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1,805 thoughts on “Prepaid Cards – Reviews

  1. Ola!

    1. Do you destroy all Information for processing the Order (personal address, bitcoin-sender-adress, the order-e-Mail) after sending out the cards?

    2. are the prepaidcards obtained legally or with fake ids from suspicious bank accounts? I ask to determine if there‘s the possibility that the legal CC-bank/supplier will get suspicious on your side and then tracks the users of the cc down?

    Privacy interested here

  2. I would really love to try this out but just can’t get over my paranoia of being scammed. Anyone who can attest?

  3. what will you say if (!) s.o. (police?) asks from where you got the card? just thinking about a story if that happened.

    1. Hello c0mera78,

      I don’t know why police would be questioning you about the contents of your wallet, but if that was the case you can just tell them it’s yours because it is. The prepaid cards sold through us are not stolen or cloned so they don’t belong to anyone else so no one has the right to take them from you since you are technically the sole owner of the card(s).

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  4. Has any one taken these cards into a bank and ask to withdraw the whole lot like 2000 or just stick to ATM? I’ve ordered some cards and trying to figure out the quickest way to cash out. How do you deal with the travel card loaded with 20,000?

  5. Just placed an order last night, haven’t received any email yet. Could it be the weekend? Or did something went wrong?

    1. Hello Jocaant,

      Something did go wrong with your order and we emailed you about it. It should be an easy fix.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  6. Hello administrator, can the order in China be delivered, will you get the card information immediately after payment? (CVV, date, number) It takes about a few days to ship to China. Can US cards be used in China? Thank you admin

      1. It seems this is going to be legitimate. I received the card details by email and have placed two orders successfully and received confirmation from the vendors that the order was paid for in full, one being a digital product. I am looking forward to have the card arrive.

  7. So I’m interested and have done my research but what makes you guys different from Queens Cash or Green Machine. I’m just looking for a solid dealer to do long term business with. I’m looking it order cards and cash.

  8. I was going to wait to post a review, but felt it necessary to at least start one, and update as necessary. This is for those looking for a real person to leave a real review.
    First off, communication has been lacking, at least for me. I was receiving bounce backs from every email I would try, finally got one through using Tuatoa.
    Placed an automated order for 1 card to test it all out after reading the reviews for a while. Didn’t receive a confirmation. Had to email to verify. Received a response stating payment was received and order would ship on the 14th.
    I have sent a few follow up emails as I have yet to receive shipping/tracking info or card details, and package has yet to arrive, it is now the 16th and I paid for overnight.
    So up to this point, still waiting on a response, still waiting on shipping/tracking details, still waiting on card info, and still waiting on shipment. Will update as things change and progress. Hoping to become one of the many positive reviews.

    1. Hello SinfulMind,

      We are sorry your experience has been poor. In the last few days, protonmail has been updating their email servers and the website its self. We will re-send you the tracking information to the email you provided on your automated checkout. It’s scheduled to arrive Monday.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Thanks for getting back with me. I got the tracking this time and see I will likely get it tomorrow. Hopefully there is no delay. The card does seem to be working for online orders so that makes me feel much more confident that everything will happen as promised. I plan to mostly use it for cash withdrawals so I won’t be using it anymore online until it arrives. Will update as things progress.

        1. The card showed up today so tracking ended up being right.
          The best part is that the first ATM(Chase) I took it to I was able to get out the full $1000 in one transaction.
          I’m hooked if everything keeps working this way.

  9. Been watching these forums for about 2 weeks now, Ive gotten got by hidden market and deepmart, recently, needless to say i didnt research enough, and didnt follow my intuition to just use FO.Im waiting on my BTC to clear escrow before i can place my first order here, and Im curious about the CC info.
    when i place my order, do i receive all the CC info, or do i need to pay for expedited or over night delivery to receive the digital info?

  10. Just placed my first order through autocheckout! this site looks legit for sure! Paid extra fro overnight so should have prepaid cards in hand pretty quickly and will keep everyone updated.

  11. Can I get the virtual card via automated checkout? I really don’t need the real card because I will only use it only.
    And I can pay with it for example on the playstation store yes?

    1. Hello Bey,

      If you want to order the virtual prepaid cards then you need to email us, they are not available on the automated checkout. Yes the cards can work on any online platform where visa and mastercard is accepted.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  12. Is anyone else having problems with getting in contact with the guys? I’m receiving return to sender emails from Elude. I placed an order via automated checkout but emails are being returned undelivered?

  13. So when you do a prepaid Debit card, these can be taken out of an ATM? Also on the prepaid cards, is there a limit on what I can take out of an ATM at once?

    1. Hello JBLBeats,

      Yes they can be used at ATMs and the withdrawal limit is 1000 USD equivalent depending on what country you’re using the card in.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  14. After reading the comments for a long time, can anyone tell me whether this shop is reliable? I have been cheated several times before, I want to place an order here!

    1. They are legit. My card order hasn’t arrived yet but I have the card info that they sent to my email and it works. I have already spent $1145 so far online. I will make sure to save enough on a card to make a withdrawal from an ATM just for testing purposes.

    2. Admin what is expected time to ship in india now in lockdown time….and what is your response time for email…

  15. Hello brothers, unfortunately I recently bought Black And White cards and shellmart through fraudsters and I was robbed. Can you please write me your experience with this website? Are they reliable sending what you buy? thanks for feedback

  16. The automated checkout was way easy. It was pretty seemless and bullshit free.
    i i was just wondering if you get a email and tracking number using automated checkout?

  17. A: hi!Friends!I have paid the order and received the reply email from the administrator. Now I am waiting for my card and I will keep updating it!

      1. A: hi!Friends!I was carried away using the card online and forgot to update my thread. They are working just as the administrator promised! I am finished updating and will continue to purchase more cards.

  18. So its working>?!
    once 7-8years ago you can buy CC info and 6 from 10 makes you a good profit and they live happy and bla bla. now is hard to find real cc teams to provide you something real
    I will order to check it out
    I hope we gonna work for a long future

  19. So far the communication and responce is very good.. waiting for my shipment details….1st time so little curious..

    1. I should have the order on Monday… The experience with using the card data online has been exactly what I expected..

  20. Hello, administrator, I am now ready to place an order for the next travel prepaid card. I am in China. How long will it take to receive the package?Can I withdraw money from ATM?

    1. Hello qin shihuang,

      Please be paitent with our response times. You should’ve received an email response from us just a while ago.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello!Administrator, please reply to my email, I need to confirm with you now, and then pay!Thank you very much!

        1. qin shihuang,

          We got back to you just a little while ago. Please be patient with our response time, you don’t need to comment here every time you’re waiting for a response.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

  21. Hello, I was wondering what the difference is between the regular magnetic card and the online data one only. Will the data be transferred instantly since you do not need to ship anything? If the admin or any user can inform me, it would be greatly appreciated

      1. Its not that you don’t need a card, it’s that you don’t get a card if you order the virtual card. They will still send you the card data(virtual card) when you have a physical card shipped to you. So really the only difference is that you can’t use it in person at stores or to make atm withdrawals if you only order the data.

  22. I can’t reach u on telegram because telegram doesnt accept that username as a username. I think it’s because the @ or the point (.in) in the name.
    Do you have a workaround? I can’t add u there. Would love to get in touch with u over telegram.

        1. Yes I did, I sent my order 2 days ago. I’m waiting for arrival but have used up most of the cards balance with online purchases in the last day.
          Always make sure to request the details so you can use it while waiting. I would go crazy with anticipation if I couldn’t use it right now especially since it’s my first time.

  23. Hi admin its my first time and the reviews in this platform has been amazing. I placed an order for a card on the 22nd April and got confirmation for my payment i must say the responses has been awesome so far but I am yet to get my shipment details what could be causing the delay please?

    1. Hello oneal76,

      We will resend them again and ask for your confirmation that you received them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

          1. Well I was wrong, the order came today. Should’ve guessed, everything has been a little behind lately. I really wanted to see how legit this was so I can move on to the next stage of my plan. The first step is deceivingly more difficult than one would think so i’m so happy it passed and I can move on to the fun part. Thank you admin for getting back to me. This is all very exciting!!

  24. Decided to order two prepaid cards because the reviews are really good. Good communication so far, I just sent the payment to them so hopefully will get confirmation of the codes soon. Will update soon.

    1. They had the cards sent to my email in 6 hours including the time it took them to see I paid. I have test both and they are working as promised. I wish there was a way to check the balance of the cards but unfortunately I have to go off of what I was told. 2k exactly for each. I plan to update if I run into any problems.

  25. Hi everyone.

    Been here for some days now I decided to place my first order.
    The feedback is awesome, so I hope the best!

  26. just placed a order today

    the transaction is currently completed I’m just waiting for my item I cant wait I’ve been waiting already to long for a chance to get on board I hope to be a longstanding buyer

    and I will update my review with my results
    woooooo Rick flair voice

    1. If you got regular shipping it will be a week or more of waiting. This last month shipping times have been increasing by a lot, even overnight shipping took almost 3 days to show up the last time I ordered.

      1. No it was a virtual card order.
        ive got it now, but it took a lot longer than 2 hours
        im quite thrilled with the results so far but now wish I had a physical card to withdraw some cash with

    1. update: i used the automated checkout with expedited shipping…. im still new and i dont know the process yet , so im just patiently waiting to hear back from someone…..and the confirmation was in my spam folder the whole time as was a second email updating me with the tracking!! noob mistake I guess. I will keep updating, Thanks!

        1. late update: Yes I did get it finally. It was delayed a day but I got it and already emptied it, it took me about a day and a half to have the whole thing spent and I was barely trying. I plan to order large packs of them since the test order went so well.

  27. Hello Oasis admin,

    After a couple of months watching you guys, i did the order this tuesday and you confirmed the payment, the next day, so all is fine…
    You would ship the same day, ok…
    After that, i asked for tracking info but i havent had any response anymore…
    Is there a problem?? Is the shipment a problem??

    1. Hello Puritan,

      I just looked into your order and saw it got delayed but tracking is available so I will forward you the info in the next few minutes. Sorry for the delay, that shouldn’t have happened.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello Oasis admin,

        Thank you for getting in contact with me fixing that. I hope I didn’t come off as accusing you guys of anything, it’s my first time so it’s been nerve wracking! I look forward to continued business!

  28. So far communication is good…. Got a payment issue because of cryptos…. Hoping to be resolved sooner…. Will update in this thread if things turn out to be good….

  29. Hi team,
    Not able to contact you through Proton mail and elude… Kindly provide me any alternate working mail id please…. Or contact me through the mail provided….

  30. Decided after all the awesome feedback/reviews i would go ahead and make an order.
    Placed the order at the weekend so was told it will ship Monday – just now waiting for my order to arrive – i will update you all when i have it.

    1. Oh my goodness I forgot to update! Sorry about that. The card arrived on Tuesday and I already used it all up.
      The first thing I tried was an atm withdrawal, i was able to get the full 1k withdrawal limit out of two different machines(500 each) and then I stocked up on a shit ton of food and games for the rest of it. I forgot that i need to buy more bitcoin to place another order so I will be borrowing some money to put in a bigger order and then make sure to remember the next time to set aside some to buy more bitcoins.

  31. Unable to email for order.
    elude is rejecting my emails as spam.
    Not sure what to do.
    I’ve attached my email below.

    1. Have you made contact with them yet? I just sent in an order with email and am waiting their response.
      I haven’t gotten any rejection notices or anything so I think it went through.

      1. Check your Spam folder, that’s where the rejections came for me.
        And I have heard from them, but haven’t ordered yet.
        I had to go create an EludeMail address to contact them.

  32. found u guys on a hacking forum
    im gonna order if the people tell me u legit and no scam

    gonna wait until then

    u want me to email about my order its a bit special i would say lmao

    1. Can someone please loan me 200usd worth of bitcoin i don’t believe anyone will trust on this site but im begging Corona really has my entire world in turmoil i just wanna get out please have a heart and help me anybody somebody please i will repay its to use on this site.

