account transfers is there a difference in where the funds come from if I have it sent to my bank account opposed to it being sent to my paypal account or is it the same? What about the difference in risk? I’d like to know before I move forward with an order. Thank you!

    i sent an email with this question and have been waiting for a response!

    1. Hello Sc3aMER,

      The funds will come from a paypal account either way. There is no difference in risk either so it’s more a matter of convenience and how comfortable you are(or are not) with providing your bank info to receive the transfer of funds.
      We sent you an email response as well.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  57. So can’t you transfer paypal account funds directly to a bank account? Is that something I can do with a stand alone account?

    1. No because the stand alone account doesn’t have your bank info already and once you try adding it, the account will lock up. If you pay for the account transfer and have it sent to your own paypal account with your bank info already saved there then you can do that but only once it’s in your own personal account.

        1. You need to link up your paypal account with your bank account first if you haven’t already. You can also link it up with your bank card if you have one and that would work too i’m pretty sure.

    1. How long did they tell you it would take? My first took 3x as long than their estimate but it still worked. It was about 12 hours of waiting

    2. -Update- Okay Admin Wrote me back that my funds arrived and now i have to wait a couple hours before it settles, i am still nervous but i hope this will works, I at least see the money is in my account!

    1. The stand alone accounts have to be done carefully otherwise you will get the account blocked and then you won’t be able to take any more of it out. Just doing the account transfer takes away that risk.

      1. Next time don’t bother with an explanation, just tell them to buy the account transfer.
        People are always so cheap so questions like this will never stop, it’s an endless battle even though the other option solves all the concerns that are constantly brought up.

  58. Are all the account transfers only in USD? Can it be converted to EUR? or are there other accounts that are in euros? How does this work?

    1. If you want the transfer in euros or a different currency you’ll have to request it via email. I haven’t ever tried getting USD sent to my account that has always had a balance in euros. I don’t know what would happen.

  59. I read down in the comments people were getting much larger transfers. 20000 and up type of a thing. Is that still available?
    And does the cost remain at 20% if it’s larger or are there any discounts that can be made?

    1. no you are still going to be paying 20%
      I got one for $44000 a week ago so they still have them. you’ll have to ask
      send an email

  60. Are these accounts that are being sold as stand alone accounts active? How hard is it to take out the money? Like won’t they know if I login to their account from a different ip address?

    1. That is what the manual is for. You’re better off just ordering the account transfer though because then you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.

      1. Me? well not with the stand alone accounts but with the account transfers they have been all successful so far. It’s actually really great and the break I was needing. I felt like life was non stop fucking me in the ass until now so it’s been a wonderful past month.

  61. Whats the difference between getting a stand alone account and a transfer account? are they not both paypal accounts?

    1. The account transfer is where the funds from the paypal account are transferred for you into your desired account and the stand alone account is just the account without it being transferred for you. I thought the names made it pretty self explanatory honestly.

  62. This is some real life changing shit right here. I had the first transfer sent to my moms account earlier this week and she’s demanding that I tell here where this money came from and I don’t know what I should say :’D

    1. fuck it’s like she knows I’m capable of doing shady shit like this and wont letup
      I’m coming up empty on excuses too

  63. Are the paypal transfers coming from other paypal accounts or is it coming from bank accounts? How safe are the funds that are transferred? I want to get my feet wet but don’t want to land in prison either.

    1. I asked them the same question in an email and they guaranteed me the funds are safe to use once they land in the account you provide them. I’ve only done it once so far and nothing bad happened so i’m taking their word for it.

        1. I just paid for a 7 thousand dollar transfer and i am sweating my balls off. It’s been almost an hour and i’m waiting to hear back because I placed the order using email and not the auto checkout.

          1. So the 7k went into my account early yesterday and i’m giving it a cool off period to see if the transaction trys to get reversed or anything. So far so good. In another 6 hours if it’s still there i’m going to try and transfer it to my bank account.

    1. The transfer or a stand alone account?
      The transfers take at least twice as long but that’s because they are doing the work for you so it’s understandable.
      It can vary though, i’ve had transfers take anywhere from 3 hours to almost 12 hours.

