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536 thoughts on “Pre-Recycled Notes – Reviews
  1. lol “the vaction”, I don’t know about you but 6 grand for a vacation wouldn’t be much with the size of my family.

    1. 6k would buy me a minimum of 2 vacations and long ones too. I don’t know where you are traveling but you need to re-evaluate if it’s costing you 6k minimum for a vacay.

    1. gotta try it out man, who are you going to believe? Best way to figure it out is to try for yourself.
      Looking back you’ll see your question as the equivalent of asking if water is wet.

  2. Where do these “pre-recycled notes” come from? Is it an inside job type of thing? I feel like it would have to be.

    1. You could try asking but I doubt they would provide any information at all. It would seem impossible for it not to be some sort of inside job for it to happen without anyone noticing a missing shipment or something.

  3. Anyone recently ordered AUD? I’m curious if they’re having the new notes and the general experience.

      1. whoops messed up my name. the c and v are right next to each other and i wasn’t paying attention. still me

      2. tracking is in but for the amount i rendered i was not expecting it very fast. i chose overnight shipping so we will see. it shows i should have it by wednesday.

  4. If I order from Germany will the package have to go through customs? Has anyone here had their package get through customs without being opened or confiscated? I don’t want a package with my address on it full of cash to be opened.

    1. Hi Rieltck,

      Many of our orders go through customs on a regular basis. You don’t have anything to worry about, orders are packaged in a highly discrete manner and we haven’t had a customers package be held up at customs thus far.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  5. pre-recycled or pre-shredded, whats the implication here?
    I’m new to this world and am needing the extra income. How safe is this and is it real or fake money?

    1. Hello cups n pups,

      I hope you already figured it out. If not, yes the money is real and because it’s the real thing, you don’t have to worry about “passing” it without getting yourself in trouble. It’s plain and simple and works the way you’d expect.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello Hqvrgqb,

      Tracking is provided once the order shipping label is created. You will get it within 24 hours of placing your order unless it’s the weekend.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  6. Are you guys still ordering these things? I’m new and think these are the best way to go long term.
    The smaller orders are kinda expensive per dollar so I’m thinking I want to start in the middle, something like 5-7k. My big question is how old the notes are? I would be ordering USD.
    cheers and thank you!

    1. No more used then what you would get from a grocery store for change. I have had a few that were pretty bad but I took them into the bank and asked to have them exchanged. No problems yet.

        1. I haven’t tried doing that yet.
          They are easily good enough quality for anyone to accept though so don’t worry about getting tattered ripped notes that barely hold together. That is not how it is for 99% of what you get.

    1. Hello rombo,

      We can ship USD notes to Israel. Please email us for more information.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello Larry,

      No they are not physically marked. It’s in a metaphorical sense. Meaning they where set aside for disposal but nothing was actually done to the notes so they wouldn’t be distinguishable in any way. I hope that clears up any concern about how that is phrased.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. I’ve been a lurker/user here for a while. I can say that I have taken USD to a money changer here in Canada and didn’t have any problem having it changed out. I will say though, I think if you keep going to the same place too often to keep having it changed over, they will start to get suspicious. I’m working on a way to get around this problem right now.

  7. How are you all so chill about this? Seriously I would think the fed, imf, etc. would be dumping money into investigating these “missing” funds. Am I wrong?

    1. I highly doubt they even notice. They are printing 100x every day compared to the amount being sold here per month probably.

  8. Am I able to order a little bit of each currency offered as a sample? Like an “international package” or something?

    1. Hello JumpingJellybeans,

      Sorry something like that isn’t available if you’re not in a European country since our vendors that ship EUR and GBP won’t ship outside of Europe. Our USD vendor on the other hand will ship world wide and the AUD vendor we have is only ships to Australia and Indonesia.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. I’ve been around for almost 2 years now.
      The notes they are selling are definitely the real thing and I still have no clue how they get them.
      I am a lazy fucker so I haven’t made much progress with turning the money I have bought here into a business or anything. That being said I am quite reliant on these guys and hope they don’t ever go under.

  9. Di ya’ll se this post?

    Mr. Anderson
    December 13, 2019 at 9:11 am

    New Money is fake (I heard) and I placed an order with Queens cash. After the payment, complete silence…

      1. “New Money” is another scam site that looks like this one. This person is saying they used a site called “New Money” and was scammed. Then they put an order in at Queens Cash and heard nothing. (Got scammed)

    1. Its on the main page of their site
      “These are genuine government issued notes that have been marked for disposal.”
      Legit cash will be better than any counterfeit every day of the week.

    1. Hi Jake,

      There are no limits. If you request an order that exceeds what our vendor can provide, we will let you know.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. How much are you trying to order bro. They list on their site you can buy a 25k package.
      Who needs more than that a couple times a month smh

  10. Has anyone else notice that Queens Cash and New Money have a very similar website layout and are using the same descriptions on their sites? Kinda sus imo.
    Also Admin I emailed you. Wondering if you have received my email. Thanks!

    1. It’s impossible to get an order in 24 hours.
      If you order with overnight shipping it takes 1 day to arrive once its shipped out.
      So say you order on a Monday, it gets shipped out Tuesday and will arrive Wednesday.

  11. Ok Admin team i do have a different question for you since my last to John didn’t get through your filters. in order to have access to pre-recycled USD you’d pretty muh have to be based in the U.S.. that being the case how is it you have access to British Pounds? or Euros? i’m going to be making an order tomorrow and it would be interesting to hear what you have to say on that thought. for some reason that’s the only thought that’s keeping me from making a move right now. If you’re based in the U.S. then how do you get Pounds and Euros? If you’re based in Europe then how to do you get Pounds and USD? and if in Great Britain how are you getting the USD? i figure it can’t be that hard to get Euros if you’re in Great Britain. so… thanks in advance if you would clear that up for me.