    1. Hello Mystique,

      We noticed your email is a mail2tor email address. Those email servers rarely work with other email servers including so I would advise you setup a different email address that isn’t mail2tor, almost anything else will work. Protonmail, ctemplar, secmail, of course and many others.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hello josh,

          Yes the travel prepaid cards are what you want if you’re using them in Canada.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

  33. So guys, I will order today or tomorrow. Once this comment will show up, I’ll order.

    If I don’t text anything within the next … i would say 2 weeks then i probably got scammed.
    I try to keep you as updated as possible because i know a lot of you guys are worried.

    Let’s see how this goes, if everything is going good then I’ll place a few big orders.


    1. Yo Abas
      Please let us know how it goes bro. I’m fina order too. WILL THE GLOBAL LOCKDOWNS AFFECT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS?

    2. Okay guys i just sent the payment right now!
      First of all the communication is really good, i appreciate that already.

      I’ll keep you guys updated, will let you know once they send me the details about the card and also once it arrives.


        1. I have the tracking but it won’t arrive until the end of the week.
          They are working though. My request for the card data to be sent to my email was delivered fortunately and I have been using them online for the past two days. Everything works except purchasing crypto online but they warned me about that so I knew it wouldn’t likely work for that anyways.

          1. so you get the actual physical card in the mail?i want to order but want to learn more about it.


  34. Hi Guy’s got an error message sending you an email about my tracking number can you assist please.

    This is the mail system at host

    I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
    be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

    For further assistance, please send mail to [email protected]

    If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
    delete your own text from the attached returned message.

    HELP PLEASE just want tracking info and to order more!

    1. Hello loweeyes,

      There seems to be a communication issue with your email account. We had already sent you tracking last week so you should have gotten it. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and just want to assure you that the order is still coming. It should arrive on Wednesday at the very latest.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Ok thanks,
        I will create a second protonmail account as when these cards come in I would like to purchase 25 cards. at least 2 times a month.

  35. Hey, i would like to order a virtual card.

    Can i use the card without any problems for any website?
    Can the Admin Team or maybe some users tell me what the safest way is to use it?
    Can i just buy bitcoins with it or can i use it for amazon?

    Please let me know, i would like to buy as soon as possible.


    1. Hello Card0,

      Please email us for these kind of questions. We want to keep this page open for customers ongoing feedback and experience with our services.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  36. After reading all these comments I decided to pull the trigger and place an order using the automated checkout for 1 debit card!
    Keep in mind that the payment page has a 30 minute countdown timer and my transaction only had 1 confirmation before it timed out so I’m not sure what’s happening at the moment but I’ve aleady sent an email to the team regarding this. Hopefully I get to hear back from them! This was in regards to order #1896
    I will post an update on this and on my experiences if/when I get the card!
    I’m based in Australia so for all you aussies sitting on the fence I’ll let you know how everything works for us =)

      1. I plan on it!
        So far it is very promising, I am using the card online right now. I was sent the card number, cvv and expiration date at my request before it got shipped out so I have been able to make a few buys with it already =)

        1. good morning…. i am new to all this and i do want to make a purchase i am base in Boston. so how much is in the card ? i want start with one for now and what do you recommend for bitcoin any good seller?
          thank you so much


    1. Hi Admin,

      Just want to let you know that I have been attempting to email you at [email protected] but it kept rebounce, saying that:
      “This is the mail system at host I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
      be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.”

      Pls let me know how else to contact you, thanks.

      1. Hello Boink,

        Maybe try creating another protonmail email account or even an email account through
        We have been in contact with many different customers that are using protonmail and their haven’t been any communication issues so I assume it’s directly related with your email account.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hey Financial Oasis Team,
          am I still able to place a order for a debit card (EUR)? It would be my first order, im looking forward to make some big orders with you guys if everything works out perfectly.

          Also another question is it still possible to withdraw the money from the ATMs? Because i saw you are no longer offering magnetic plain? Not really sure what you mean exactly by that, maybe you can give us a quick explination.

          Thank you very much, looking forward to order at your store.

          1. Hello OOTOOT,

            Please email us for these kind of questions for your order. We want to keep this page open for customers ongoing feedback and experience with our services.

            -Financial Oasis Admin
            (URL start:”financo”)

      1. No, But I’ve read on here that that’s actually pretty common, Maybe I will get it tomorrow or Tuesday but based off of the reviews it doesn’t seem to be an issue not getting the tracking number . Also I honestly didn’t anticipate getting one seeing as this isn’t amazon or anything lol. I did get correspondence with the FO team and it was as follows ” Payment received shipping tomorrow.” Which would have been Friday March 27th. So now it is a waiting game as i am sure patience will definitely be a virtue here. I don’t think this is a scam site at all but I can definitely confirm this this week as my cards should be arriving withing the next 2-4 days.

  37. i will place my order only after this comment gets posted. i will definitely 100% put a response after i get the package. if i dont post a response, that means i got ripped off and this site is a scam.

    1. So did you got scammed? Maybe give us an update.

      Please let us know how it went, I’m not sure if i can trust this webiste.

    2. I will order soon, the price of bitcoin went down so I needed to buy more before I could place my order. Sorry guys.

  38. Yo. coming from USA just bought 2ppcc and got the email confirmation.
    Wanted to go for the 25ppcc but thought id dive in slow and if everything good cash out on everything they got.

      1. update i ordered 3/26/20 @12amm overnight delivery for the 2ppcc and then i was told i was going to get that could for the amazon code in 1 hr after confirming my payment. i paid with bitcoin and it said it was received but havent received an email with my tracking number. sooooo im just waiting here to hear back. HOPEFULLY EVERYTHING IS ALL GOOD
        – I did get the amazon gift code already and tested its balance all is good on that front of things.

          1. yes I did today and it works on the atms like I was told so this is far better then only making online purchases. Shit who doesn’t want some actual cash to pay bills with and buy shit without a transaction history being recorded somewhere. One other thing I found is that it works on my amazon account too so I don’t see the point of buying amazon gift cards anymore XD

  39. These comment sections have really helped me when deciding to purchase from these guys or not.
    Placed my first order last night so i’ll keep everyone posted on what the deal is!
    So far, after i sent the money, they sent me a reply email saying my money has been recieved.
    I thought that was professional AND eased my mind a bit because if they were a scam, they would disappear after they received my money. Would they really go through the trouble of responding to my email AFTER they already received my money? Anyways……

    1. I also placed a order on 3-24-20. And I also received an email saying we received payment. (Hold On) followed. its been almost 4 hours sine that email. Maybe its a time zone differential thing. Crossing my fingers

      1. Update i received an email with the card data approximately 8 hours late. They said 1 hours. It working really great so far so I wont complain a lot.
        Thank you

  40. Just Submitted my first order based on the previous reviews. Hope this works as have been burned twice now by others.
    Kudos – have things continued working out for you?

    1. Yes i’m still working on my second order of cards.
      I went with overnight shipping the next go around and have been using them more in person this time.
      I am starting to see the appeal of ordering the usd notes they sell. I feel like it must seem a little suspicous with me going out withdrawing from 5 different debit cards these past couple days.

      1. I’m not trying to push much volume so the cards I think will be just fine for me. They are already working well online and that is were I spend the money money anyways so I see this as a perfect fit. Thanks for responding!

      1. The order is delayed. I don’t know if this covid virus is bogging down the shipping routes or something but this hasn’t been my first delayed package as of recent.

        1. Yes I did get it on Tuesday. Sorry I didn’t update sooner, i have been placing orders with it and went out to stock up on a few things. Other than the order being delayed it has been great. It worked right out of the package and I still have another 500 left to spend(already spent around 1500 of it). I am going to order like 5 of them this next go around and will update if I run into any problems.
          best wishes

          1. Hi Bro, how has it been going for u, I am considering to buy digital prepaid card… but im not sure how much truth when they say this is just a pure prepaid card, not cloned, not stolen, not hack. I just wana make sure of that else I wont sleep with peace…

        1. Hey, yes I did!
          I guess i never straight up talked about getting the physical cards. By the time my first order arrived, I had already spent the the whole balance online so I didn’t really get to use the physical card for anything. My next order will be here tomorrow and it’s for a pack of cards so I will get some more hands on experience with using them. I’m looking forward to it

        1. Hello patelboy
          So from how I understand them, the cards are created and are then directly sold to us. That means their is no other owner or prior owner of the card and no reason for the cards to be traced or blocked. So far with my experience of using them online, all of my transactions have cleared and I haven’t had a single hiccup while spending. The tricky part is keeping track of the balance as you spend it so that you know how much you have left to spend. I really wish there was a place you could check the balance of the card, but I have made it work just writing down how much I spend each time and subtracting that from the starting balance.

  41. WOW low key might order the 25 card service. Want to test this out and see if a smaller batch is successful…my concern is does each card have a pin or something they give you for cash withdrawel in US??? gonna place a big order if so lol

  42. TorWiki has you guys as a scam, just wanna see if this actually posts and doesnt get deleted, gonna buy if this stays up

    1. All the so called “verified services” on the tor wiki are scams and it’s all the same guy running them.
      I think he lists all the other services as scams just so he can rip off more people. the uncensored hidden wiki is the only unbiased wiki out there, everything else isn’t worth trusting.

    2. did you try emailing them dude? you need to! I have messaged them and got a reply within the told timeframe until now! I’ve just ordered and paid yesterday. i got confirmation from them team that they have recieved the payment and card should be shipped out tommorrow! So i can safely recommend you the firsdt part where you contact them. soon i should get my card or worst case scenario i don’t get it, i’ll let you know! but so far not a problem at all!

  43. I have paid too finally!! Wow the feeling of anxiety and excitement both at the same time after paying for the first time is real!! Any veteran here who felt the same their first time? The FO team so far have been quick to reply to all my mails but i guess this wait is going to feel longer!! I hope to get my tracking info soon, will keep updating here!

    1. >March 11- my local time 03:20- recieved payment confirmation(awaiting tracking info should be available tomorrow FO said).

      1. Sent the FO team a mail asking them to send the card details out to my mail first. Still waiting for a reply! I’m probably just be worried too much!! Anyways will keep updating future events here.

        1. @ADMIN thank you for getting back to me. i have the card data now as well as the tracking for the order and already used it to place one order so far. more than pleased so far!

          1. Looks like my arrival date will be next week! I will likely place another order before it arrives though, because at the rate that I am placing orders online I won’t have anything left to spend once it arrives. I am completely amazed and blown away by this, shit a week ago I hadn’t ever used the tor browser before. Very exciting times ahead!

  44. I will be ordering today. I will keep updating. I can guarantee you that i will update every day. Keep in mind if i stop updating something isn’t right ;>

  45. ordered and paid.
    yesterday they said it will ship today (saturday), so i´m just waiting now for the tracking info. i took the overnight shipping, so it must be here on monday. i´m very excitited and afraid too lol
    update follows

          1. @Dj789 good to hear that! can you also please update when you recieve it. I’m going to place my order too like today or tomorrow. I hope i get it without problems!

        1. It came in today as expected. The cards look slick, like high quality black card stylish. It’s freaking awesome looking, like I kinda want to show it off when I use it. The PIN is working for the one atm withdrawal I did and then you don’t need it for making online purchases so I have only used it once. If anything comes up or changes with the card I will update!

          1. Wow thats amazing dude! i have placed my order too and got payment conformation now waiting for the tracking info! i hop all goes good with me too!

      1. i don’t know yet. I have my tracking so I really should arrive tomorrow. When i receive it i will replay here. It seems to be a good experience with these guys

        1. Have you been able to receive your order? I want to place a large order but need confirmation from you that your order has been received.

    1. Hello user177777,

      Yes overnight shipping is available to you in Germany.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  46. What is the best bitcoin wallet to use that will protect my identity? Anyone know somewhere to find good drop locations or how to deliver to a secret address/drop/person? I think attempting to protect yourself is the most important.