    1. Hello R3d f0x,

      You can send us an email asking us what our smallest available account sizes are and we will let you know. They are always changing due to accounts constantly coming in and being sold(going out). Usually we don’t get anything smaller than $800-900.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  64. Hello could someone help me plz if i buy the paypal account transfer and let the people transfer the money to my own paypal account am i able to use it straightaway without any suspicion

    1. They only accept cryptos for payment. BTC is usually the easiest to purchase because it’s the most most popular so there are more places to buy it from.

  65. So if I do a transfer for say 12 thousand dollars to my paypal account ever week or two then what would be the best approach to making that seem like legitimate income?

    1. That might be hard to cover for unless you have a good story made up or a business in place. If you are going to do that just setup a business and then setup a business paypal account and have the funds transferred there.

  66. In the FAQ section it reads “…drawing funds from a paypal account in an unsafe manner could get you into a lot of trouble.”

    So what exactly would qualify as an unsafe manner?

    1. Socks5
      Proxies, vpns etc.
      If you don’t use any of those tools you can get pinpointed for fraud and get in some serious trouble.

      1. Brianna, well I always use a VPN (and TOR browser) but if I purchase the PayPal acct transfer and later spend that money via PayPal or transfer it to my bank account, isn’t pretty clearly tied to me anyway even if I’m using a VPN? I mean assuming I had plausible deniability that I had no idea how monies entered my PayPal acct and were later transferred to my Bank acct, if I just started spending the money wouldn’t that basically imply I was complicit thru the whole process? Sorry for the deep questions here but I’m just trying to wrap my head around this whole PayPal acct transfers concept.

        1. Oh well the part you are referring to on their site “…drawing funds from a paypal account in an unsafe manner could get you into a lot of trouble.” is if you get a stand alone account and try to take the funds out of there. If you pay for the account transfer then you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. So ya I thought you were talking about stand alone accounts. My bad.

      1. I see mine too now. I went to bed last night thinking it was a shame because it still hadn’t showed up and that was after 6 hours of waiting but its in there now. cheers to you too man

  67. Just placed test order. Will update when the order is complete or when it’s been long enough to know I’ve been scammed.

    1. Okay it’s showing in my account now.
      We are all clear. I’ll update if I run into any problems from here!
      Dallas_star I hope its going well for you too.

  68. How long does it take for the transfer to take place? I went ahead with the $2500 transfer and am just waiting now…
    I’m excited but also a little on edge spending the $500

    1. The payment showed up in my account but I still can’t spend it for some reason. I’m guessing something has to clear and because it’s a weekend that won’t happen until monday I hate having to wait with something like this.
      On the bright side I’m pretty sure this is legit at this point.

  69. Is there any risk for chargeback when buying account transfer? Plan to make my first purchase as soon as I can!

    1. Hello Bjurz,

      No, once the funds are in your account, they are good to use without the risk of chargeback or anything like that.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Thank you!
        I submitted an order just now on the automated checkout.
        I sure hope this goes well, i need it so bad.

  70. first time for me
    i did the transfer for the minimum amount and it came in about an hour later than what they said but it is all there so i’m not complaining.

  71. These work all days of the week apparently. I didn’t know if i would have to wait until monday to receive the transfer, clearly that isn’t a problem.

    Best Regards

  72. This is my first experience on the deepweb. Should I be using anything more than the tor browser if if place an order here? I want to start with a paypal transfer.

  73. hey Guys, one question… I am new to this, once you have the amount transferred into your paypal account, how do you actually get the cash, is it possible to withdraw? how do you guys do it? sorry for the basic question…

    1. Use them however you want, once they land and clear they are yours. I’ve always just transferred the to my bank account and use them from there.

  74. Can the custom order be smaller than the $1200? I don’t have $240 to spend right now and need a cheaper option.

    1. I’m sure they might have something cheaper, the least you can do is ask. My first one was only for $1000 and cost me $200 so i’m quite sure they do.

    2. When I pay for a PayPal account with money in it,how can I use that bought PayPal account to buy bitcoin and extract the cash?? Any body please??

  75. If I want more than 12k can I put 2 of them in the checkout card and have a total of 24,000 sent? I only ordered $7000 for a test and it came through in 5 hours so now I want a lot more. Also is there a limit how many separate transfers you can order in a day?