    1. Hello The Reprobate,

      The vendors we have contracts with that supply the different currencies are in different locations around the world and ship from where they are based. Our USD supplier has the most flexibility in terms of shipping locations and being able to deliver to countries around the world. If you were trying to have AUD notes sent to Mexico, that might cause some logistics issues and might not be possible. Those kind of details are discussed upon your inquiry via email. I hope that helps with your concern.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  12. Okay I said I would update a while back but I didn’t want to until I really had something to show for.
    In total I placed 3 orders, first being $1000 worth, the next $6000 and the last being $10000.
    For the sake of keeping myself anonymous I didn’t show the packaging it arrived in and this box is not what any of the orders came in. I didn’t spend much of it on account of all the prepaid cards I just went through so having money on hand really isn’t an issue at this point. I used the same service to upload the picture as TheFamilyMan did since they don’t ask for any personal info, anyways here is the link:
    Don’t try opening it on the tor browser because it won’t load up the picture, I already tried.

  13. I would love to see some euros? anyone order some recently?
    I don’t have a lot to spend(€600-€900) but if this works I will just keep upping my order size.

    1. Did you see the post FamilyMan made? He posted a pic of an order he got. That’s the only one i have seen though.
      Here’s his comment:

      November 16, 2019 at 4:41 am

      So I got my first order this morning. I can’t believe this shit is real.
      Next stop, bulk 🙂

      1. holycow thank you!
        The link wont work on tor but it worked fine when I pasted it into a regular web browser.
        Again thank you!

  14. What’s the max you can order? I read that anything over $35,000 requires 20%. How about $50,000 or $100,000? Still 20%?

    1. Hello IgnacSemmelweis,

      Yes everything over 35k costs 20% regardless of the amount. If you’re buying 100k or 200k the price will be 20k and 40k respectively and so on. I hope that clears it up for you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. The courier that is used will depend on where you’re ordering from. You might want to discuss that via email.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

  15. I’m in the market to start laundering some money. Does anyone have experience with the gbp notes that they can share?

  16. New year, new resolutions and all that. I wish everyone the best.
    I am looking at ordering around 50-60k, how reasonable is that? I need usd. Are there any limits to be aware of? I looked around on the site here and could not find anything about there being a limit on how much you can order.

      1. Yes I emailed them about it already. I thought it would be easier to buy large amounts of bitcoin but I was clearly wrong. It has been quite the hassle to buy even 5k worth.

    1. Hello Joel,

      Packaging will vary depending on the country you are ordering from and the size of your order.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. ! live in New Mexico and have them(the notes) delivered to some of my family down there(mexico) for safety sake and then have them ship it up to me once they get it. Of course I always give them a cut of it, they are family after all.
      It works well.

  17. Hey FamilyMan211 could you provide any additional info on your order?
    Like if it is your first order, how it was packaged and how long it took? The notes look good from the picture, if there is anything else unique about them, I would love to hear the details.
    Thanks for actually providing proof btw.
    Cheers man

  18. Anyone have any suggestions for the address to use? I don’t really want to use my real address, but damn it’s hard to get a ghost in this country (US).

    1. let it deliver to a gas station and pick it up there? but you have to provide a real name because you have to show ids when picking up the order

      1. That sounds risky, I would put in my neighbors address before I did something like that.
        I had an order sent right to my own house and use a fake name, no problems. It likely makes a difference if youre trying to keep it a secret and live with other people.

      1. Yes it works nominally well. I order every week and actually pay for the overnight shipping even though it doesn’t arrive overnight, more like 2-3 days but it’s faster than expedited which usually ends up taking 4-5 days.
        Have fun with em.

  19. Just in time for black friday sales.
    Also are there any black friday sales here? No big deal if there isn’t but I would be interested if there is.
    Best Regards! 🙂

    1. Hello GreaseMech0019,

      Unless the vendor wants to put on a sale for the product they are providing through us, we don’t have any holiday deals or anything of the like. Sorry.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Ya I see what you mean. It doesn’t seem to work on tor so you will have to copy the link and put it into your regular web browser to see it.

      1. What’s better to order in a country that doesn’t use any of these currencies? I like the idea of having raw cash but I can’t use this stuff directly without drawing a lot of attention.

  20. What the hell, all I see are you guys arguing about how you receive your orders.
    I wouldn’t give a flying fuck how my order came as long as the money was there.
    So this is legit and you all are getting the cash??

      1. who would want to share the intimate details of their experiance when that involves breaking the law and at the same time reveals who they are as a person. No wonder everyone shuts up after they start ordering and see that it’s the real shit.

  21. Is there a reason my ordered always arrive wrapped in newspaper?
    Not complaining, just a little curious what the point is.

    1. How much do you order? I’ve never got my order wrapped in newspaper.
      If it get a “ream of paper” in the mail I know I got my order in.

          1. Oh hey look a poor person.
            JK, no seriously though you can figure out how to spend cash like this no problem.
            You’ve just never been there yet.

  22. How are the EUR bois doing? I looking to put in an order and don’t particularly want to start dinky.
    Anyone got some advise?

      1. I wouldn’t even bother trying to answer their questions when they are that stupid. Either they can figure it out on their own or if they don’t, then they don’t deserve to.

  23. Nothing can touch these. There isn’t anything as anonymous as spending cash in public, bitcoin can’t even beat it. Not to mention, everyone accepts cash.

    1. I don’t know, things like bitcoin and monero are the best if it comes right down to having one or the other in large quantities. I would choose the crypto every time.

      1. More people in the real world will accept cash from you compared to bitcoin or any other crypto so I still prefer cash.