    1. You shouldn’t have to reveal your identity when you setup a bitcoin wallet, they are free and usually require an email at most. Download the electrum wallet on the .org site and it works good.

      1. Thanks, I’ll check out a few wallets, I was thinking of wallets the mix the bitcoins to hide my identity more. I thought regular wallet transactions can still be traced somewhat, regardless of the identity provided.

        1. Don’t use tor wallet, they are all fake. If you want to mix your payment use, they have been consistently reliable for me.

        1. I ordered several weeks ago. (My internet was cut off for about a week so I wasn’t able to update). I thought the mail was just being slow so i waited (which is common in my area). My tracking said the package was delivered days ago. Very disappointing to say the least and then I found the package today under my front porch. I have no clue how it go there smh.
          I did get my order after all and the cards have been working. So far I have only done some atm withdraws

    1. UPDATE
      After a painstaking amount of time trying to buy bitcoin (banks a bitch) I’ve finally sent payment and awaiting confirmation, again i will update as i go.

          1. I withdrew the promised 1k withdrawal limit though it took 2 atms because there isn’t an atm around me that will let me take out 1k all at once

          2. Ya they do seem to have the full 2k. I am talking about the daily atm withdrawal limit. I can’t withdrawal the full balance of the card all at once(only 1k at most) so I would have to wait another 24 hours or so to get the rest out in cash. I ended up spending the rest of the card on stuff tho

    1. Hey just posting the same response I gave you on the general thread:

      “Dude check the timestamps on the comments and the copyright on the site, clearly things are still active. At the very least email them asking if they are still selling.. maybe think before spamming obvious questions in the threads.”

  47. Hi,

    I tried to sign up for protonmail but I couldn’t get through the verification process since I keep getting error message. I don’t want to use my phone number or to donate. I never spend on anything before and not comfortable just donate like that. I know that mail2tor also have some problem with FO protonmail but will secMail work?

    Thank you!

  48. Total noob here, the question that i have is,

    what are some tips that you guys have on pulling out the money once you have the cards…

    i guess im still very cautious when it comes to this.


  49. Very interested in the virtual prepaid cards. Sent an email and plan on documenting the entire process.
    I really hope this is legit.

    1. Okay, got a response about 12 hours later which was to be expected. To inform all of the first time buyers or those who are apprehensive. The escrow is a bit expensive, but I’ll bet it’s to make it worth his while and to show you’re serious.

  50. Hi,

    I want to order for the first time. But got some questions left….
    – Should my Bitcoin wallet be registered with a fake name ?
    – If not should i use a Bitcoin mixer then ?
    – Can i also scan the QR code directly at a Bitcoin ATM without transfering the Bitcoins to a wallet first ?

    1. Hey.

      1. you shouldn’t have to provide your ID when setting up a bitcoin wallet and if you do then use a different wallet. If you want something fast and easy, use They will ask for your personal details but you don’t have to provide them to get the wallet setup, you should only have to really provide an email address and create a password. Electrum wallet is another great option just make sure you download it from the .org site.

      2. If you don’t have a trusted mixer you are familiar with then I would say to skip the mixing all together because the majority of mixers out there aren’t legit and will rip you off.

      3. I advise against doing that as well because unless you get your qr code from a blockchain site like, there are a lot of scam qr code sites out there that provide the wrong qr code for the bitcoin address you put in and there is no way of knowing if it’s the right one until it’s too late.

      cheers mates

  51. Hello, i’m about to order a Virtual Prepaid Card. At the moment i’m waiting for the confirmation email from the admin.
    I’l keep updating !

  52. Hi! I’m new to all of this and have a couple questions before i place my order.
    I am wanting to buy a few cards from you as the feedback i have seen has been outstanding, basically i need help deciding what to buy, I live in the UK but I am aware we have left the EU recently, should i be buying the travel cards or no?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.

    1. Thats actually a really good question.I’ve been a regular for over a half year now and never though about that being the uk as well. admin?

      1. As you have been a regular customer can you tell me how safe this actually is? and how long it takes for delivery? am i safe to get it delivered to my house?

        1. Prepaid cards for everyday stuff and then for building my stack I have made the switch to buying cash, it’s the most effective way to build large amounts quickly and I also have made a few contacts I can buy as much bitcoin as I want from with cash so it works great.

    2. Hello Fishp1e47,

      We actually had to forward that question to our prepaid card vendor. We will let you know what they say once we get a response back.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello,

        They said for now to order the travel cards to be safe and if anything changes they will update us immediately.
        We know a lot of our customers from the UK have been able to order the EUR prepaid cards just fine so we are hoping that will remain the norm. As of now there are no reports of the EUR cards giving anyone issues while in the UK.

        Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

  53. I have been watching this site for a couple of weeks and it has been stuck in my head everyday! I had just a couple of questions and admins responded to my email in less than two hours. Everything seems so legit so I am going to take a gamble and get some bitcoin this weekend to do a test order.

  54. This service has changed my life i order 25 cards and all of them came the follow day i done next day shipping pick them up from my drop location be smart so it arrive in a Polo Sport box I’m like the fuck is this.I opened it inside was a cardboard box taped up clever lol inside where the cards I balled my ass off damn near emptied every ATM in my surrounding counties I have 4 workers so its getting the job done lately I just been chilling enjoying life now I have started a business from this deep web money take the risk and changed your life

    1. Hello Sammy Winchester,

      You want the travel prepaid cards for use in Brazil.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello,

        I want to put order $25,000 use notes and 25 USD prepaid card. If I order now with overnight shipping, when will I be expecting the shipment?
        Please advice.


        1. Hello Edi,

          Please submit your order via email or with the automated checkout on our site.
          Also make sure to include where the shipment is going to so we can provide an accurate estimate for arrival.

          Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Okay nevermind, I have the card data sent to me already
      for reference it took about 3 and a half hours for them to send it to me

  55. I want to order 25 card today i need an bulk order these damn reviews and comment is fire big spender here i have 5 bitcoins total and I’m ready to flip this money finacial oasis where you at help ya boi out i need this in my life hot damn sweet

    1. Hello FatherofJack,

      If our correspondence via email is not sufficient for you, please place your order via the automated checkout on our site here. Just make sure javascript is enabled when you use it.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  56. Admin
    I’ve emailed you but still haven’t received a response. its been about 11-12 hours now. Am I being impatient or anxious

    1. Hello jeff0,

      You should’ve already received a response. You can always place your order on the automated checkout if you’re in a hurry. Also make sure not to use mail2tor email addresses, they do not communicate with protonmail servers very well at all.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  57. Hello, i’m new to all this stuff, i just have some question here, maybe some one has the respons to my questions.
    Iv’been visiting the site verry often, even sent an email to the admins to check if my plan is okay for the cash out, but now i have some doubts because on every atm arround me has a camera just in front, so my face is exposed. Is it still safe to cash out to atms like those ones ? cuz i don’t want the cops to show up on my door. With todays technologies facial reconigiont its verry common. Thank you !

    1. Not acting suspicious is the number one way to stay safe. You can get in trouble doing legal things just by acting suspicious so going around looking at ATM cameras probably wasn’t the best idea. I asked about the safety of the cards and they claim they are completely risk free and don’t require you to hide your identity so if that is the case you don’t have to worry about cameras, you just have to worry about acting normal.

  58. UPDATE….been corresponding with FO for couple of weeks now…..alls been good so far…
    payment was easy and responded within 4 hours to let me know item/items will be shipped today…GREAT STUFF…

    1. Ease up on the caps man, it’s a bit intense and makes it harder to read. Also if you put the updates as replies to your original comment it makes it easier to follow. Thanks for the feedbacks though!

      1. UPDATE….. sorry it is late…. all is good now with the tracking number sent to me late today i am told it will arrive Thursday… Their response time is not great at times but they told me it has been very busy and apologized… I will just wait until arrival and update when I can get my hands on it!!!

        1. I was sure I was scammed not finding any package today… then tonight my wife presented it to me and asked me what the hell I was hiding from her…
          boy I barely know how to even answer her as I haven’t even gotten the chance to try it out yet… I cant help but think this is comically infuriating..
          Anyways once I get this resolved and get some use in, I will UPDATE!

          1. OKAY… last update.
            I had to lay it out for my wife… and shes read all of my updates here just to prove I was telling the truth… Anyways to calm her down I got her to agree to go on a little shopping trip with me to try out the card… so my biggest concern was that the card would get blocked before we had the chance to use most of the money on it so we had it empty by the 3rd store we left and doing some mental math I calculated we had spend just under 2 thousand.. her attitude changed quite dramatically about what I was doing and now to say the least, this won’t be our last order…
            I would continue to update but she convinced me that I may be providing too much personal information and that might become compromising so this will be the last. This will be my last! CHEERS TO ALL OF YOU FOLLOWING MY UPDATES!!!

  59. A quick update from me, i’ve made the payment & waiting for them to send me a reply on the shipment hehe! Cant wait to recieve my new cards!! Customer service is TIP TOP i would give a 1100% rating for them. Will update more when i have recieved the card. Will look forward to buying more & supporting you financial oasis.

    I AM HUMAN AND MY EXPERIENCE THUS FAR HAS BEEN SPOT ON…think its good to see other peoples experience in order to put your mind at rest when sat there scrolling dicussion boards thinking..””is it real or scam /fake “” etc….

    update = payment made..very quick response accepting payment received and product to be shipped monday….
    still no details of product info through email but sure that will change later in day.. have high hopes for mine and financial oasis’s relationship long term…lol….lol ..SO FAR STILL AT 110%

    Hi there peoples, thought id hit this comments board with a full run through of my journey as we all know there is a whole lot of skeptics out there..and i am in the same boat…
    so it is now 4.15pm where i am and i have just sent an email with a payment enquiry and will keep everyone updated…
    have had 4 previous responses so far….
    READY TO ORDER once response has arrived so will update shortly

    1. so it’s real or what? the customer service is good indeed but cant be proven to be real unless someone actually post a real comment

        1. Billybill
          I once placed a comment with information that would have easily identified me. Thankfully, the moderators saw that and did not post my comment. Thereafter, I reposted, and the moderators ok’d my comment. In my experience, moderation worked in my favour.

    2. wonder where my comments suddenly gone at top of page……
      update…ordered and being patient
      payment acknowledged and item shipped monday..get back to you soon..

  62. Just placed my first debit card order today using the website checkout and paid the extra $45 for expedited delivery.

    Still waiting for confirmation to update forum

  63. Finally placed order on Tuesday night. Received a reply on Wednesday night that shipping will happen on Thursday. An additional $45 was paid for overnight delivery.

    This is my first order, so will have to wait and see.

    1. *Update*

      I received my order today(Monday) and i wasn’t expecting it because I never got my tracking number!
      Well at least I wasn’t scammed, but the lack of communication about tracking was quite concerning.
      It is evening time now so I won’t be out until tomorrow to try it in person, so far it works for online orders and I have made 3 separate orders spending close to half of the card balance. I’m quite confident it will work in person if it’s working this well for online orders. Cheers to everyone following my posts! bye for now.

  64. stacks cash anonymous money! fuck yeah happy 2020! financial oasis you might be hotter than that little hawaiian dime. so what’s best automated checkout or email?

    1. Hello cypher,

      The automated checkout is typically faster.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello 7226,

      You can start by placing an order here on the site via the automated checkout or via email. The automated checkout has been a good amount faster to process your order compared to placing it via email. Though not all order types are available through the automated checkout so that is something to consider. Also make sure to look through all the product description pages so you know how they work and what would work best for you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. @Cr33d Yea me to at the last but yea bro I order actually Friday and I was told by Admin it was being processed Saturday but I only now got traccking today. At least I should have it this week and then I can see if this is all legitiamte.