    1. I haven’t ever tried doing that before, but it does seem viable. That’s a good question.
      To be safe I would just send in an email as a custom order so that they can do it all in one transaction if you’re wanting more than the 12 thousand dollars.

      1. I’m just going to try and see what they do, worst case they’d have to refund me for overpayment. I’ll let you know.

        1. Hah so I got an email saying they would combine the two orders into one transfer much better than what I expected!

          1. Really?
            I think you just got lucky. They have always told me that if I want to order more than the 12k listed I had to email them.

    1. Noo, i’ve never bought the manual but you def do not need it for the account transfer, they do all the work for you.

      1. It’s only for if you buy the stand alone accounts. Still I don’t see the point in doing it yourself if they offer to make the transfer for you, it’s not that much more money and it’s totally worth it for the hassle.

    1. That’s all i use and in the rare times where there is an issue i just sent an email and they always got it fixed within a day or so.

      1. How much did you order? did you do the account transfer?
        I want to order too, but my bitcoin hasn’t come through yet, hopefully today or tomorrow some time.

        1. Just the base 1200. I will be ordering the most I can afford next time once i’m able to get some of this converted back into bitcoin.

  76. I want more than the 12000, is there larger options?
    I’ve used the 12k twice now but sometimes it takes up to a full day to see the transfer show up in my account and i’d rather the amount be a lot larger having to wait that long. Please advise

  77. Where do I put the account number and stuff for when i’m ordering on the automated checkout? What about if I just want it transferred to my paypal account? Should I use my paypal account email when I place the order or how does that work?

  78. For a first timer experiance that was really nice.
    I didn’t have to talk to anyone, the automated checkout went quick and a few hours later as promised I see the payment in my account. I assume it goes faster having it transferred to a paypal account opposed to a bank account?

    1. Ya, I’ve done both and having it sent to a paypal account is a lot faster though not as convenient as having it in your bank account. I usually just transfer the funds from my paypal to my savings or checking account from there after it shows up.

  79. does anybody know if bankor is legit? im trying to buy from here but i dont have enough money yet. Im trying to get some more money somewhere else before i cna buy here.

    1. i’m not sure either, I have been wondering this exact same thing since bankor’s prices are so good but I would’t buy if I were you until I am absolutely sure it isn’t a scam.

  80. My money just arrived in my account! I figured it would show up today.
    Now I know transfers being made to my savings account won’t show up on weekends.
    I was rather panicking there for a while so this is a huge relief!

  81. The custom order shows less than the largest 12k account offered, can you do custom orders larger than the 12k?
    I already did a test with a 1200 account transfer with success and want got do a much larger amount. minimum 20k, preferably 40-50k

    1. Send an email. They probably don’t want to advertise it if they do have them available. My guess is that if they do, it’s just not something they have a lot of so they would run out quick if the offered them on the site. I can say this because I have ordered some.. well larger accounts like what you’re talking about from them already

      1. Thanks for the answer! I’ll do that and see what I get.
        I ended up settling for the 12k to start via the self checkout and it went as smoothly as I could expect.
        Cheers man!

  82. can anybody help me figure out which site is the real or cloned site. please let me know as soon as possible please

    1. Hello bussdown,

      The site that is a clone and not real has a url starting with “oazis64”. You can even view the site and you’ll see our response has been mirrored their. Just check the url, the URL to the real service(us) starts with “financo”.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Nope I didn’t.
        Too late anyways, I ended up fucking up the account some how and now it won’t let me log back into it.
        Fucking wasted that money.

    1. Just ordered a paypal account for $120 because i’m not sure how much i believe in all of this but after seeing the comments i thought i’d give it a go. I’ll let you all know how it goes for anyone else who’s a bit anxious out there

      1. Oh you did the stand alone account? The one time I tried that I lost the money trying to move it. The account locked down and I wasn’t able to login to it again. I have only done the account transfers since.

  83. Hi, please check my email.

    I am planning to have bigger transaction next time, I am waiting for the money to arrive at my paypal account. Will update you guys once I received it. I think I will also try auto-checkout next time.

  84. Hi,
    thinking about investing but if your bank or paypal asks you how you got the money?
    I’m new to this topic and it might be a dumb question but im anxious not about getting scammed in the first place, but getting in trouble afterwards..