    1. Order the smallest listed, you can test it out with that.
      They are real so you don’t have to worry about quality like you do with counterfeits

  24. test comment

    (is this site real? Seen alot of other websites selling “pre shredded recycled notes” so not sure which one is real?

    1. like where?
      Ever since there has been a legit vendor selling actual prerecycled notes, a lot of scams have popped up claiming to sell the same thing so be careful if you’re not purchasing from here.

        1. The start of this week was my 4th time I have ordered from here. I haven’t been around long but I’m staying on this gravy train until it’s goes down, if ever and I hope it never does because everything else I have experienced is just a bunch of scamming bullshit.

  25. They have very good services
    Are they scammers? Initially I thought yes, but now ordered bigger and bigger
    Scammers don’t reply to emails after you send cryptos, but they do.

    Reading all these comments gave me a lot of confidence
    First start with small amount, only use profits to buy more
    Words are useless, try by yourself.

    1. Yes I believe they are legit too, please let me know how your experience is. I will order soon once I have enough money.

        1. Are you the same person?
          I buy around 25k a week and they haven’t ever failed me, i don’t see how something 4x bigger would be an issue.

    1. The cards don’t scale as well. I can order 70k worth of notes and have it all at my disposal at once where if I order.. what 35 cards, I would have to go to a ton of atms over weeks to get them all cashed out and that would seem extremely suspicious as well

  26. Why are the prices in USD for the euros on the automated checkout? And how do the prices correlate in terms of discount, I can’t figure it out.

    1. Hello nooxbunkers,

      Sorry if it’s confusing. The payment processor doesn’t have an option for converting the total in euros to bitcoin so we had to try and come up with close equivalents in cost of USD being converted from EUR. The problem with that is USD/EUR is always moving so it’s not perfect. If it bothers you, you can place your order via email and we can calculate the total in euros so that there is no confusion. Sorry about that.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  27. Do the euro notes come very damaged? I need a lot for some big deals and don’t want to be declined due to quality.
    Can I order over 75k for a first time order? Are there limits? I have emailed the questions as well but have been waiting a few hours to hear back.

    1. No dude they aren’t as bad as you think. I have been ordering around 10-20 thousand every two weeks and they look used but not too bad at all. Start smaller if you’re worried but seriously I don’t think you need to worry about that.

      1. At the very least I want to get the highest discount to start so I would probably start with 40-50k minimum. Thank you for your input!

    1. Hello Maccu,

      At this point in time, our vendor could handle that kind of volume. Demands are always changing, luckily their supply always seems to be increasing. Customers that are ordering regularly will be updated if there is any change in availability.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. So they are real but are they marked with anything that would raise red flags or get me in trouble? You have bought some and used them?

    1. No I order euros a few times a month and they have never included 500 notes. I didn’t ask for them but I ask for a mix so I would assume they would have put them in if they did have them.

    1. They are very spendable. Some are a bit soft if you know what I mean but nothing like huge holes or tears from my experience. I get worse quality change when I go to a gas station.

    1. They are real reserve currencies that are were taken out of the recycle process to be sold so yes they will work anywhere.
      So no they are not the same as counterfeits. I was confused at first too and had to do some reading.

  28. Needing a product like this but don’t want to get fucked over. Has anyone ordered large amount on a regular basis without getting scammed? I would be ordering the USD recycled notes.

    1. Start small like 10k and move up from there. I was ballsy and did 25k to start and kept going from there.
      Haven’t looked back.

      1. Okay well i’m going to start with like 2.5k and go from there. My bankroll isn’t quite that big yet. Thank you for the advise though.

    1. You will have to ask. They do imply it by saying “*Orders of €35000 or more will cost 20% of its value” so i’m sure you can inquire via email or something.

    1. It means the notes were about to be recycled but they were pulled out of the process to be sold on the black market.. at least that is how I understand it.

  29. Are there any 500 euro notes? I need to do high volume but don’t want to be receiving enormous packages.

  30. hi seen your site how much are uk notes as wanting to buy large amount do they have all holograms watermarks etc and are they on polymer paper or cotton rag
    if you could get back to me with costs etc and how long do they take to come thanks.

  31. I have many doubts, is one of them buying bitcoins in Bitso and transferring to your wallet? or it is through another platform.

    How soon will I arrive if I am from Mexico to be precise in the warrior state?

    What type of shipping do you use?

    The email I will send is from the torbox platform? or is it another?

    1. Hello Panther77,

      Please send us your questions via email. These threads are more for feedback and discussion.
      We will be sure to answer all questions you have with an email response!

      Thank you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  32. I have only a few questions to place an order.

    1- What tests pass, pen, lightning, the machines that count the money?

    2- If I’m from Mexico, how soon will they arrive?

    3- Can I exchange them in a bank for Mexican pesos?

    1. The notes are not counterfeit, they are the real thing so it’s going to pass all the tests.
      If you have real currency i’m sure they will let you exchange it without question.

  33. How do the discounts work exactly after 35k? I need euros and want a price for 40-50k worth. Posting here because i’m still waiting for an email response.

  34. So can I get the 50GBP or no? I only i’m seeing the 10s and 20s are offered.
    Sorry if this has already been answered!

    1. No they don’t have them anymore, I know because they said I was the only one buying them when they last had them. lol
      I get that they always raise suspicion in ordinary places but I found a use for them that worked well. It’s a shame they don’t sell them any more.

    1. I basically do now. I order 15k every week and have been putting it into my business. It’s been quite the overhaul since I started and life has been quite exciting ever since. The problem is coming up with 18K in bitcoin every month to keep the orders coming in. I need a reliable dealer which I still haven’t found.