        1. My order arrived today. It came in packaged in a deck of cards.
          I was completely confused until I opened the deck to play with it and noticed an extra stiff card.
          Props to the stealth, I didn’t think it would be that sneaky!
          I’m using it right now online and my orders are completing so im going to say this is a complete success
          best to all
          thanks a million oasis team

    1. Hi jackfrost how are you man!!!
      I just want to know if you have gotten your card and if everything whent alright.

  65. Sharing my first purchase experience with you all. After 6 days of going back and forth with emails moved forward with my first purchase at 04:46 GMT January 2, 2019. 1 card and expedited shipping. I am still awaiting tracking/shipping info and card info. Will keep you all updated. To this point I’ve received excellent customer service.

    1. Update…I got scammed using January 2, 2020. Verified purchase 03:35 GMT January 4, 2020 1 card and expedited shipping. Fortunately oasisfinancial has been helpful and understanding. look forward to the ‘routes’ John speaks of, shall keep me busy. at least for the 5 and 25 card purchases. Happy 2020 all!

  66. Hey people I want to start investing in prepaid cards and paypal accounts I just have a couple questions, instead of receiving this prepaid cards in the mail could it be possible to just get the information and using that information cash out the money online either using a couple of fake pay pal accounts or adding funds to a bitcoin wallet of something like that?

    I would prefer to buy the cards information instead of receiving the cards in the mail.

    Thank you for your help.

  67. Hi everybody.
    I’m in doubt ordering something. Maybe i get tracked by authorities. I heard many of this sites are made by the FBI.

    1. If the FBI is running this site, they are gonna have a lot to explain with all the products they are actually delivering to us

  68. first time ordering how to purchase bitcoins without raising any red flags and sending them here to purchase a product been reading the reviews but i need a walk thru kinda lost

    1. Hello jackfrost,

      You can purchase bitcoin from anywhere and then when you send them you can use a mixer to anonymize them. There are lot of good mixers out there but two good ones are and
      Also a good place to setup a free reliable bitcoin wallet is on, there is no need for using tor bitcoin wallets, most are very unreliable and slow.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. go to a coinflip bitcoin atm (BTM)
      less than $900 cash purchase
      use a pseudonym
      use a burner cell phone or temporary email address to send verification code
      place into your bitcoin wallet
      no red flags and no attention tied to you

    1. Hey sorry I see people are asking me when the update is coming. I thought I was close to updating on the 25 card order but this is taking longer than I though. I will keep you posted. Thank you for bearing with me!

      1. Okay so for the first part of my update, out of the 25 cards, I had 2 “duds” and reported so via email. It took a while but once they verified the cards and saw my problem they had a tracking number for me the next day with a couple replacements being sent at no additional charge. I was quite pleased about that! I will make another fresh post that is more in detail here in a while once I finish up using a few of these cards. Again thank you for following along with my journey here, it’s been a blissful one to say the least!! I know it’s premature, but happy new year to all!

        1. John…GREATLY appreciate your updates! Glad to hear things are working well. I am planning to place my first order soon.
          Question – do you mind if I ask if you are converting the cash to BTC via a BTM? Or are you services like LocalBitcoin, Paxful, etc? Just curious for when I get started.
          Happy New Year!

        2. So I think I will just post my final update right here, if I post at the top again I feel that they will be too spread out with all the other conversation going on.
          Anyways as you see the journey I’ve experienced here has been extremely fruitful. Once I had my second order of 5 cards I started to realize that it would be smart to spread out their use when it came to withdrawing funds and then with the 3rd order of 25 cards that became extremely apparent and made the process quite complicated but still quite exciting of course due to the payoff. I spread myself over my whole city and a couple neighboring towns when I was just making withdrawals to build up my cash reserve and it seemed to work just fine. I limited the withdrawals to 2 cards per atm no more than once a day just to be extra safe not to raise any red flags since I wasn’t hiding my identity.
          Long story short is it worked great but I found myself spending full days on these “routes” and it was like a full time job. That being said I feel that these cards don’t scale well when you want to start acquiring larger lump sums of cash. I plan to move over to the pre-recycled notes, purchasing at a bulk level and that should cut down a lot of the work I have to do since obviously it arrives in the form I want… cash
          I hope that the feedback of my experience helps any of you new comers or even some of you vets who have been around since the start. Obviously money is not the issue anymore for me, it never really was but now it really isn’t. Cheers and happy new years all!

          1. Thanks for all your updates John! I hear you on the extra leg work it can be for cashing out a lot of cards in a shorter period of time.
            If you don’t mind – please send an update or 2 on your progress with the pre-shred cash…?
            Happy New Year!

          2. @74pilot I will do what I can, though once I get into the pre-recycled cash I will be posting on the other thread. It will be a little while though because i am still trying to get through all these cards, the more I have though about it, the more I’m getting excited to move over to the cash opposed to the cards. We will see!

          3. John I also appreciate all your updates, been following your comments. I had a question we’ll see if you or this forum is faster or email. I know the times can be quite separate for people. Do you receive the PIN with your card(s) in the mail or through email? thanks

      1. Ya it’s pretty obviously still running. Did you even try to contact them to order or ask them questions?
        You can use the virtual checkout too.

    1. Hello Rocker,

      Keep in mind that they are prepaid cards, not credit cards. We do have travel prepaid cards that will work for you in South Africa. You can send us an email to place your order or submit it on the virtual checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. You mean the one ending in That’s just a service that mirrors darknet sites to the clearnet so people can see them without having to download tor. I would advise you use tor, it’s much safer.

        1. I should have the 25 card order hopefully tomorrow or Monday.
          I ran into a few delays. So far it’s be excellent with the 1 and 5 card orders though. I am amazed that there hasn’t been a dud yet. They seem to have great quality assurance.
          I’ll be back. Merry Christmas.

    1. do the Virtual cards work on changelly? this would make re-ordering more physical cards a lot easier. nearest BATM is 40 miles from me.

      1. I’m waiting now for my virtual card! Should receive it tonight! Will let you know. For sure I’ll order more if it works as they say!

        1. I haven’t been able to get it to work with changelly since I got it. It’s worked on alibaba, ebay, amazon and I was even able to connect it to my paypal account but for some reason they aren’t letting me pay with it on changelly.
          I think if you find a site that will accept paypal for payment you could make it work.
          Cheers mate!

          1. when you purchase items online they ask for the address associated with the card, what address do you use? Do these vendors provide an address that is associated with the card or do you use the address that the card was shipped to?

        2. you should be able to use it on paxful at the very least. you wont get as much BTC for your money as you would through a normal exchange. but you don’t need to verify ID or anything with there service if you select the credit/debit card option. JONASJJ – they are definitely real comments pal.

          please let me know if you can use them Anonomously to purchase more BTC

  69. Guys im thinking of ordering 25+ cards. is it a safe idea? i really need to pay off my mortgage. Anyone who has tried let me know! Thanks

    1. Yes it’s safe, if you really think about how big cards are, 25 of them all together still fits in quite a small package. It could easily fit in a cutout medium sized to small book still and from my personal experience, the packaging is always done well.

    2. If you wait another 2 weeks or so I’ll let you know. I just placed my first order over the weekend (it should be here tomorrow hopefully – 12/3/19). After I receive this first card I’m going to immediately order 5 more. Once I receive them, I’m going to place an order for 25 and keep everyone updated on how things go. I’m using next day shipping for everything so the whole process should be relatively quick as long as there aren’t any order restrictions.

        1. I am able to withdrawal $1000 from one card in a single day, though most ATMs don’t let me withdraw more than $500 so I usually have to go to 2 or 3 of them to withdrawal the $1000 for the day from the single card. Hope that helps!

          1. John,

            Is there a way you can truly verify that you’re a customer and not one of the admins or something who is writing this comment? Perhaps taking a picture of the cards & envelopes (without providing any identifiable information, of course).

            I’m interested in buying from this site, but am not quite sure yet, especially since I have not seen other websites or markets that have mentioned this site as a trustworthy place to buy cards.

            Thanks in advance for your reply.

  70. Ok so I’m finally ready to submit an order! I will hopefully be placing my order in the next couple hours (I am writing this at 2:22pm EST on 11/26/2019) and I plan to keep everyone updated here in the comment section. After this first card I plan to make many additional orders and I’ll leave reviews for each of those orders as well.

    I am basically sold on the legitimacy at this point. The only caveat I have is that a lot of people don’t leave any comments after their first order. This is understandable to me since I’m sure they just forget or don’t feel like it anymore. I plan on leaving a reply for at least the next 5 transactions if possible to try and illustrate their legitimacy as best I can.

    1. Yes please do! Because i plan to order by tomorrow and i would love it if we both can correspond with each other about the product and services we purchase. I believe that they are legit and everything will work in our favor!! **fingers crossed***

    2. I have finally placed the order about 5 mins ago (1:17pm EST 11/30/2019). I’ve had a lot of trouble getting bitcoin because I’ve never purchased bitcoin before and I’m out of my hometown so it makes verification very difficult due to the fact many services need to verify your location and ID info.

      They said they will ship Monday so I’ll hopefully have the card Tuesday or so. I’ll keep everyone updated.

      1. Just a quick update, it’s around 3:15pm EST on Monday and I haven’t received any info as of right now. I’m sure as soon as I submit this comment I’ll get an email, but I figured I would give everyone an update.

        1. It is now Tuesday (12/3/19) at 1:26 pm EST. I have received the mail today and got a small manila envelope that seemed rather obscure. I suspected it was the card I ordered and I was right. I don’t know why I didn’t receive tracking because their was a shipping label on the envelope with a tracking number, my guess is they are overwhelmed with business or something! Anyways I have tested the card in one location and in person, everything has worked flawlessly just as they promised it would. I’m holding to my word and have already submitted another order for 5 cards with the overnight shipping, hopefully I get tracking this go around.

          More about the card, the quality is that of any card you would get from a credit company or bank, very professional looking. I first did a small test at the nearest bank ATM and wore a hoodie just in case it was a stolen card. It sucked in my card, held it and after I put in the PIN and got the money out($200 for a test) it gave the card back. So far so good! Now I know that if the card stops working from here that they aren’t the “risk free” cards they promote them to be but I will definitely update if there is a problem with that.

          Hopefully I’ll be back with more good news soon! Thanks and I hope this is helpful to any noobs like my self.

          1. Wow so it is legit huh. I have been scammed so many times so scared to take another risk. You ordered physical cards and not fullz?

          2. This Friday I received my second order a day late for some reason but it is here none the less.
            I have used up 2 all the way and have tested the rest. No duds! I really am quite surprised by their quality control. Maybe my expectations were just set lower than they should have been. Regardless, this has been a crazy experience(in a good way)!

          3. I am still accumulating bitcoin to place an order of 25 cards. The timeline for this seems to be going faster than I planned. The biggest struggle seems to be getting all this cash converted back into bitcoin without getting ripped off.
            This has been so fun guys, I’ll update again when I am able to get the next order placed.

    1. Hello Bobby Boushay,

      The PIN is sent via email at the customers request, otherwise it will be sent with each card that is shipped.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello, admin
        I have sent you the amount of bitcoin for an USD prepaid card order, please check it out and make a confirmation for me.

        1. Hello ufo242,

          Check your email, you should have already gotten confirmation.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

          1. HI admin, i got your email, thank you . i would like ask when i can get the tracking number and thank you for sending the card info.

      2. I’m really confused, admin.

        Sometimes when I open financial oazis it shows a protonmail email addy, then suddenly, other times,I can only see a email Addy or sumthing close to that….When that comes up, protonmail is NOWHERE to be seen… Yet in comments I read that only the financialoazis email @ protonmail should be used.

        1. Hi Newbi4u,

          All you need to know is that the service starting with “oazis64” is a scam and that the URL starting with “financoa7″ (for tor) and (for www) are the real service. They mirror our comments and if we put the full URL into a comment, they will replace it for their URL. It’s a pain, but once you know who is real and who is not you won’t have an issue anymore. Also another obvious give away is the logo on the main page is pasted over the original, so if you compare the two(our site with their site) you can tell they photoshopped it and it’s poorly done.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

          1. Thx admin, that’s helpful. I need to let u know that my comment I placed on a site starting with oazis64…so that’s the incorrect one? Phew, I need to confirm the protonmail address with you. Can u help me with it,plse?