    1. well their shouldnt be any red flags but if any questions were asked you could always set up a small ebay business and say its coming from their.

  85. first order just placed for paypal transfer. i did the 2500 package. waiting for them to confirm deposit and email me confirmation. i used the automated system. crossing my fingers….

    1. It’s in already! I thought their would be a confirmation email sent right away or something so that had me worried but less than 2 hours after i figured i’d check my paypal account and there was already a new transfer for $2513 in there. The funds are coming from some weird company name i’ve never heard of before but I don’t know if i’m supposed to disclose what that is so I’ll keep that to myself for now since I don’t want to screw anything up. i’ll be doing this for as long as I can and hopefully do much larger amounts if it goes the same way. The hard part is knowing the best way to get funds from paypal back into bitcoin or ethereum.
      Kindest regards!

      1. thats awesome to hear. Since the money is already in a real currency I would just transfer it to my bank if i were you. Possibly a better solution just so paypal doesnt get suspicious or anything. Possibly worth a shot to look into.

  86. hi guys ! i just made a payment now for a transfert to paypal! im waiting ill let you know for my very first order here !!!!

      1. hi! yes I have the money in my account now. It took much longer than I thought it would and was very worried but now it’s in and i have already transferred some of it from my paypal account into my bank account!!

        1. Thats great!!! i was super sus about the whole thing before but since youve got it that sounds all good. How much did you get? Thank you

          1. Just the 1200 for starters. I’m going to do either the 5000 or 7000 in the next couple days once I get more btc together.

        2. thats awesome. Just be carely about how many orders you put in for time period wise just so you dont raise any read flags right out the gate. I havent started yet but I think it would be a better decision to do weekly orders then slowly work into multiple orders a week. Best of Luck
          – Web777

  87. I went ahead and started big with a 12 grand transfere.
    I was sweating balls for a few hours but now there is a transfer for $12219 that is pending and hopefully usable by tomorrow.
    its the been the first time in a while where taking a big risk like this has paid off

    1. Hello luck,

      If you’re referring to our stand alone paypal accounts, we charge 10% of the account value so if you wanted a $1200 stand alone account, the cost would be $120. Now if you wanted an account transfer where we send the $1200 to any paypal account or bank account of your choosing, the cost will be 20% or $240. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings!

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. I used the self checkout and it took 20 minutes for the confirmation to send to my email and then another 3 hours before another confirmation saying that the transfer had been processed and for me to expect it to arrive in my account within the next hour. It took almost 2 hours after that but it did show. So in total about 5 hours. It’s probably different if you’re doing a larger or smaller amount.

  88. I need mucho $$$ quick. Is this my best option? Can I get some feedback?
    I’m looking at a custom amount of 50-75k if they can handle that. Please advise!!

    1. I regularly have 20-25k transferred at least once a week and they have offered to do larger transfers but I haven’t yet. If it’s anything like what they are doing for me, you could likely get it all done in 1-2 days with the funds settled and ready to use. You’ll have to email them though and ask what large accounts they have available. Good luck mate!

  89. guys how are you all ? im new here ! i got scammed twice on undermarket and paypalplaza so be aware. i want to know if this is genuinely working and whats the best way to start with . thanks guys

      1. yeah i’ll definitely let you guys know as soon as i make the order. thanks for reassuring me . i need this to work or ill be evicted

        1. it works, buy a prepaid card and ask for the card details so you can start paying any bills you may have that you havent payed for yet

  90. I’m surprised there is not more conversation about the account transfers. I like them even more than the prepaid cards and that’s what everyone seems to like the most.

    1. Yes I’m the same as you. I’ll be ordering even 2 a day some times. What’s the most you have transferred at a time? I’m still trying to gauge that.

  91. Has anyone tried the 12k+ account transfer? I really want to do it, but it’s my first time and I know I should probably start with something smaller to get my feet wet.

    1. I eased my way into it.
      But i’ve done much larger than a 12k account transfer now and it went through. I actually haven’t ordered anything since because I feel it would be smart to keep a low profile and let the dust settle before I go ordering another one. So in a way, yes I have but no exactly the 12k, but more.