  35. I have a question are you sure the currencies aren’t marked with a invisible pin that will show under a UV light

    1. Hello thekingofcash,

      All notes are checked(that includes going under a UV light) before being shipped out.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  36. How can anything over 10k get through customs? Isn’t sending cash in the mail an offense that you can fined for?

    1. Its not like this is legal in the first place. They package it well and that is how. I order from Germany and it has always arrived without any tampering.

  37. If you all could list hookers and blow on the site, my life would be complete.
    I wish there was a delivery service for that kind of thing.

    1. If you talk to them via email they will be able to fill your order i’m sure.
      I have ordered close to that in a single order and they filled it so I know you can get it if you ask.

    1. Hey look who’s trying to bypass the spam catcher. Just ask a fucking question if you have one instead of filling the thread with useless shit.

  38. Do y’all think it will be a good idea to spend the recycled USD notes at a big car dealership or should I go to a small one or buy from a individual on the streets I wanna hear what y’all have to say on this one

    1. Buying from an individual is going to be the smartest way if your financial situation is like 1000% better from this awesome service.. but you have no real job or like legitimate money stream. Going to a dealership might be just too much attention, a private seller will likely ask no questions and take the cash with a smile

  39. Im a first timer all I need is a confirmation that the money is legit and I go for it I already email them but no answer yet I see a lot of comment saying that the money is real but it might just be robots so can someone tell me what’s up

    1. Yes the notes they are selling are real. I’ve ordered a few times already myself and it’s undoubtedly genuine. The comments about everyone being robots was supposed to be humorous i’m pretty sure.Sarcasm doesn’t always transfer very well via text. I will definitely vouch for this stuff tho!

    1. Use it as you please, just don’t be stupid.
      Its easy to pay for a lot of things in cash if you try, just do your best to be discrete and not draw any extra attention to yourself. good luck

  40. Is there a maximum shipment amount or is it just whatever is in stock?
    Once I get the ball rolling I could see myself ordering a few hundred thousand at a time if it’s possible. Also I presume the amount available varies depending on what currency it is?

    1. I kind of asked the same questions via email. It’s easier to just send and email and ask what they have available because it seems like it’s always fluctuating and the EUR and USD notes is what they stock the most of. Probably mostly USD though.

    1. I have tracking now and it’s expected to arrive middle of next week. Will continue to stay updated on this post for anybody interested.

  41. Why don’t i see any 50gbp notes offered? I will order a large amount but want it to be as confined as possible.

    1. Nobody wants those mate. Do you see those being used very often? No you don’t because they are barely ever used and if they are there is always a great deal of suspicion. Don’t even bother

  42. Can someone verify that they have received their USD notes and are satisfied with the service/product? I’m a serious inquiry and these “real” reviews have me a bit skeptical. If my comment doesn’t get published then I pretty much have my answer with this vendor.

      1. Because the Dark Web is a super sketchy place where there are scammers everywhere. We’re being smart & cautious as we should be.

    1. They always seem to have a good supply so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be. Just try placing an order and i’m sure they can fill it.

    1. They aren’t actually marked, they were just taken out of the recycling process before they got destroyed and are being resold here.

  43. Hey are the AUD notes still being sold? I don’t hear a lot of ppl here talking about them and I’d like to be a large buyer! If anyone could reach out to me about these I would be very grateful!

  44. I really want to test this out but what is stopping them from sending my order the first time and then when I decide to order large they just rip me off? It would be too easy I think. Please I could use some encouragement.

    1. If you’re that paranoid. Just keep ordering “test orders” and if they stop sending them then you know it was a setup.
      They aren’t though, i’ve put in some rather larger orders and they’ve always come through.

  45. Using this comment as a test.
    Can anybody tell me that they got their USD Notes and are more than satisfied with them?
    There are A TON of “reviews” so I just want to make sure they’re not robots automating these comments. Thanks

    1. Well i’m not a bot and i’ve ordered a couple times now with success. I’m on the east coast and have just been ordering the $100 USD notes since they are the real thing there is no reason to get the smaller notes imo

  46. Hey won’t it be a massive red flag if i’m getting large sums of money shipped to me? How safe is the shipping?

  47. Hello All, First time using this site and services like this. Very nervous but a lot of the comments gives me hope.
    Can someone please share experience and best practice for how best to transition large sums of this cash into a bank account without suspicion or problems. I plan buy about 50k each week and I want to be cautions and not raise any alerts having so much cash. Please!!!
    Thank you much.

    1. Why do you want to put it into a bank account?
      The only way to make that happen is to launder it through a business or some sort of scheme.
      If there was an easier way than money laundering that was just as effective then there wouldn’t be such thing as “money laundering”. Either that or don’t deposit it and just pay for everything that you can with cash. Make sure it’s “off the books” so to speak.

  48. Okay so I ordered USD and got AUD.. i assume a mistake was made? I have proof too.
    am I able to get a refund?

    1. Hello RageRageRage,

      We have sent you an email and will make sure this get’s resolved asap if your accusations are true.
      Please be patient with us!

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  49. Hello everyone, i’m excited to join this community.
    I’ll be starting small to see how it goes.
    Hopefully I’ll have enough funds put together to place an order this week or the next.
    Looking forward to leave my feedback!

  50. Order was put in, i’m just waiting for confirmation now.
    I’m guessing it won’t go out until monday. Please email me back asap

    1. Overnight shipping is legit. My order arrived today(Tuesday) from being shipped out Monday. From my experience, usually 1 day shipping always gets delayed to 2 days. Everything was there as promised. I’ll be scaling up my order size from here!

  51. Hey guys i just got my first order of euros. They are as promised and they even sent a little extra, i’m not sure if it was on purpose or an accident.

  52. There is a lot to be gained here if this is legit all the way up. I don’t want to get bated in with a small order and then ripped when I go big. Is there any of you ordering 100k+ that can provide feedback?