    1. I live in indonesia and ordered AUD cards before. They do work but only when I visit my friends in australia.
      Now I only order the travel cards and they have been working in both countries.

    1. Why would there be negative feedback if they are legit?
      Isn’t that a good thing?
      Also check my comments, I received my shipment today.

    2. Honestly it’s not too good to be true. The cards you’re going to get are 100% illegal. You’re taking a risk, albeit a much smaller risk than a cloned/stolen card, but there’s still absolutely a risk involved. The question is, is that risk worth it to you? I know it’s worth it to me!

    3. I’m also confused about it, but all comments look legit from others. I wrote this in order to see whether i can see my comments to prove it is worth to trust.

      1. – update
        so it have been 2 days since i placed the order. i have not received a tracking number yet but do have the card information and have been able to use it online, i have chosen a free shipping so I don’t know if I will get tracking

    1. – update
      @financial oasis – answer my question i have already sent per email. and WTF is there no tracking with regular shipping? You guys made it seem like there would be. Other than that the card still works for ordering stuff. I plan to connect to to my paypal account if possible.

    2. -update
      how long i have to wait for receiving a card with the regular shipping?
      I almost spend all of it already making orders online.

        1. Yes I did yesterday but it didn’t really matter because I spent the whole thing online while I was waiting so Now i’m waiting for another order that should be here on monday. The card though seemed very real, it had a chip and and PIN came taped on a piece of paper. I am just so impatient

    1. Hello doh,

      Our vendor has a shipping location in Europe so overnight shipping to Finland only takes a day to arrive.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  71. I’m going to order from this site, I’ve been scammed from deepmarket and Hidden Marketplace for a prepaid card and amazon gift card.

        1. I’m not a bot. I think it would be more obvious if all the comments were made by bots. Not so specific and unique. There would probably be an obvious patter you could find. All im saying is that they look legit to me and I know my own comments are my own if you know what I mean. It seems like yours are too.

          1. I’ve read a lot of the comments now, look genuine to me compared to the ones on those scam markets.
            I will take a risk and order one, I’m just sick of being scammed by so called legitimate vendors on the big markets, the prices for the cards are $30 more but that’s something i can live with

        1. They really do ship fast with overnight shipping!
          I got my order today and plan to test it out this weekend.
          So far it has worked in two different atms(I got out $600 total) and I have yet to use it to buy stuff from any shops. Bless you. Cheers!

  72. How long does it usually take to receive the card info if you order a physical card. They said it should ship tomorrow so I know tracking will come then. Just looking for the card data now.

    Hopefully this works, I’ve been watching the reviews for about a year. If so you guys have customer for life.

    1. Okay I got it just today and I see the card is shipped. I thought I would have been getting it sooner but whatever.
      I used it on ebay already

  73. I’m excited that everything works perfectly, nothing works, better than this page it’s better that you don’t stop and get rich.

  74. Can you guys please let me know the status of my order please? Order number#1545. My bitcoin transfer has been complete, although it took longer than expected. Please contact me on my proton mail if you have any questions.

      1. I’m going to order as soon as I get home. I’m a truck driver and stumbled upon this. This seems like one of the more legit sites out there and the reasoning behind it seems legit (they can’t use the cards in their city too much or they’ll attract attention. Also, they sell the cards and the money they have at that point is completely clean and risk free). There is risk involved, but I think it’s a risk worth taking. I can’t wait to get home and order a card. This could be life changing.

  75. First time I have ordered a prepaid debit card.Just completed the order and sent the payment in btc. Look forward to receiving my order and check to see how it works. I am excited

  76. i know you guys have tons or emails to respond too
    I had put in an order for one US card but my bitcoin payment processing took longer than the automated payment timer you guys have…payment still went through. Please respond to me on
    order number 1541. Redmanroo Thank you and looking forward to continue with business

    1. Hello redmanroo,

      We managed to push through your order and you should already have confirmation.
      Sorry for the hassle!

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  77. I have written an email ordering my travel card, making the payment and now I am waiting for confirmation of it. I’ll update when I have news.

    1. They have confirmed the receipt payment, I am waiting as promised card details and delivery tracking in my email. I’ll keep up to date.

      1. My order is in. I’m still using the card after spending almost $1500 at POS locations. I want to try it out online to see what it can do! This goes without saying, but HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.

    1. I ordered a few to try them out too. How is it going for you?
      I got tracking but am still waiting for them to arrive.

  78. just placed my first order today, I’ve had great communication with the admins so far and they’re all very professional. I ordered with overnight shipping so my order will arrive tomorrow, based off everyone else’s comments hopefully everything works great. I’ll keep the thread updated once I recieve everything tomorrow.

      1. So I was wrong about it arriving today, it shipped today and arrives tomorrow(saturday).
        I got the card info sent to me by email and have ordered a few things already so I know im not being scammed.

  79. I’ve seen nothing but good feedback on this site. I just placed my first order this morning and already got confirmation that it’s going to be shipped today with overnight shipping, will keep updated on how everything goes once I recieve the package.

    1. Quick Update: It’s been over 24 hours since it shipped. Was wondering if anyone else had recently placed an order with overnight shipping and had it take longer than 24 hours to arrive? It might just be me being paranoid but hopefully it will arrive this afternoon.

        1. I would tell you buy my SO took the fucker from me and won’t give it back. She thinks i’m living a secret second life or some shit. If I ever get it back i will let you know, otherwise I will probably setup a PO box and order another.

  80. First experience: Sent the email. 5 hours later they reply with the payment info. Payment went out. 3 minutes later they reply that they can see the payment. 5 hours later the card info arrives in my inbox. I start using it and have spent over half of the balance of the card just on one site. I’ll keep you updated if I run into any problems.

  81. Quick question.
    Has anyone tried to buy BTC in Coinmama or other similar sites with these cards? Do they work?
    Now I rely on Localbitcoins but its a pain. Would be great to know. Cheers.

  82. Hi,

    Thank you for existing. I don’t say much in general but felt compelled to at least leave something positive about you guys. No one has ever been as helpful in my life. Cheers

    1. How is that supposed to work? I confirm this is legit!
      Now you will believe it? Just read the comments, what could be more confirming than that?

    1. You can email them and ask. I ordered with regular shipping once and i’m in New Zealand. I had to wait over a week before it showed up.

    2. Word of advice guys use coin momma or block chain for btc its quick and easy im waiting on the reply for the pre paid ordered one already didnt get it i sent it to the email and didnt wait on instructions after loosin 300 usd on fake btc n 135 on that card now another 135 i hope it does work cause im starting in the hole about 600 but i will say this they are polite and answered everyone of my noob emails until i learned how to do it .

  83. Is there any european customer? I’m tempted to order an EUR prepaid card.
    How much time takes delivery with free shipping in Europe?

        1. Ya that sounds like a delay happened. I have only done regular shipping twice and now I don’t see the point of waiting that long when express is half the time.

  84. Sorry Admin for my stupid paranoia.
    I was just hoping to get the card details so I could use it online before phisycal card arrives. I’m sure that my order will come to me this week. I am very confident. You were probably very busy with all the orders. I trust your job and all the reviews of your customers. Cheers

          1. I received them yesterday and forgot to update here sooner.
            It worked to make an atm withdrawal and i’m using the 700 I got from it to buy some more bitcoin but the bitcoin atms have really stupidly high fees so i’m seeing if there is some other way to buy with cash that have less fees. It’s all good otherwise!

  85. Not sure why my comments arent posting ? Ive tried a couple times over a day’s time and I don’t see them showing up.. just want to ask a couple questions

    1. Well never mind, seems to work.

      Is overnight shipping available in Canada? Would a USD card still work in Canada or would the Travel card be the best option?


      1. Apologies to Admin, I definitely didn’t read the FAQ page before I asked.

        For all others – My order was placed on Sunday, waiting for the confirmation email today as they do not operate on Sundays. Will continue to update.

    1. Hello AK47,

      As you can see we already emailed you with your answer. Please be patient with us and give us the time it takes for a typical response(5-10 hours). If you’re impatient you can order with our automated checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  86. Hi All

    First order was placed today, i know they do not operate on a Sunday, so will wait the 12 hours for the response will keep you guys updated.

      1. yes i just checked my mail and response was less than 6hours, they said it will ship teh 23/09/2019 just waiting on the tracking number and card details.

    1. I ordered one too. Got a quick reply and got confirmation my payment was received. Now waiting to receive the card. I had mine sent with overnight shippinbg.

        1. Yes I did surprisingly! I have using the card info they sent to my email and the actual card hasn’t even arrived yet. I’ve spent almost $1500 online so i will barely have any left to use with the physical card L0L

    1. When I ordered with the automated checkout they didn’t email me until it shipped out so I waited a full day before I got any kind of email. I don’t know if that is normal though. You can order by sending them an email if you’re worried about that.

  87. After reading the reviews, I decided to order a card with overnight delivery to test this out site out. Adding my review outlining my ordering process to help others out.

    Process thus far:
    – Order placed on September 10, 2019 5:23 PM
    – FO responded: September 11, 2019 4:29 AM (Within the 12hr window stated)
    – Payment made: September 11, 2019 6:33 AM
    – FO approved payment and confirmed shipment for next day: September 11, 2019 4:14 PM
    – Emailed to ask about tracking details: September 12, 2019 1:22 PM

    I will update this as things progress.

        1. – Okay I got the package this morning. Everything was there and i’m pretty sure the delay was on account of the carrier and nothing else, just bad luck I guess. I used it just once so far and the transaction cleared just fine using the provided PIN. I’m busy today so I won’t get to use it much until the evening time but i’ll update again if I run into problems. September 19, 2019 10:52 AM

  88. Like many of you, I am one of those where I believe only when I confirm the card can be used. I am not convinced about delivery or any of that because you can still get the card and it doesn’t work. So I will be keeping y’all updated as I just placed my order.Waiting for confirmation of payment.

    1. Finally got word that it will be shipped today but I think they forgot to send me the card details but it’s probably because there were some back and forth. I’ll keep you guys posted on status.

      1. While I’m waiting, I had a quick question and admins, please feel free to chime in. If this works, I plan on making a huge order but my concern is that I won’t be able to deposit funds into my bank account without raising some suspicions.

        So my question is, how are y’all managing large amounts of cash? I mean even if I get money orders, that would raise suspicions courtesy of the BSA. The only idea I had is to buy more bitcoins at an ATM and have those funds go to my second wallet and then xfer those funds to something like coinbase. But even a large deposit would raise suspicions into coinbase. So any suggestions?

        1. Move to a country that doesn’t have it’s hand in your pocket and it’s probe up your ass. They make it hard for a reason and it sucks.

        1. It arrived this morning. I got expedited shipping so the timing was right on. I will wait til tomorrow to try the card at an ATM but so far it works great online and I have used it once at the minimart buying some headphones and a few packs of smokes, i asked for cash back and was able to get the max amount offered of $100 too so we will see what I can get when I do an ATM withdrawal.

  89. i just did evalution and positive comments are up and its look legit

    and on my way on placing new order i will keep update u guys

  90. So I read a bunch of reviews here. Kinda on the fence. Been screwed on deepmarket,agaratha,Bangor and some others. I asked about an order for 2 cards. Paid this am (9/4) and got the confirmation that they received Payment. A little sceptical cause we have no login but they say they have seen my payment come in. Hmmm. Anyway. Supposed to ship tomorrow am. I guess we will wait and see. I’ll keep you posted.