  92. I just had 1500 transferred to my paypal account for the first time.
    This is surreal. I thought it was worth the risk even if it did turn out to be a scam, but damn.

  93. hey you guys got them listed in the store now!
    If it’s anything like the amazon cards, this will make ordering a heck of a lot quicker and more convenient not having to wait for each reply. cheers!

  94. I tried to buy an account from another website and got scammed this site is looking legit and after reading the comments I am quite comfortable.

          1. I was also thinking of queens of card before finding this website.. Thank god I did not go for them.. Did you please an order here.? I am will be placing my order soon.

        1. i was about to buy from them glad i didn’t. Imperial market is the name there on the tor search banner. thanks for this comment

  95. Account transfers can be to paypal accounts right?
    I don’t feel too comfortable giving my bank account number to anyone.

    1. Hello Plaid,

      Yes that is the initial setup. Customers that have it sent to a bank account are having to specially request it.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  96. Doesn’t paypal block or require some sort of authentication on individual transfers of 10k or more like the AML laws in banks where you can’t deposit more than 10k at a time without them having to report it?

    1. It’s in my account and settled. I would’ve updated sooner, but the funds were sent to my paypal account and then I had them transferred to my bank account to see if any thing got blocked or flagged. The funds settled Friday and I can use them now. I feel like a little boy in a big motherfucking candy shop.
      Cheers, my ballsy risk paid off. Truthfully I was regretful almost an hour after sending payment.

        1. Well it’s a paypal transfer so I thought it had to be to another paypal account. If they do that then i’ll go that route next time.

      1. Yes if came through. it was a couple hours late and it wouldn’t let me spend it for another couple hours for some reason, but in the end I got the money luckily! I’ll be ordering another larger account here soon.

  97. I still don’t get how this is possible. The first time I had $2000 transferred right into my checking account and I decided not to touch it for at least a week just in case it got reversed and then end up with a negative balance. Nothing happened. So this is my second week and it’s still there, i’m still hesitant to use it still because I would be in a big hole if it got reversed. I’m planning on only taking out $400 so order another 2k worth and see if it works again. Overall this has been a crazy experience. Best Regards

    1. So I ordered another $2000 with the $400 I withdrew and everything happened the same way. I’m pretty confident now that there’s nothing to worry about once the funds land in the account. I got burned before with the craigslist check scams so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the same variation of setup. Best Regards!

    1. I bought if for my first time ordering a moneygram transfer and it was quite basic, I could’ve saved the $100 and would’ve been fine. If you’re having them do the transfer, you definitely don’t need it. The most complicated stuff was if you were moving the paypal funds by yourself, the stand alone accounts.

    1. If you have them transfer it for you, it can take anywhere from 3-10 hours. That’s my experiance so far, they say it’s only 2 or 3 hours but it commonly takes longer than that.

      1. How do i pay on payments.changelly in America? I tried Bank Of America now i’m trying a prepaid card from Walmart wtf do i use, I’m annoyed.

        1. you transfer the funds to bitcoin using a bitcoin service then if you want extra security and be total anonymous you can send the bitcoins through a trusted bitcoin mixer before sending the bitcoins.

    1. I do it at least once a week and have been for the past 2 months.
      No problems so far, I asked them the same question and was told it is safe since the funds that arrive in the account are clean.

    1. it has been for me, first time around I fell for the clone of this site. The url of the clone starts with oazis64o so make sure you check to make sure it’s not that, otherwise you’re fucked. Go with the account transfers, they are your best option for paypal.

      1. bro your the life saver. I emailed these guys a couple days ago and they also said that that site was a clone site but i also got skeptical on which site is the clone and which is the legit. Thank you for clearing it up

    1. Hi, how was it ? I am also planning to place my first order this week and I am quite nervous, needless to say that I am a noob too

  98. Does anyone know how long a transfer to a prepaid card takes?
    This is my first time doing this on FO want to have it all planned out.

    1. I don’t think you can have a paypal account transferred to a prepaid card. They say you either need to have the funds transferred to another paypal account or a bank account.