    1. I haven’t ordered that much, but every week I place an order for around 40k so I can get their best price and they have always delivered. I’m sure that if they can do that kind of volume that 100k wouldn’t be an issue. just my 2 cents

  53. If anyone is curious, i got my first order of GBP and they are real currency. It would be near impossible to recreate what I got so it seems to be legit. Regards!

  54. I would like to know how larger orders of $15000 or more are concealed? I am deeply worried the customs will confiscate the package if they find a big amount of money and I don’t want to go to jail. Please respond. I send an email as well

    1. Hello Slipperysam,

      We use protonmail which already has pgp built into it. Please sign up with protonmail if you’re needing the use of pgp or you can use a service like to further encrypt your messages within your emails.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  55. my order is here
    i genuinely thought i was scammed through the whole weekend since I was expecting it Friday.
    Cheers and next time maybe we can use a different carrier!

  56. I will be ordering a test order tonight.
    How is the packaging with this kind of thing? Should i use my own address or a PO box?

    1. Their packaging is always plain and the product has always been concealed quite well too so I don’t think you need to use a PO unless you already have one setup. I’ve risked it and always used my own address and haven’t run into any problems.

        1. Don’t worry about that, the packaging will pass though customs no problem.
          I’ve had a customs marking on every package and they always get through without problems or tampering of product.

    1. Ya the “pre-recycled” just means that it’s heavier used(worn) currency that was going to get disposed and replaced with new government issued funds. So it’s 100% the real thing which is perfect, no worrys anymore

    1. I will be ordering big here in the next week once my transfer clears the the coin reaches my wallet. What currency are you using? I’m in Belgium so EUR is my best choice. Let me know how it goes for you.
      Best regards!

        1. holy fuck nickles
          my fat stacks came in today, well i guess yesterday now.
          I didn’t specify what i wanted to be sent and almost all of it was in 20s.
          I thought they sent me the wrong order at first. Damn holding all that cash really gets my heart racing
          its such a good feeling! Next time i’ll have to specify that I would like it mostly in 50s or 100s
          Cheers Stavo, i’m using USD btw so it’s different from what you are getting.

  57. Aye i have been ordering the AUD notes again and they are the real deal, no sign at all of them being counterfeit like before. I’m not complaining about the counterfeits i used to buy, they were flawless but it’s nice knowing there is no way i’m going to get busted while using these!

      1. I want to hear how it goes as well. I need to figure something out in my life and this is quite an appealing way to try and fix it

  58. Hey the shipping was quick and I just used expedited. I’m guessing i’m not to far from your shipping location or something
    Also next time I think i’ll just go with 100s. Smaller package = better in my opinion.

      1. I’m not going to answer that for obvious reasons but to answer your other question, yes i’m talking about USD.

        1. Sorry i should’ve been more specific with the question. I was asking for the country not your city or address or anything like that.

  59. These will work at money changers right?
    I need it to work in my local currency and people are always bringing in us money and euros to change but there is a lot of security and cameras so I don’t want to go to jail…

  60. Has anyone been shorted here? I got an order with $200 less than promised(I ordered 1k for a test), i contacted support and they are looking into it but I wanted to know if any of you here have experienced something like this as well.

  61. placing order now. 17:25. will see when confirms.
    anyone ever have a bad expience? im just reading Good reviews.
    are these posts Sensored by admin?

    1. What are you buying? EUR? USD?
      Sometimes placing the order via email is better if you want to customize the denominations you get so if you’re ordering with the virtual checkout, beware of that. You can always put it in the notes, but i’ve had them miss it. It’s not a big deal but if you’re a at all picky you’ll want to talk with them directly. I’ve personally had a good experience, I’m sure you will too!!

  62. noob here looking to do some volume if all this is legit.
    I can safely have this shit sent directly to me right?
    I have 10-15k to spend and want to buy a lot but at the same time don’t want to get ripped off so how much should I start out with? I see the prices are better the more I buy so theres that as well.
    If anyone has any good ideas, please chime in!!
    oh ya i’m going for the usd.


    1. Hard question to answer. I know they are legit so i would say to go all in but to be conservative knowing you have no experience, I would say not to spend more than 50% of what you have available to spend for starters and then once you’re comfortable with them like I am, just go for it with everything.

  63. Hey I haven’t hear much about the EUR notes.. at least the pre-recycled ones. Anyone here ordering them? I want to try them out and am willing to start big if someone can vouch for them!!

    1. I have been. Every other Wednesday I place an order.
      I don’t get any notes smaller than 20s and request mostly 50s and 100s, they have 500s as well but sometimes they are out.
      No problems yet

      1. Thank you for saying something corban.
        That settles it for me, I will start with 10k hopefully getting it shipped out at the beginning of the week.
        Cheers brother

        1. For me it’s always been 3-4 days. I get expedited shipping each time and i’m in a European country.
          They offer overnight but I haven’t tried it out yet.

  64. This is so dope. 10x better than worrying about the quality of counterfeits you were getting. I used to order from a vendor on a marketplace and those notes were rather hard to pass unless it was in a dark area like a night club or outside vendors in the evening. You can’t beat the real thing!

    1. Hey can someone verify they got the package? Please reply I would like to speak with someone who has ordered and got the package!

  65. How are the AUD notes? They are pre-recycled for sure? Not counterfeit?
    When they sold the counterfeit notes I was really happy with the quality but now that they don’t sell them anymore i’m not familiar with these “pre-recycles” or whatever.

  66. If I want to place an order for more than the listed amounts on the automated checkout, can I just add multiple items to the cart? I’m looking to get 100k in USD. Please and thanks you

    1. You won’t get the same discount if you do it that way. Send them an email asking for a quote and you’ll see what I mean.