  91. so i ordered 1 EUR card on the 31/08/19, F/O responded to my email within the 12 hour window they say they reply to emails, told me my card would be shipped on the moday only thing they haven’t provided me with is a tracking number im not sure if that’s because i decided to use the standard shipping or not so it’s a waiting game now to see if the card comes hopefully it does

    1. If you order just one card with the included shipping, I don’t think you will get tracking. I know I didn’t with my first order.

    1. Can the 100s or 1000s? of people that commented earlier not vouch for you? I’m sure if they saw your comment they would.

  92. Hi,
    I am interested in a prepaid card but can not afford the lowest priced one.
    I only have 100 usd and wonder if we can make a deal and have the first run made.

  93. Guys I’ll place an order in few days. Anyway I’ll keep u informed. Anyway I’m real. I’M REEEAAAALLL. and broke.

  94. Hi there,

    I’m here to give you a first feedback :
    August 27, i asked for a first prepaid card.
    August 28, about 11 hours after this first mail, I received the answer with the payment process. I made this few hours after.
    After few hours again, I received the confirmation about the shipping planned for next day, so today. I asked for overnight shipping.

    Si now I’m just waiting.
    I just think they are busy men, so i’m waiting. Maybe the card will come tomorrow, maybe even before receiving the answer by email
    I hope to receive this first card quickly because that’s just the first card……

    1. Every feedback in here ends with “waiting for s/th” is there anyone to complete the sequence?!
      1. Ordering, will update
      2. Item shipped, got tracking number I’ll update!

      3. Received my package!!! I vouch for them.

      But there is no complete feedback.

      1. I think it’s because when most people realize it’s real they just overwhelmed with it at first and forget to update. That was me the first time i ordered.

      2. There’s tons of “complete feedback” on here, you lying sack of dog shit. I suggest you go back to grade school and learn reading comprehension. Or maybe you’re too fucking ADD to pay attention and read ALL of the comments? Either way, get fucked and stop spamming with this bullshit.

    2. I have tracking now and I’m seeing it will arrive on Friday and not today.
      I guess it only shipped today? That seems delayed because I paid for it yesterday… I will wait then

  95. ***ADMINS I emailed u guys a few hours ago I’m jus posting this up here too in case it gets seen faster. I want to purchase a test prepaid card with expedited shipping, which would be 175 usd.. I tried accounting for fees when I grabbed the btc, but still ended up wit 171.34. Are u guys firm on the numbers or u give a little wiggle room for shit like this? Cause if u do I’m ready to try u guys out right now..

    1. ** update for everybody wondering.. I emailed them yesterday around 5 my time. I recieved the email back around 6 hours later(on schedule) correspondence between FO and myself was fast and simple, so I sent the btc and recieved a email confirming my purchase and informing me that it would be sent off this morning and I’d be given a tracking number. I’ll keep up with the updates for you guys.

      1. ***update

        I sent the btc on Sunday they said it would ship out Monday. I asked for a tracking number before I placed the order. I emailed them after too. I just got tracking today and I paid for expedited shipping so I’m hoping to have the card b4 the weeks over. Time’ll tell.

        1. ***update
          The card came this morning. I didn’t get the data while I was waiting so I wasn’t able to try it online yet. My first stop was an ATM because I need to pay rent in a couple days. I got out $500 at the first one and $500 at another. I tried one more just to see and it said my limit was reached so I know the 1k is the withdraw limit. It’s enough to cover rent so i’m happy. Now i need to buy more bitcoin to place another order and i’m not sure how I can do that without using cash

  96. I am 5 days into my first purchase on this website being one prepaid card and I’m not sure how to express my excitement and relief. Just knowing I can pay for the things I need is a huge weight off my shoulders. The opportunitys that this kind of money can create for me just makes me giddy thinking about it

      1. They just asked what I wanted the name on the card to be.
        When you provide a shipping address you usually provide a name so I used a fake one and it worked out.

    1. Read a bunch of reviews and I’m freaking convinced! Dancing with the devil but who cares. I just put my order in at about 5:30 and I’m hoping to hear something back soon… will keep you guys updated on how this goes. Wish me luck

  97. Testing comments. Bought to try this. Waiting for uphold to process my order n release my btc than I’m gonna run a test order of 1 card

  98. Has anybody order a card to the UK? The automated service has the EUR card but I’m not sure if that will work in the UK or if I have to email FO to ask for one. I will purchase and update on here following an answer!

    1. The EUR prepaid are what you need to get but you have to request that the balance is in GBP and then you’ll get the right ones that work in the UK. I figured it out when they asked if I needed it in GBP when they saw my address was a UK address.

    1. The only reason I don’t do the virtual cards is because you have to order via email. If you order the actual cards on the automatic checkout and leave a request to have the card data sent to you via email as well then it seems like it’s processed 10x faster then doing it via email. I like having an actual card too. good luck bro

    1. Yes you can but you have to ask for it ahead of time before you pay otherwise you will just have to wait for the cards to arrive to start using them. Make sure to ask and make it obvious that you want it, they don’t always remember before shipping.

    1. SlickCola, I am from SA too man. Have already set up ways of cashing out in many ways. Still trying to raise money to by my first card to see if this is legit! Want to set JHB ablaze lol. Move to sandton.hahahaha

    1. No I doubt it. They usually only let you link cards that have your name connected to them and coinbase does KYC so it’s not going to work.

  99. Anyone orderd From Belfium before? and what will happen when your not at it save to pick up at a pickup location nearby? maybe send it to the building i work theres always a reception and no one will know whats inside the package i assume?

    Any tips?

  100. Hi Guys
    Anyone that has successfully ordered from Africa especially South Africa? I am very nervous to order yet the comments seem to be very convincing!!! Is this real or spoofed positive comments?

  101. Hey guys! please help me and reply ,if anyone has used the Travel prepaid card
    Does it work for using Online payment in regions like India & Srilanka , without the knowledge of carding ? (example : Amazon)
    And does it requires any kind of OTP if it works ??

  102. Placed my order early today and got confirmation it ships tomorrow. Waiting for tracking # and card data to be provided. Will let you guys know how it turns out

    1. It took over 3 days to arrive and I ordered with overnight shipping. Not sure why that happened :/ Maybe I can get free overnight shipping my next order?
      The card works as promised so far, I have used about half the balance mostly online but a few places I was using it in person. It has been simple to use just like any prepaid card. Thank you guys and please give me free overnight next time!

  103. Update:
    Sunday August 11th, 2:48 am I was able to send bitcoin to purchase virtual cards.
    12:45 pm, I received an email asking about the amount sent and if I have the transaction hash, as if my payments cannot be located.
    1:31pm, I sent an email with my bitcoin atm receipt so all amounts were visible, and confirmed I used the QR code given to me to scan as opposed to typing in the actual address (I was having some issues with the scanner earlier).

    I’m just now realizing that its only been around 13 hours since beginning the transaction but I haven’t received any confirmation that my payment was even really received, although it should be. Making me really anxious because I have to pay my rent but of course I’m still remaining hopeful because I’ve read other comments about how the email correspondence can be sometimes. I chose virtual cards purposely as to not wait for shipping. My plan was to create a paypal invoice to pay for using the card data, transfer to an account to hit the ATM. Anyone done something like this before? Anyway, you guys will be updated.

    1. Make sure you send them the long transaction hash that can be found in ( It’s above the sender’s wallet (your wallet) and F.O’s wallet.

      And I believe you can simply ask for the card data to be attached to an email before your order ships, so you can use it while your card(s) are on the way.

      1. I sent it directly from an ATM. Also, I went to check the site provided and I think I found my transactions ( I had two to make up for cost difference) but I’m not even positive they’re mine because the time stamps are off.

        I ordered virtual cards so I wasn’t looking to receive anything in the mail. About 4 hours ago I finally got the card details sent to me. Next time i’m not going to send directly from the ATM. The fees mess everything up. So far so good with the cards though! It’s been an overall good first experience, i’m sure it will get smoother once I can work out the kinks with sending btc payments for the right amount.

    1. Ya brah i’m up here too. Get the travel prepaid cards, they cost the same and work in a lot of countries including here. And I usually am using mine just to withdraw cash at ATMs but have make a few purchases at stores too. Little tip, if you’re just getting cash, the ATMs at banks usually allow you to withdrawal the largest amounts at a time.

  104. Hey, this is geronimojones and I placed my order the 2nd and it was confirmed later that night and I got expedited shipping so I figured if it was sent on the 3rd I should have recieved it yesterday. The tracking number was acting buggy and wasn’t updating so I couldn’t really rely on it other than seeing the order was shipped. And i was reading posts by people who’d placed their orders after mine and receieved it. There was little to no communication after they confirmed it shipped and provided the tracking. Thankfully I just got it today and tracking shows “delivered” now haha. Next time I order I would like better communication via email if possible. I would greatly appreciate it.

  105. can someone donate me a bitcoin. I want to buy a card from here if legit. I will double your donation.
    heres my btc address.


  106. Can anybody confirm that the cards/cashout actually works? It seems like all comments just talk about the receiving and postal process but nobody actually is talking about cashing out. So do these debit cards work or not?

    1. Yes they do, last night was my first time at an ATM but I was able to get the full amount($500) that the ATM would allow me to withdrawal at one time. The purchases I made online before that seem to have gone through without issue as well. I think it gets into more personal info so ppl don’t like to talk about it as much. Cheers man, you will see

    1. Expedited shipping generally takes around 3-5 days after your package has been shipped.
      Overnight is usually the next day after shipping.

  107. This is my last resort. Been scammed for like 5 times. I just bought lowest Debit Card to test it. Hoping this is a good last shot.

    1. Did yours go through, I realize other people have said theirs went through, but I like to go off the most recent comments on the shit.

  108. Anybody wanna help a poor man with a few bitcoin, got scammed on a few sites this one seems like the only legit one i’ve seen, I’ll payback double or more, just trying to get ahead like everyone else’
    wallet address- 1NUZT1zE6H7yYBGyUSwE66cjkJo3sd

  109. Alright fellas,

    After countless attempts with other sites this one might be the one, everyone here actually speak to each other without sounding like a goddamn bot and I’ve seen some positive feedback when it comes to the cards so I’m putting what I have left on the line on this order.

    So far everything has gone pretty straight forward, sent an email and got a response in 7 hours. Just released the bitcoin to the address they provided me with overnight shipping so I should expect to receive it Wednesday.

    Will keep you guys updated on my order and what I do with it if I do indeed end up receiving it. Fingers crossed.

    1. [First Update]

      I received an email earlier today at midnight confirming they received my payment. They let me know that they were going to ship it today so I’m having high hopes for tomorrow.

      All of the other sites I’ve sent money to never respond after they’ve received my payment. But this one has.. I have a good feeling about this one. Stay tuned friends. Will update very soon.

      1. [Second Update]

        Alright boys, its been two days after I placed my order, as of 3 p.m. Wednesday I still haven’t gotten anything in the mail. I figured since it was overnight shipping what would be the point of one since its only going to come in the next day after shipping.

        I’m not worried just yet. I’m going to give it another day. Will update you guys till then.

        If there’s an admin reading this, would you guys be so kind to let me know if there was a delay? Would highly appreciate it! Thanks.

        1. [Third Update]

          Without warning I get a package on my doorstep and obviously because I am expecting the cards that is what I think it is. I open it and find a book. WTF. So I mindlessly go to flip through the pages and realize half the book is stuck shut. So I shake it and hear some clacking around and realize it’s likely just the cards hidden inside a cutout portion of the book. After some cutting with a pocket knife I had the cavity opened up and their were my cards I have to say I felt quite relieved.

          Truthfully their communication was rather poor but hell i’m just happy to get my order. I’ve only tried one card and it worked, I made a withdrawal of $360 from and ATM and then when to a store immediately after that to buy a couple things with it to make sure it hadn’t gotten blocked or anything. It cleared again so I think we are good!

  110. Order confirmation received last night at 11, four cards and expedited shipping- so i can assume it will be here by Monday, ill let you all know when i get it.