        1. Hi, I have a question if you don’t mind? When you say “I’ll get an account in place” you mean creating a new paypal without your personal data? I am asking because it will be the first time that I place an order and I have been thinking about creating a new paypal just to receive the funds. Do you know if there’s any restriction once you have the fund to pass them from a paypal account to an another or any tips?
          Have a nice day

  99. Hi, I am writing this message because I have been struggling to buy bitcoins in order to buy services in FO. How do you guys manage to do so, any tips are welcome.

      1. Thanks for your reply, unfortunately where I live there are no bitcoin sellers (persons) nor atm’s, I will try coinbase although they ask for personal data.

        Anyway I will be placing my first order in the next few days, I will keep up this thread to let you know how it went!


  100. Hey i’m looking to put in for another transfer to my bank account.
    Please get back to me asap! I’m an impatient bastard.

      1. Yes I know.
        I felt the same way before my first time ordering.
        Once you’ve done a few orders and see that they come though
        it gets easier.

  101. Do any of you guys use the papal debit card? I’m considering getting one and then just load up the account when I want to use the card.

      1. You are doing it yourself or you are paying for a paypal transfer?
        It is a lot more sketch when you’re trying to move the funds yourself.

  102. That transferred went a lot faster than I was expecting!
    I’ll be back for another order tomorrow or the next day i’m sure.

    1. How much time it took for you ? I paid yesterday and just received it in my account this morning, it took a lot longer than was promised and now have to pay an extra late fee on my rent. I’m asking to see if I can get a discount next time.

      1. Ya i’m pretty sure I just got lucky on the timing that time. It’s my third time ordering and it was the fastest out of the three. The second time took so long that I was convinced I’d been scammed for a while but then I came through and all was good.

  103. I’m looking for something like this but on a larger scale. In the range of 100-300 thousand. I’ve sent emails to countless vendors but have yet to find one that could provide such a possible thing. I’m quite interested so please let me know.

      1. They told me that they’d let me know if anything came in. The biggest they had was one for 88k so I went with that. One more day and the funds should settle. Well worth the wait!

  104. Hi guys,
    anything extra i should know before buying?
    I’ve never bought anything like this and want want to make a “noob” mistake.

    1. Nope, if you’re ordering the account transfer then it’s easy.
      If you’re buying the stand alone account then make sure to buy the manual, you’ll be screwed without it.

  105. Looking to have a transfer done in the next few days, bigger is better so please email me right away if you have any accounts of 20,000 or more. Thank you.

    1. It’s working for me. I only have bought the account transfers though so if you get the stand alone accounts, I can’t speak for those.

  106. Are we able to use the stand alone accounts as our own or are you supposed to move the funds out before they blocked or something?

    1. If you use it once without moving the full balance out it usually gets frozen or you get blocked out so you are supposed to move the full balance out all at once. That’s my experience with them, ever since the first one I haven’t tried again and just pay for the account transfer so I don’t have to deal with making the transfer without screwing it up.

    1. The accounts they are selling? Yes they are.
      I’m pretty sure you can start out with something around that will cost you $120-150. Just ask what they have available for account sizes.

  107. Am I gonna have to pay taxes on these transactions? Maybe I shouldn’t be using my personal account. I’ve done over 10k in the last few weeks and I know that if I don’t launder it or pay taxes on it some how i’m gonna get fucked. Any ideas are welcome. thanx

    1. Start a little ebay business and just say it’s coming from that. it’s not to hard to setup a legit business and push money through it if you have a supply like this.

    2. What country are you in? If you’re in the US then its really easy to setup a little ebay business. You could also just setup any other kind of business and order a paypal debit to use with it. You’re going to have to be creative no matter what way you decide to do it. Good luck.

  108. Is there a service you guys provide where you can convert funds on an account to btc? That’s the hardest part is just buying more bitcoin to keep placing orders. A response would be much appreciated. gracias

    1. Just go buy from a place like coinmama after you have the money. Or you can try transferring the money to a card or account where you can withdraw cash from and the buy with cash on LBC.

    2. You can get the money transferred to a cashapp account, and then you can convert your money to bitcoin on there in seconds! Plus keep all your money in the same place

  109. I’m looking for something like the account transfer but I want larger balances. Do you guys have other accounts other than paypals that are available for transfer? Preferably accounts with 75.000 or more?

    1. Send them an email. You never know man sometimes they don’t like to advertise that shit so it’s better so just send a personal email.