  67. Well dam, that’s the last of the counterfeits.
    So you guyes do have real genuine aud? i’ll be ordering some if that’s true.

    1. No I think just counterfeit for them. They told me last time that if I wanted prerecycled notes I could only buy the USD and EUR

  68. What are the limits on the pre-recycled euros? I want to order 200 or 300k worth. Also is there packaging available for orders that size? I’ve sent an email as well.

    1. They’ve allowed me to order up to 70k in a single order, that’s what I asked for so I don’t know if it’s their max. It didn’t seem like it though. Mine arrived concealed in a single ream of paper, the center was cut out and they had it repackaged so it looked like it hadn’t been opened yet. It was confusing at first but I suspected either they ripped me off or the packaging was extremely discrete. Luckily it was the latter.

      1. Thanks bell,

        They emailed me back and said they will do up to 200k in a single order and that if I want more it will have to be sent as separate packages with multiple tracking numbers. I’ll start with the 200k and see how it goes.
        cheers bro

        1. I assume you get the max discount ordering that much? or is it even more? Please let me know as I would consider larger orders like that as well if i’m getting a better discount than $0.20 on the $1.00. I’m not complaining, but you understand the perspective from a business man

      2. Hey bellhopper,
        While this would appear trivial and just basic OPSEC 101… perhaps you might refrain from OPENLY describing the method(s) of “Stealth” used to secure these orders as I have little doubt LE is reviewing these posts in hopes of finding this very kind of information (Typically classified as “Actionable Intel”)!

        Such findings could/can and likely now will be evaluated and directed to Customs Agencies far and wide to their inspections locations at the drop of an internally transmitted memorandum.
        If individuals are actively reporting having received their orders and are thereby satisfied, that should be the very minimum needed to address any concerns regarding the legitimacy and/or continuity of business thereof. As you seem to have dropped your cents, you may have my $.02, newb

  69. I’ll be placing my first bulk sized order tomorrow.
    So far all the test orders have been very good quality.
    I’m still slightly nervous since it’s a lot of money and it getting confiscated would fucking suck.

  70. I should have my order in tomorrow. I’m not going to be able to sleep much until it arrives.
    Anticipation can be a bitch, maybe is need a joint.


    1. The pre-recycled are “genuine government currency that has been marked for disposal”. Its on the description on the virtual store.

    1. Hello Anony,

      We do have a shipping location in North America as well as in Europe.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Are you talking about the recycled notes or the counterfeits? Because, I do but with only with the pre-recycled notes. I haven’t tried it with the counterfeits, seems too risky.

  71. Why are they called recycled? it doesn’t make sense because it’s not like they’re made with recycled materials. They should be called like pre recycled cash or pre shredded cash or something like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if that causes a lot of confusion with people considering what to buy.

  72. Does anywhere here have some bright ideas on how to push large volumes of these counterfeits? I’m wanting to scale up from using more than 2-3k per week.

      1. Look for something that involves dealing with a lot of cash when setting up a business if you go that way. For example an online store or internet related business is going to be a bad Idea because people don’t pay with cash for stuff like that. Things construction related can be really good laundering cash. No matter what it’s going to involve work getting it setup so prepare yourself if you’re serious about it.

  73. I got my order today. They look fantastic and even have realistic watermarks.
    I’ll try them out tomorrow and see how it goes, i’m mostly interested to see if the automated machines will accept them.

    1. No rejects so far, i’m not even wholly convinced these aren’t genuine. Either way i’ll be ordering a lot more.
      Best Regards

    1. Did you do it? counterfeits or the recycles?
      I plan to order some euros here soon and could see myself ordering some of the pounds as well.

  74. My sample order of euros got here this this afternoon and boy am I happy with them.
    The quality is so good I can’t even find the difference side by side with real notes.
    I’m going to be ordering a lot more very soon.

    1. I’m going to assume you got the counterfeits and not the recycled euros? I mean because if they are recycled obviously you wouldn’t be able to find any differences since they are the real thing. Please confirm, i’m wanting to try out buying the counterfeits but am not sure if it’s worth it.

  75. Why aren’t the recycled notes more expensive than the counterfeits?
    If it’s the same it seems like an obvious choice.. am i missing something?

    1. They seem to run out of the recycles a lot more often.
      I’ve used both though and the counterfeits are very impressive.
      Sorry I don’t have a better answer, maybe the admin can chime in or something.

  76. I am currently in college and am wondering if I could lower the amount needed to receive counterfeit.
    I’d just like to do possibly $50 and get $100 back just to test out the artificial money. I am using it for something very specific so I wouldn’t want to waste $200 if it’s not going to work.

    Can anybody get back to me?


    1. Hello Ace,

      The smallest sample order we ship is $200 worth of counterfeits for $100. Please email us if you’d like to start with that.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  77. I finally tested a counterfeit in one of those self checkout machines. I knew it was risky and that’s why I mixed it in with real money but it accepted it and I got through checkout just fine. I’ll have to try it again using all counterfeits.

      1. They were new machines, I’ve gone to this store for over a decade and these machines are a year old if that. I don’t know shit about models or whatever but they seem really up to date.

  78. Hi anyone from AU that has bought before that I can chat to and ask questions? Would be a huge help! Thanks in advance

    1. Ya man i’ve been around from the start and haven’t stopped buying them.
      They are the only reliable vendor that i’ve been able find on the darknet for AUD notes!

  79. I keep thinking to myself that there is no point in ordering the counterfeits since the recycled notes are offered but holy shit are the quality of these fakes are incredible. Also the gbp isn’t available in recycles so it is nice to still have both.
    Best Regards!

    1. How do you use the notes you order? I’m particularly interested in the gbp but want to use them safely without the potential of getting caught in any way.