      1. So since i got my order paid for by like 11;00 friday im figuring if it went out it likely went out today and not over the e weekend I would assume… Just expedited shipping so I’m feeling like Wedensday or Thursday… GJ here dying of thirst waiting for these fuckin cards ;p you’ll know as soon as i do later

          1. Believe me, I get it and I am going to update asap. Did expedited shipping on the 2nd i figure it got sent by the 3rd, I’m not worried just hoping it comes tomorrow and ill have something to tell you all

  111. Just placed an order today instead of emailing previously I just went through the automated checkout since it was working.Only ordered one prepaid card but with overnight shipping as well will keep you guys updated!

    1. Yeah, I just placed my order as well! I just hope that it’s not that big of a deal that I paid via two transactions to fill the required amount due to the constant fluctuation of monero. I can’t wait for the card to show up, will keep updated.

    2. Still no confirmation or tracking number yet but being patient they have many orders I would assume and shipping Mon-Sat hopes for some info by monday.Patience is key!

      1. Hello Enigmagucci,

        Check your email, you should have your tracking number and it’s supposed to arrive Monday. Sorry about the delayed emails, we’ve been understaffed!

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start: “financo”)

        1. Appreciate you responding. Sorry I hadn’t logged in for a few hours to check so I didn’t see it before commenting 😛
          I see i should have it this week. Thank you!

          1. 08-06-19 The card arrived late this morning. It was in a small manila envelope inside of a lego manual :’D
            It worked for my first two purchases online and i’m going to be able to use it tonight in person. It works just like my bank card which is dope.

      2. @Enigmagucci also still waiting to arrive. Got confirmation I’d paid and told it’d ship next day. Waiting game now so give it a week see how we go

  112. Dropped email with order request late in a night.
    And didn’t expected to be replied so fast it took 4 hours to get response ( would said that way faster than 99% retail customer service ww )

    Paid after few hours and my payment was confirmed within next 5h.

    So far received top service

    Will update ASAP after receiving goods

        1. Guys my order showed up today. Tracking was showing it wouldn’t arrive until tuesday so this is great.
          The cards look just like the real thing too! I’ll update if I can, i have a lot to experiment with right now.

  113. So after reading so many glowing reviews about all of the offered products, I have decided to jump right the fuck in and order 3 cards, with overnight delivery. Yeah I emailed my order in at 8 pm last night – Still waiting on a reply but it hasn’t been long at all so I’m waiting patiently.. i will be sure to check back in when everything is confirmed and then received

      1. Well, I’m figuring they are just busy but I messaged them tuesday at 9 and sent all my information in and am still awaiting a reply… that seems considerably longer then 12 hours – im really hoping for a reply soon because i’d really rather buy the cards here, judging from the positive feedback but, still waiting. Ill let you know

      2. Hey guys disregard my post, I discovered I was sending mail to their email but had copy and pasted it AND LEFT OUT THE .COM wow, i was obviously in a hurry – that was stupid. I have NOW successfully messaged them and will return with news as it happens

        1. Hahaha at least you figured it out though!Keep us updated!Which route did you do for multiple cards a actual name or all three different?

          1. @Enigmagucci – Yeah thats what i’m saying, I was legit confused like “I thought they reply faster then that” but lo and behold everyone, I was emailed back WITHIN 12 hours.. First impression, they really do what they say they do! I have sent a reply with my shipping info and I actually used my name – I figure i’m the only one using it and i got some other prepaid cards with my name so if I have to use it they will look like just another card(which they are!).. Yeah, I got expedited shipping so I’m figuring when the transaction is complete 8/2/19 i should be receiving it by Monday (if they get it out today, who knows the weekend might delay it, not sure?). I will update everyone – first time buy, but im satisfied with the prompt response/customer service. AAA+!!!

          1. @Don0 –

            You got it, bud. I’m fuckin’ – like STRAIGHT cheeeezin’ already Bro! I’ll let you know!

  114. Just like most of the lookie loos, I was debating whether to try this out or not.

    I’ve placed an order for 2 US PP cards and now I’m standing by for tracking info. Will update again.

    1. Let me know your results my guy I’m placing a order as well waiting for annoying coinbase delay..
      But I was wondering did you put at alternate name on your cards as well?
      I plan on just going through ATM no card transactions.

    2. please give us feed back if you get the cards and able to cash out. i want to order as well but this sounds to good to be true

      1. Hey guys, quick update. (all the time stamps are identical to protonmail time stamp)

        I placed an order for 2 cards with overnight shipping which should include tracking.

        1. 7/29 @ 5:56 pm – Sent out an email to place an order
        2. 7/30 @ 4:35 am – Received further instructions and bitcoin wallet address to send payment to
        3. 7/30 @ 4:12 am (some weirdness with the time zones) – submitted payment and emailed with confirmation
        4. 7/31 @1:05 pm – reply saying “i see you’ve paid. It ships out tomorrow. Thank you”

        No updates since though. I figure I’ll have tracking soon.

          1. Yep tracking is saying i will have it Tuesday but maybe I’ll even receive the package sooner than that….wishful thinking but I’m looking forward to receiving it so I can place another order.

  115. I am thinking heavily of putting an order in. I know there is always a risk with these sort of things. I do have a few questions if people could offer some advice.

    1. How are you guys clearing these cards off when you get them. I read a lot of people hit ATM’s. With that being said… most ATM’s have cameras. So… how are you guys withdrawing as safe as possible?

    2. When ordering online… are you using your personal addresses for shipping? Do you use a drop address? Why? Why not?

    3. Anyone run into any sketchy ish after using these cards?

    1. I haven’t been doing this for very long, only a few weeks now but I think I can probably give you good answers.

      Answer to 1. The cards aren’t cloned or copied from skimmed data so when you make purchases or ATM withdrawals, there is no fraud warning being triggered since it doesn’t belong to another person.

      Answer to 2. You can request to have a set billing/shipping address and name. If you decide to leave that open ended, it will accept any name and address you use when checking out online.

      Answer to 3. What? Run into “sketchy ish”? what do you mean exactly? Nothing has seemed sketchy about the cards in how they work, they seem weirdly normal if anything.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hey,

        This has been very helpful. How many cards have you purchased out of curiosity? My concern was getting on camera pulling funds out of ATMs. That aspect seemed sketchy to me.

        Any last tips to maximize safety?

        Also, what methods are you guys utilizing to purchase your bitcoin? Best exchanges?

    2. I’m still waiting for admin to process my email order however from the feedback in the comments section you have a few options. You could spend online (online shopping), you could even buy pre-paid cards with this card. BTC ATM is another good way to clear the funds into crypto to which you can distribute or even withdraw through an ATM. Not all ATMs have cameras and the ones in supermarkets usually don’t have any (although probably impose limits on how much you can withdraw).
      I’d never use my personal address for online shopping using this card directly, however if you bought another legit charge/pre-paid card with this then i would be pretty happy. It’s pretty cheap to get a postbox these days and most can be month-to-month so that’s also another option.
      I’ll personally be buying crypto with mine as well as daily spending.

  116. please someone who has already bought and has a prepaid card could you give me a loan? I have no money to buy and very I need to be able to buy a card for me too. I will return the money without any problem as soon as I receive my card. Totally anonymous, if you like. You have my word, no problem. I hope that the admin will publish this message, it is very important. Sorry for my bad english.

    Thank you all.

      1. Hello

        Kindly help me. need to bu two cards. will return the faour by buying double. Please


      2. @DiDou

        now I have bitcoincash address. let me know if you have problem and i’ll give you btc address


        Many thanks.

    1. Ya i always use mine online while i’m waiting for them to arrive. The only way i’ve been able to check the balance is when I make an ATM withdrawal.

      1. which did you buy? if i buy a prepaid card to thr uk do they email you before they sent with the details so you can make online purchases?

  117. Hi I placed an order and It was paid but my email which I used is not working anymore can you send me the information to my other email?

  118. Attempting to use the automated checkout to buy a prepaid card. I have javascript enabled, but its telling me its still disabled and I’m not able to pay. Any idea why this might be?

    1. Hello phokarent,

      Please send us an email with a screen shot of the error you are getting so we can resolve your issue. Also you can place your order via email.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start “financo”)

    2. I fixed it placing an order right now. Will keep yall updated. Hopefully it works quickly as its somewhat urgent.

  119. Just found this site few hours ago, already wrote an email for a prepaid card.
    As many did before, I will come back and update on how things go.
    Looking forward to results

  120. first time buying a card from here just placed my order tonight. i will keep you guys updated, waiting on tracking will let you guys know when i get it.

    1. I got the order today. I picked the expedited shipping option and from shipping Monday morning and arriving today, it was very quick! Everything is checking out with the card so far. cheers!!

  121. Hi, the delivery of the card is by courier or regular mail? I ask this because I need to know if someone need to sign the receipt of goods.

    1. Hello Freeforform,

      This will depend on where you’re ordering from. Also we will take requests if you prefer as specific courier.
      Please email us for further questions.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  122. Hello,

    I placed an order with the automatic payout, BTC transaction was confirmed before the timeout.
    I recieve confirmation so I sent an email reply to know I hope I will have an answer.

    I keep you inform about automated checkout.


    1. Be careful if you try using the auto checkout without the javascript enabled it will usually just time out and you can’t pay.
      I just prefer to place my orders via email.

    2. I did recieve tracking today. I hope I will have it to my mail sooner!

      Still confident, thanks for your job.

    1. Ucherun
      Although when I post a comment I get no interaction at all it seems ligit, just like you I’m still making steps to confirm the authenticity of Financial Oasis it’s kinda hard where I’m from to purchase bitcoin but as soon as I acquire 200usd worth I’ll be making an order and keeping everyone updated.

      1. What do you mean you don’t get any interaction?
        I am trying to get a hold of more bitcoins too before I can place an order.

        1. Footballfixer
          Guess there’s a first time for everything, well I hope you get more bitcoin, my issue is lack of foreign currency in my country first I have to get the usd then exchange it for bitcoin, what’s the issue you’re facing.

  123. Placed my first order still awaiting tracking but other than that everything is going smooth will update with more info upon delivery.

    1. *UPDATE* I have received my tracking information though there was a long delay. I hope that everything is legit due to all the previous comments but for right now it is looking good. I will give it until Friday since it should arrive by Thursday but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was late since everything has been delayed from the start.

      1. *UPDATE(2)* My order got in late Thursday. The cards them selves are basic printed on chipped cards, no raised lettering, but the design on them look really good and no one has questioned my use of them so far. My first stop was close bank ATM. I know most bank atms have higher withdrawal limits and I wanted to see if I could get out the full 1000 limit all at once. Sadly I was only able to get out $500 due to the limit on the atm. About 20 minutes later I was able to get out another $500 at another ATM, same bank even Since then i’ve been doing small stuff like food and a couple electronics. After the first withdrawal I was sold, even if that was all I could get(the $500) I would come back and order more. Now there is nothing stopping me.
        peace out

    1. Any suggestion on how to receive physical goods anonymously and withdraw safely? I didn’t find any tricks…

      1. You can’t receive physical goods anonymously. There will always be a way to track it back to you unless you ship to your neighbors house and hope you can get it before they do.

        You keep mentioning “safety” but this will never be 100% safe. In case you didn’t know, this is illegal.

        1. I know that is illegal, this is the reason why I’m worried about safety.

          “There will always be a way to track it back to you unless you ship to your neighbors house and hope you can get it before they do.”
          I thought something similar but it’s not so easy, the delivery it’s by courier, right? So someone need to sign to receive the goods.

          With virtual pre paid debit card is the same, I can get the number via crypted mail and it is totally anonymous. After that how I can convert into real money anonymously?

          Thanks folks!

  124. Hi Everyone,

    I just put in my first order. I emailed initially and received a response back in less than 12 hours (as advertised). I provided all relevant information and chose the regular shipping option. I will update this as soon as I receive the physical prepaid debit card in the mail. If you don’t hear back from me, then obviously I got scammed. But based on the previous reviews I’ve read so far, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances. I’ll let everyone know. Thanks!