  110. how safe would it be to give my personal paypal for direct transfer? Or should I go through the hassle of making a fake paypal to then transfer over to my personal paypal.

    1. It’s safe, I don’t even know how to setup a fake paypal so i’ve only used my own and it still works. No warnings or anything.

  111. I know everyone has said it but paying the additional 10% to have the account transfer done for you is so worth it. I’ve tried twice now to move the funds myself and I completely screwed up the first account and with the second one I only got out about half.

    1. So i ask for “an account transfer” when ordering to make sure they do it for me? I know fuck all about transferring funds from a paypal account that isn’t mine to begin with.

      1. Hello,

        Currently we do but they are only available for account transfer and not to be sold as a stand alone account. Let us know if you’re interested.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello ludeacquaintance,

      We are able to with WU but not MG and if you are wanting it sent to an account opposed to picking it up yourself the cost increases from 15% to 20%(same as the PayPal account transfer) due to the extra steps involved so most of our customers don’t bother and that is why it’s not advertised.

      -Financial Oasis Admin

  112. 11 hours and then the funds finally transferred? What’s with the delay?
    Not to be so pissed about getting money, but it made me late for the payment I had due and now there’s an extra charge for being late.
    Whatever, next time i’ll have it bought way in advance.

  113. Anyone get good at the stand alone transfers yet? Asking for a friend who thinks he could do it but he’s kinda full of himself so he’s likely to blow it up and waste money. any input is appreciated. thankyou

  114. Feels good to have 5k to land in your account in just a few hours. It also is going to feel great to tell my non stop talking MLM sisterinlaw to fuck off with her annoying bullshit shes’ always trying to get me into.

    1. ditto man, that was my first time. I haven’t tried since.
      it’s an extra 10% for the account transfer but i haven’t looked back since I decided just to pay the extra.
      still soooo worth it. Don’t let your greedy side come out to deter you from it.

    1. And there it is. got worried for a while there.
      Also apparently it’s a couple hours from when they see your message confirming payment, not a couple hours from when you pay. Stupid but whatever at least it’s working.

  115. Hey thanks for being real, i’ve been through the ringer so many times getting scammed left and right. This has really saved my ass. The paypal service is the way to go if you want to get funds asap, it’s so dope.

      1. Ya, i like the prepaid cards too but in all honesty i do everything online so I just prefer using the account transfers. Nothing wrong with cold hard cash though!

  116. Hit me up for another. I sent an email.
    Also can I do 2 or more at the same time or possiblely spaced an hour apart?
    I want to create a larger cash flow here.

    1. You can order one right after another but not more than one at the same time, i asked. If you really want to get multiple transfers then use another email so they don’t know your ordering twice at the same time.

      1. You gotta be careful doing that though, I kinda fucked up and made it obvious I was the same person and they quit taking orders from those accounts I was using. I get it, they want us to follow their rules and that’s fine i guess but if you are gonna try and do it you gotta make it look like your a completely different person

  117. This is great! Thanks to my cousin I found you guys and this perfect paypal transfer service.
    I already use paypal for everything so this is perfect!


    1. The account sizes are not infinitly large if that is what you’re implying. The biggest one i’ve been able to get was only around 16k.

      1. No I meant like number of accounts I can have transferred in a 24 hour period. I’ve done 3 and I asked but I never got an answer. 3s good for me tho

  118. Is there something like this available but on a larger scale? 50k and more type of volume is what I need. Bank accounts or something similar. I’m asking anyone here or even FO if you guys have something that is not advertised on your site. Please and thank you.

  119. I have problem with you, why don’t you transfer the money for me? I don’t want to mess up the account and get the funds stuck.

    1. Did you pay for the account transfer or a stand alone account? If you didn’t pay for the transfer then they are not going to do it for you.

      1. Cheapest account for test. Only $95 to buy with $950 in the account.
        I see the funds but am worried they will be blocked. I’m told I have to pay more if they do it for me that’s not good business.

        1. You should read a little better then because on the paypal page it says that if you want them to transfer the money for you the cost is 20% and if you want just the account the cost is 10% obviously you chose the cheaper option so you have to try to move the funds yourself.