      1. It works best when making large cash purchases from people on the DL if you know what I mean. Some contractors like to be paid in cash privately so they don’t have to tax it and then obviously other kinds of dealers operate solely on cash purchases

  80. Anyone been buying the euro counterfeits? I suppose there isn’t any point in buying the counterfeits if I can get the recycled notes but I’m wanting more than 25k.

    1. I’ve been using them even before they were selling the recycled notes. They are excellent for being counterfeit, quite deciving to say the least. I’ve never had anyone question me when using them and that hasn’t changed. You can at least take my word for it.

    1. Before even ordering with email I couldn’t ever get more than 10k so this is perfect.
      Let me know if you find anything out though!

  81. Hello,

    We are very happy to announce that we have a much larger supplier for the recycled notes and will be able to keep stock of them much more frequently than before. Currently they are only available by request via email or you can place an order for a set amount at the automated checkout.

    Happy New Years to all of you.
    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

  82. I see that the amount of recycled USD that i’m able to order is quite small. Am I allowed to increase the quantity to like 20 and get a lot more? If it’s not available then I understand, but I do want to order more than $600 worth. Thanks.

    1. Hello grilledsalmonsunday,

      Please check our store, the quantities have been updated.
      If you want an amount that is not listed there, please send an email and we can get a custom order put in for you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. You know you can still just place the orders via email right?
      I would rather place it via email anyways, you can make sure there is no lack of communication and if you need to, customize the order to your exact needs. I’m not a rushed person either so the automated checkout doesn’t really appeal to me regardless.

      1. Ya I know, I still order. It will just be nice when they get listed. I’ve already placed a small order with the recycles.

      1. They’ve added the recycled notes to the automated checkout. Doesn’t look like you can order very much right now though :/

  83. GBP 20s have been perfect. Ever order has been the same too, no variance in quality.
    I plan to keep increasing my volume as I get more laundry systems setup. Cheers!

  84. Hey i’m waiting for the recycled notes to be back in stock, please email me asap when they are. I need 25k in usd
    thanks and cheers!

  85. Hey hows the packing with larger orders? I plan to buy 100k per week but my only concern is shipping and delivery at this point. When i ordered the smallest amount as a test is just came in a birthday card, it was clever but that’s not going to work for 50-100k.

    1. They probably won’t tell you until you order. I thought the same thing and asked and they said they would tell me what to look for once I paid. That just made me a hell of a lot more skeptical thinking I might be getting setup, but their reasoning was valid. It came fine too, I think they just want to keep their shipping tactics somewhat secret so they can avoid interceptions from carriers.

  86. I’ve been using the usd counterfeits this past week with wide success. I mean my expectations were not even that low since I read the past comments but still these things are incredible. I’m almost not even convinced these aren’t genuine usd notes.

      1. Yes they did but I bought the last of what they had.Tracking shows they arrive tomorrow.
        You could ask if they have more now.

      1. Ya obviously. None i just tried using them at a self check out and then with a regular check person. They did the pen test on them. Both ways worked so I was impressed.

  87. Hey, I placed an order on the 27th and I was given a tracking number and it’s showing it’s still a week away. I think there might be something wrong. Please contact me back.

  88. How do these do for just regular purchases at a checkout with a human? If they mark it with a pen will I get the cops called on me? I’m hesitant and am leaning towards the recycled notes but I don’t know how much they cost.

    1. Hello racemobile,

      The cost for the recycled notes is under the same fee structure as the counterfeit notes. We just don’t currently have have a reliable supply we can count on, so we haven’t listed them on the site yet.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  89. If no one has thought of this before yet, a great way to use these is with your drug dealer. They are good enough that they’ll never catch on.

    1. Yes it’s either that or they don’t have a reliable supply so it hit and miss when they get more stock of it. I’ve asked a couple times and from the responses i’ve gotten that’s what it sounds like. Regardless i’m still able to get an order every week.

  90. Right now is the best time to be in cash and that is what I plan to buy with what I have left in btc. I just hope I can pay with something more stable than this current fiasco of a crypto.

    1. Chill your tits dude. For the amount of time it’s stable, it’s your best option. Just don’t over invest and then you won’t have to be a little bitch about it.

      1. Seems like you’re the one that needs to chill the fuck out. Attacking me out of nowhere, seriously just fuck off a little.

    1. Hello,

      When we have stock available we’ve had USD, EUR and GBP recycled notes. Currently we have all three available but we’re almost out of the GBP. Send and email with the amount you want and we’ll let you know if we have enough available. Thank you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin

    1. I put in an order today so they should have some. Go for it if you haven’t already.
      It’s all I use, i’m not willing to risk going to prison for years.

  91. If anyone is curious they will set you up with a subscription type setup but you gotta ask cause I first scoured their site for any info on it and didn’t find anything. I’m getting an order sent to me every Thursday. dope af

    1. Why don’t you just order in bulk then you don’t have to constantly have packages sent to you. Just flip around the first couple amounts you buy and purchase a bunch more with that then you’re set for quite a while i mean unless you’re able to launder millions in a matter of months.

  92. I see not many of you guys talk about the euro counterfeits. I place an order once a week minimum and feed them through my local convince store that I run as a business. It’s a perfect setup. I’m curious what any of your experiences have been.

      1. I feel like no one is making a big deal about these and for me that seem unfathomable since they are such good quality. I suppose it’s “hush hush” kind of topic but even here on this forum. If theres not limited i’m going to end up ordering half a million at a time by next year this time.

  93. my first test order of usd came in. It’s passed all my tests and i’m going bulk level now.
    Thanks for everyone posting, i likely wouldn’t have ordered otherwise.

    1. I feel the same way, it’s a massive relief to not have to give two shits about having enough to pay a bill.
      I’m using the USD, are you using the same stuff?