    1. [UPDATE] I was told they would provide a tracking #, but I still have not received it. I emailed them yetserday about it. Getting a little bit worried, but still want to give them until tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll hear something back.

      1. Hi ZeroDarkThirty,

        Check your email. You should have it now. Sorry about that delay!

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Thanks for the reply!

          I just checked my email and see the tracking # now. I just sent another email a minute or two ago asking about the packaging. Please respond back when you can. Thanks!


      2. [UPDATE #2] Thanks for the email update and answers to my questions! Tracking is estimating that it should arrive by Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it!!


        1. [UPDATE #3] The previous post of “[UPDATE #2]” I forgot to mention I asked for the card data to be sent to my email. Last night I got an email with a data attachment. All the details of the card were provided, even the data tracks and chip encryption details. Now that I know they include those things I might consider purchasing the equipment needed to encode cards so that I don’t need to constantly have them ship orders to me. Anyways i’ve been using the base data needed for placing orders online and every single transaction has cleared, I have spend almost $1000 already and the card isn’t giving me any problems. I set my expectations lower so that i wouldn’t be too disappointed if it turned out to be complete garbage, but i’m quite blown away, as cliche as that might sound. If they keep up with this, I’m never going to buy from another vendor!


  125. My order was 200$ in total & I put 220$ in the machine and only received 201$ and the charging fee is 3$. What do I from here will the 198$be accepted?

    1. Those bitcoin atms are a bitch, their markups kill you if you’re buying very much.
      If you need more the only option is to buy more until you have enough.

      1. Well my 201$ ended up rising to 205$ within a few hours and I was able to make the full payment. Soon after they sent me an email saying they seen I had paid and my card would ship this morning though I didn’t receive a tracking number I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and having good faith that it will arrive tomorrow as I went with overnight shipping. I will update everyone if it comes. Wish me luck 🤞🏾

  126. Placing an order, emailed telling them i would pay with BCH but was given a BTC wallet.

    Will comment if everything works else successfully, if i don’t comment again they stole my money. lol

    1. I got the BCH sent to their wallet and it took about 4 hours before I got the card sent to my email. I’m still using it and it’s not getting blocked yet. It’s 10 times better than anything else i’ve used and I’m not even finished according to how much should be left on the card.

  127. Hi friends the returns we look good on the site I would like to know if I can receive in Morocco and if the cards will be able to work here because from what I know when the card leaves the country it is automatically blocked

    1. 5 cards? lol that was my first order guy. They limited me to 3 orders per week but I don’t know if that is because I was ordering 20+ at a time. 5 cards won’t be an issue, you can even see on their automatic checkout that you can order 25 cards in one go

      1. And how long have you been doing this with financial oasis? I’m thinking of ordering 5 cards 2 times a week because I’ve been reading the reviews for a while & yet to see a bad review

        1. Hello Kaveman,

          For the sake of transparency you should know that extremely negative reviews are held in moderation until we’ve made contact with the person and talked with them about their complaint and how we could resolve the issue. If we can’t make contact with the person then we suspect it’s spam from other vendors on the darkweb trying to make us look bad. We do everything we can to keep our active customers satisfied.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

  128. Hi Guys, Today i ordered my first Prepaid Debit Card! i am little bit Nervous but i hope everything will work fine :D.
    I Will everyone keep Updated, when my Card is arrived.

    1. No there isnt. The hard part is finding a site that will accept cards for payment that won’t require you to upload all your personal info.

  129. I went to order the digital prepaid card. They gave me a quote for the price. I have not paid it yet. How long do I have to make payment before I have to reorder?

  130. Hello everyone,

    As a reminder, I want to let everyone know that the “test” comments are usually marked as spam so if you are wondering why your test comment isn’t showing up, that is why.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

  131. Just order my first card still very nervous and still unsure this is real. I guess I will find out in the next couple of days. I will keep everyone updated.

    1. My order is here!
      The card is real looking.
      It is just printed on, not raised lettering but it looks professional so i am not worried.
      I have just one card and will try to withdraw cash first.

  132. Hello, I would like to order. But still have a question … how long does it take to hold my card in my hands when I order it via overnight shipping?

    1. First you have to find out if overnight shipping is even available to you. send them an email
      its the fastest way to figure logistics out

  133. Hey guys take care of hidden fincial services webite, it looke like are scam since they do nt come bck to u. However, it was recommended by some blogs. I think I gonna but order with FO soon, all views are positive and inspiring.

  134. Has anyone ordered 5 to 10 cards or even more and had the cards pass through customs without any red flags? Kinda skeptical about the packaging and customs.

    1. I have just ordered 1 prepaid card as a test with overnight shipping. Its currently sunday, so Im hoping by tuesday its here. If all of this works then let met tell you that what they’re doing here will change lives forever.

        1. My order arrived to day. I was about to have a mental breakdown from being so paranoid that something bad happened. So far it’s worked at the few websites i’ve tried it on and tomorrow i’m going to try it at a few locations including making a cash withdrawal at an ATM. If the withdrawals work good then that is all I plan to use them for. I can do just about anything with cash and I don’t mind the laundering process.

      1. Will you cowardly fuckwits stop demanding that people update you on their card status? Look at all the others who already confirmed; easily 75% of them. How many more do you need? Stop stalling and buy one yourself, or just go away. If you can’t afford to lose a measly $135 (for the digital card, which is a great way to test this service out) then your ass shouldn’t even be here anyway. I would have already bought one myself, if I could find a place to buy crypto that doesn’t demand a ridiculous amount of personal info.

  135. Hey guys beware of DeepMart. The whole market is a scam itseems to be different vendors until you contact them for not getting back with you or getting your card. And you get the same exact reply from each vendor. ” Your order is processing just wait bro” . Then no replies after

      1. Those fuckers got me too. I was in a hurry and over excited. Will be ordering here soon, from what I see it’s worth a shot.

    1. Well they say it’s between 5 and 10 hours for a response so that would be expected imo
      I’ve only used the automated checkout so far. It works good enough for me.

  136. I placed an order via the automated service, payed the amount in litecoin. But the paged never moved on, so I can only presume that my order didn’t log properly. I’d like some help to sort this out If possible. I’m sure we can find a solution, I’ve sent an e-mail of course but trying this way aswell.
    Thank you

    1. It’s finally been resolved, some technical issue I guess but none the less my order is on the way.
      I’m looking forward to it!

  137. I recently made a withdrawl at a Chase atm, and I got a warning that the card was blocked. There was still around 800 left in the card. Anyone have any similar experiences?

    1. Try another ATM. The card likely isn’t blocked, it probably just won’t work at that ATM anymore. I actually had the same thing happen to my personal debit card at one before and I needed cash badly so I went to a different bank atm and it didn’t give me any problems. I still haven’t been able to use that atm since with that card, it’s fucking weird

  138. Hi Admin
    Jt looks like I have been scammed by the other cloned page after sending an order, how I make sure I am getti g what I want if I order from ths page

    1. The clone site URL starts with oasiz or somthing like that just make sure the URL starts with financo and you know you have the right site! I got confused too when I was new and waiting for my first order. I hope you didn’t pay those fuckers.
      Good luck guy!

      1. Omg bro, my first order was 5 cards. After seeing all the feedback I was impressed, so i did automated checkout at Oazis. Holy fucking shit, I waited 2 weeks, thinking its coming. Then i came here n realized how fucked I was

        1. Well considering they don’t rip you off, it’s been great!
          And I’d consider that a bit of an understatement.

    1. If you want there to be a first and last name that is used, you have to include that request in your order. If it’s not set then you can basically use whatever name you want when using it.

  139. Please somebody help me…

    1 prepaid card costs $155, ok but for buying bitcoins there are fees.
    What’s price that you suggest for buying? 160/170 $
    I don’t want to risk having less bitcoins than those required for the purchase.
    I hope I explained myself.

    1. Hello gemini,

      You can contact us via email and we’ll give you a quote that is valid for 3 days regardless of the price fluctuations and then you can know exactly how much bitcoin you need to purchase.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  140. Just made my first order today. They reply in a decent time for me to continue with my order. They responded saying card will be shipped tomorrow. I’ve been scammed by cash cards and I believe they work with imperial cards so stay AWAY! and I’ve been scammed by C.R.E.A.M cards or on deepmart. And I think the while market is a scam. You’ll send payment. Get no comfirmation. Then they say “your order is processing just wait bro”

      1. They said it’ll be shipped out the next day so i’m guessing Monday. Idk if they email you when its been shipped out or if you just have to wait. btw I got regular shipping for my first test run and it is the weekend. But anyways I have more faith in these guys than any other site on the web. I’ll update when I hear more guys

        1. Will Im still waiting on it to arrive. I got regular shipping and it’s going to take a week to arrive.

          1. I’m just not seeing that my update I made 2 days ago must not have posted. Sorry to leave anyone hanging. Here it is again:

            So the order did arrive and that in it’s self is amazing to me even though it was a day late. The cards are made out of rather flimsy plastic but they look really legit so I didn’t care as long as they worked. I opted to have them email me the PIN so I had it memorized for use. Nothing crazy with how the card works, but it does fucking work and i mean not just for making purchases at stores but also getting cash out. I was able to get two separate $500 withdrawals from two different atms on the day it arrived. I figured it was best to get the most I could out of it in case it gets blocked after the first use. Right after that I tried it at a near by shop and was able to purchase around $70 worth of stuff. I didn’t want to get $500 worth of merchandise on the counter and have it be declined so I did just enough to where if I had to I could pay with my own money if I had to.. I mean it was stuff I really didn’t need but what the hell. By day two I had the card maxed and now i’m in the process of purchasing more btc to place a bigger order. I’m praying this is not a one time deal, i need this to be something I can keep doing.
            cheers yall

  141. Some one tell me this is legit so can buy one. I haven’t seen one bad review yet but its still kinda skeptical 😭

    1. They ask you to bring all problems to them first before resorting to putting your negative comments here so i’m not surprised. They have a good customer service.

    1. that shit took longer than 2-3 hours.
      I have my card now at least and the good news is that it’s actually working as promised.

          1. Hey man quick question, how do you buy your bitcoins? Right now Im buying at an exchange n they have my ID data. Is that safe, since i shop here?

    1. I ordered on Sunday and they said it shipped Monday… i also got expedited shipping. hopefully it will be here today (Thursday)…

    1. 5 hours and 48 minutes. I literately didn’t stand up from my chair until I got their email with the card data.
      Damn that was intense waiting. Also the card seems to be clearing fine, I already had a few orders put together on my amazon account and a couple other sites. Its going to be an early christmas for me this year

        1. yes it was a virtual card, though I’m pretty sure the physical cards will work online as well. I just didn’t want to wait for one to arrive.

  142. Ive gathered that i cant use torbox email to contact this website so i assume they cant contact me either. have sent an email with a new email service and am now waiting a reply. that is all

  143. first time user, bought 3 pre-paids. Anyone here know how long they take to ship to the UK?

    1. No we’re just a bunch of bots talking among ourselves.. you know AI needs to socialize too just like humans and here is where we do it.. among the deep interwebs! 😛

        1. ya it took longer than they said though.
          It was the virtual prepaid cards and they do work on a couple of the exchange sites to purchase bitcoin so it’s all I have been doing so I can order more.

  144. Just made my first order from this vendor, They responded very quickly and in a professional manner.
    Will update and if all goes to plan, will be a regular

          1. No it’s a holiday for me today so it’s unlikely i will get it until tomorrow or the next day.

      1. He estado siguiendo esta pagina por mucho tiempo, leyendo las supuestas reseñas y aparentemente tienen coherencia y consistencia, no parecieran fingidas o fabricadas por bots. Si llegas a adquirir algun producto o servicio te deseo suerte y por favor replica en este mensaje para compartir tu experiencia. Saludos.