  120. I see the transfer just was made into my account. How long should I wait before using it or can I move the funds around right away?

  121. How hard is it to do the transfer myself? If I can’t do it myself successfully then i’ll probably just buy some cards.

    1. I asked the same question on forums and most of the ways seemed way too complicated to be worth it. I just get the transfers done for me and the cost is completely justifiable. Sorry that probably doesn’t help answer you question. Good luck with that.

  122. On the next transfer I purchase I want to try having the money sent to my checking account. Is there anything more I should know before doing this. I only have had the transfers made to my paypal account so far and then just make the transfer out of my paypal account into my checking account but then I have to wait another couple business days for it to clear so it would be nice if it just went right into my checking account.

    1. I always have it transferred to my checking account in the first place so paypal can’t fuck with anything after the fact. Unless your bank doesn’t allow it for some reason, it will work fine.

    1. Send them an email and ask, they usually don’t respond here very often. I remember the first order I did they transferred around $900 for me.

  123. Why are the transfer times so inconsistent? First time it took 2 hours, second time it was like 30 minutes and this time it’s been 4 hours. Still waiting.

    1. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. The payoff is more than worth it. Consistency is just something I always make for myself and waiting for something that I have no control of makes that hard. I greatly appreciate this service regardless of my gripes.

    1. its in. It says it’ll be two more hours before I can spend or move the funds though. I assume that is just something related to paypal? idk.

        1. It worked after the two hours. I’m not sure what that was about. I’m just happy there wasn’t any more problems or delays.

  124. I’ll be sending the coin for my order tonight. Am i able to have the funds transferred to a savings account or what kind of accounts other than paypal?

    1. checking back in. It looks like you can have them sent to a savings account, still pending but it’s in there and it should confirm by monday.

  125. Looking for a big account to have transferred. I’m talking 15k or more, you have my email obviously. Please let me know as soon as something like this is available! Thanks in advance

  126. Is it possible to purchase paypal accounts setup with a set alias that I could use for purchases and transfers? Not even looking for a loaded up account, just legit shell accounts that I can use to launder money. Please get back to me on this.

  127. How many transfers can I do in a day and when will it become suspicious? I tried one and now I want to do as many as I can but I don’t want to lose my pp account in the process.

    1. I couldn’t tell you but I do one at least every 2 days and my account is still up. Just try to get higher balance accouunts transferred with less frequency opposed to small accounts and lots of transfers and you should be fine.

  128. It would be nice if you guys carried smaller accounts. I only have $75 to spend and the cheapest account available right now is $120 for the stand alone. Really I just want to do a trial run.

  129. The guide that is sold is really worth buying for the 100 bucks. Now that I have it I just buy the stand alone accounts and move the funds for myself.

  130. This is the best service you guys have. It’s really fast and I dont have to get off my ass to go get or use anything. Thank you

  131. First timer here. That went faster than I expected. I already have ordered something on ebay with the funds and nothing has been flagged or stopped. I’m stoked to get some more of these transfers, i just have to figure out how i can buy btc with paypal.

    1. Just have the funds transferred to bank account instead and purchase using that account or a debit card. Paypal is easily reversible and in the world of crytpo no one likes to accept it for payment or if they do their fee is really high just because it’s a really high risk form of payment.

  132. this is what I think of whenever someone uses the term “easy money” lol hit me up when you guys have a bigger account(20k +) you have my email!

  133. How do I setup the proxy when initiating the transfer on the stand alone accounts? I got lost and don’t wanna fuck things up otherwise it’s basically wasted $$

    1. You mean the socks 5 account info? Do you know how to login and set it up?
      If you aren’t familar with that or a the very least using a vpn then you probably shouldn’t try moving funds from that account. It can get a little risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can email me [email protected]

    1. I don’t really know, but the 3rd time i ordered with them I just asked for the biggest account they had available and it had almost 12k so i know its possible but I’m guessing they just don’t have as many available otherwise they’d list it.

  134. Hey has anyone had success emptying a stand alone paypal account? I want to save money by just buying those and moving the money myself.

    1. I tried once and it ended up badly for me. The account got frozen and then I got locked out of it. Waste of money for me, the account transfers are worth if and that’s all i’ve done ever since. good luck

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