      1. Yes the usa notes. They have got to be using some serious equipment though, I have never seen such high quality with security stripes and holograms with the relatively newer series. I’ve even gone into my bank and deposited them directly with no questions asked. It’s a goldmine bro

  94. Hey I got my order. I just ended up ordering the euros and usd since that’s what i’ll likely use most of. I’m blown away by how real they seem compared to the real thing. I’ll definitely use these in my upcoming travels.

  95. Regular customer of the euros, and want to try the gbp now. Anything I should know? Is it smart just to use the 20£ notes and nothing bigger?

  96. Great professional packaging. I was worried it might be intercepted on the way but it arrived and looked like any other package. Such a big relief

      1. a couple grand worth so not a ton but it was pretty simple. Inside a small little bulging letter envelope and that was hidden in the back of a magazine cutout. Next time i’ll order a lot more and see how they package it.

  97. Is there some kind of test order I can do to get a sample of all the currencies you guys offer? I travel a lot and would be really interested in this.

    1. I’ve tested out 3 of them so far.
      and the EUR
      So far they are all really decent quality and am just keeping an inventory of each for my own travels.

  98. Order finally received. The notes were as I expected but I had pretty high expectations so it’s okay. I’ve already passed a few and didn’t have any issues. I’m sure i’ll be back for more.

  99. Comment by jacobimac113 made me bite the bullet and put in an order for some of the US fake notes, they should arrive tomorrow according to tracking. I hope his comment wasn’t over exaggerated. I’ll try to keep this updated.

      1. I got the 20s in the gbp notes. They’ve passed everywhere without any suspect.
        I haven’t tried the euro notes out though.

  100. I have ordered both the us recycled notes and the us counterfeit notes and compared them and truthfully I can’t see any difference. Was there a mix up with my order or what’s going on? If your counterfeits are really that good then that’s all i’ll order since its cheaper. thanks

    1. i’ve always just ordered the recycled notes to be safe and avoid the risk of going to jail for using counterfeits but if you say they are that hard to distinguish then i might have to order some to see for myself. I’m doubtful.

  101. I have been very pleased with the GBP notes that I order at least ever other week and I hate to complain about anything. But if I had the option, it would be nice to get used feeling notes. Everything I’ve gotten so far feels new and crisp and they pass fine but it would be even better if the notes didn’t seem so new or “right off the press” so to speak. Thanks for listening and please let me know if there is an option for this. Kindest Regards.

    1. My experience with them has been superb. I can’t find anyone else who really sells them so i’m just glad that these have been very decent quality.

  102. I’m surprised there isn’t more people talking about the US currency being sold here. For counterfeits, they are extremely high quality. I can comfortably shove $1500 in 50s in my pocket and walk around down town and buy from any shop. Never get any weird or suspicious looks even when they check them. im telling all my buddies

    1. I don’t even bother with their counterfeits anymore though. Just about any time you ask they have the recycled genuine notes available and that takes any risk out of the equation. But i do agree they are good since thats what i used before. More for me, i don’t care.

  103. The euros are still good for me. I just load up my wallet whenever an order comes in and that lasts me usually until the next order gets here.

  104. when will the recycled notes be officially listed? It seems like i’m always able to make an order from them but it feels very unofficial.

    1. I’d like to know too, if I could be using real currency I would buy as much as I could. I can’t deal with the paranoia of using fakes.

    2. We have been getting some but not a lot so we haven’t listed it on the site yet. You can always ask us to see if we have any available. So far we aren’t able to keep any stock of it for long since there are so many requests for it. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes.


      1. Do you have any right now? I was able to get a sample of it last week and it’s exactly what i’d love to do large volumes of.. I mean 100-300k at a time. Please get back.

  105. If anyone is curious, the gbp 10s and 20s are very passable. The test order I got that came in a bithday card haha was to well worth it. Not ordering the 50s though since you never see anyone using them like the other guy was saying.

    1. How are they better than you thought? I want to order but am skeptical about getting counterfeits. The risk to reward ratio isn’t that great.

  106. the holograms on the us notes are really good, comparing it side by side with a real note I really can barely see any differences. I was expecting more laser printer quality since that’s all i’ve seen.

    1. I have experienced the same thing but i only get the 20s. What are you using? Have you checked the other denominations?

      1. I got samples of each size of note and they all have watermarks.. sorry i didn’t mean holograms and a security strip. I’m just filling up my wallet every day I go out with them now and haven’t had any issues yet.

  107. I can’t find a better quality counterfeit for the US notes. These are pretty hard to beat though so i’m not surprised. Also is there a max amount I can order? the 35k+ seems to be open ended.

  108. any feedback on GBP and how they come ? as we dont see £50 notes in the UK much anymore and i imagine they be harder to pass

    1. I ordered some for that very reason just to see if they would be good enough to pass. I only got 3 of the 50s and was able to pass all of them, no hesitation from the cashiers or anything. They are a lot better than I thought they would be.

  109. This is the only place i’ve found decent gpb notes that aren’t hard to pass. Do you guys have any bright ideas on how to launder large volumes with out setting up a business?

    1. I order weekly and have had consistent quality. 10s 20s and 50s are all good, I use them in machines most the time so I don’t have to deal with people. No rejections so far, I even was able to deposit into an ATM but I hid my face just in case they figured it and tried to go back to see who deposited it. They are the best for what ive found.

    2. Ya man I just get the 50 usd notes and have always used regular cashiers when checking out. None have given me problems, they usually check the notes with a pen or holding it up to the light but always take and and give change. They are pretty damn deceiving.

  110. Perfect AUD notes, they are the hardest to find sellers for and when you do they are usually shit. These are the best I’ve found for sure. Thanks guys, i’ll be ordering a lot more in the coming weeks.

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