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    1. Hello Alexlatam,

      Please email us about your interests in our service. We do have products and services that will work for you in Peru.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  1. OK, I have been scammed in the past by other vendors, so we will see if this transaction is legit. I just ordered a product from this vendor and I will let everyone know how the transaction proceeds. Fingers crossed.

    1. So far so good. I got an email to let me know they received my Bitcoin transfer. They said I was short on my payment in order to get the expedited shipping I paid for. I checked and the conversion to Bitcoin was $1.30 short. I requested they continue with the expedited shipping and I will make up the small difference on the next order. I have not received the card number, PIN or CVC yet. As soon as I receive those via email, I will update the comments.

      1. Well, we might have hit a snag. I have not received an email with the tracking number. The good news is I got the card details sent to me so I have started using them on a few sites to test it out and it’s successfully paid at checkout each time so far. That is a huge confidence booster for me. I have requested tracking two (2) times, but I have not received it yet. I hope it will come today, but I still will be content being able to spend the balance of the card online even if worst case scenario happens and it doesn’t ship. I will keep everyone updated as the order progresses.

      1. Thanks, got the information. I am placing the order in few minutes. So desperate to get involved and share my story.

  2. Hi,
    I am about to order for 1 prepaid card, but please respond to my email because I asked a question about the mailing address. Hoping to place my order soon.

    1. Hello Jayina,

      Please be patient with our response times, commenting here will not help you get a quicker response.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. I just placed my Order with Overnight Shipping. Fingers Crossed, waiting to be happy for once on TOR after many disappointments. Hoping to share my success story soon.

          1. @Jayina, can you please confirm if you received your card. I plan to place my order in few days but really want to be sure this site is Legit. Thanks in advance.

  3. hi i am alex .I wanted to know if these cards can be bought to be used in Argentina. Is the delivery by feddex?
    Do you have to buy the card or can you send only the plastic data to make the card here?

    1. Hello Alex,

      Please contact us via email so we can discuss the more private details of how your order would work out.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  4. Hi Admin, I am base in Turkey can I possibly order the normal card or do you think the travel card would be the best option for me?

    1. Hi Donpro0,

      The travel cards will be what you want.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  5. I have to go to all this trouble to get money, just so I can buy more bitcoin. Is there any service that increases my crypto holdings without having to convert to cash first?

    1. there are those “double your bitcoin” services out there.
      Although i think most of them are probably scams. I don’t know for sure, but they seem too stupid to be real.

      1. Hey i was one of those idiots stupid enough to try one of those services out. I think I have an extra dose of stupid in me

      1. I get it, after being scammed for the 10th time by random vendors on tor, you start to believe nothing is real but for once I think these guys are the real deal.

    1. Hi Terry,

      We just responded to your email. Please be patient with our response times.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    2. Hi Terry! I’m from Peru too, have you bought something from here? is it safe for our country? I want to buy, what would you advise me?

    1. talking about the prepaid cards? I don’t think there are limits, at least I haven’t ran into any and have ordered 3 times in one week before. Now I stick to one order a week at most and buy larger batches.

      1. Thank you Skelitor. I’m making a plan right now and wanted to know that detail I couldn’t find on the website.

        1. If this is real, I will be changing my whole life soon. Man I can’t wait to have enough btcs to order.

  6. So far so good…can’t wait to get my card and join the list of success stories ….first time order and its regular shipping…seems like forever…will keep updating…Admin please check the your email I’ve just sent a message to you.
    …..thank you.

    1. We go it. Thank you and thanks for being patient with us.
      I’m sure you’ll do what everyone else does and always order with overnight shipping after they try us out the first time.
      Looking forward to your continued business oneal.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  7. Hey guys,
    I’m chilean and I really want to know if all this processes and the cards could be used in Chile.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Aegis,

      You need our travel prepaid cards to work in your country.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  8. Please does anyone on here know of a legitimate site that sells electronics (phones, laptops, etc) at a relatively cheaper price on tor? Thank you

    1. I’ve always gotten a tracking number, then again i’ve never gone with the free shipping either so maybe thats why.

  9. Has anyone noticed orders have been taking longer to arrive? I always get overnight shipping now since I know what i’m getting is good stuff, but even that has been taking more than 1-2 business days to arrive. Asking because I am not sure if its just me.

      1. Yes, i’m past that point. I have just been noticing a delay in delivery times for my past couple orders and was seeing if other people here are experiencing the same thing.

    1. Well if you follow bitcoin cash at all you will see they do have some built in anonymization protocols that make the need for traditional mixing services obsolete. Compared to bitcoin, its a thousand times better. You don’t have to deal with finding a mixing service to anonymize your transaction for you and worry about getting scammed in the process. There are so many fucking mixers out there that are scams that it is quite difficult for new comers to pick a safe one to use to safely send their coin anonymously. So yes, bch is better for anonymity.

      1. for thought for the next time. I just ordered for the first time here., and I used reg BitCoin…better anonymity would be a good thing.

  10. Holey shite this world has gone to hell in a handbasket in only 3 months time. Soon money will be the least of anyones worries..

  11. Hello Everyone.
    I have been a lucky individual this past year and have made a good amount of money through services like this. I remember how it was starting out, losing money to so many scams before finally finding a service that was legitimate. Anyways I am not here to leave a review really, more I want to help anyone new to the crypto world on how to get setup with a wallet and to experience how to receive and send cryptos.

    As a pre-warning, as soon as people start trying to exploit me i’m going to stop doing this so please whoever you people may be, don’t ruin it for everyone else.

    If you are new to crypto and are reluctant to risk your money(what little you may have), I want to get you setup with a crypto wallet and send you a small amount of crypto so you can experience how it works. I can also share with you a few myths and misconceptions about privacy and transacting cryptocurrency.

    You can contact me here: [email protected]

    Please tell me about yourself and why you are contacting me. I want to make it clear that I’m NOT wanting to provide “handouts” to everyone. I am trying to enlighten people more than anything and help those that truly need help.

    I hope this goes well.
    Happy Easter Everyone.

    1. Hi Someone.

      I just sent an email to you but it bounced back. I am sending it through my protonmail account.

      Do you have another email address I can contact you on?



    1. use the cash app to buy bitcoini and then use the wasabi bitcoin wallet to mix your coins before sending them. It works so good!

        1. Yes its not a scam or anything, its not well promoted because governments don’t like services that make bitcoin transactions anonymous. Here is the link
          Some sort of fuckery is going on with their site though. You can just look up “coinjoin” services to find a service to mix your bitcoin payments.

  12. Is that naked woman a drawing? I know the picture is a render but that babe has so much detail and seems so real. I wish I was there right now.

    1. Hello yaman883457,

      We communicate with numerous customers every day who use protonmail and haven’t had issues. Please try setting up another email account and contacting us. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. If you absolutely can’t get a message through to us for an order, you can send an email to [email protected]
        Please only do this if you know you are having a technical difficulty with your email address, keep in mind that we take on average 10 hours to reply to new orders so just because you’re not getting a response back “quick enough”, that doesn’t mean your emails aren’t getting through. If we get messages from you on both emails we will ignore your messages so please only use this if you truly think your emails aren’t getting through to us on the address.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

  13. Hello everyone,

    With the new tor browser update, the way you enable javascript is a little different. If you aren’t placing your order with the automated checkout then you can ignore this. To successfully place an order on our virtual checkout, you have to enable javascript. To do that, click on the shield, right of the address bar and click “advanced security settings”. From there you need to change the security level to “Standard”. Once you do that, javascript will be successfully enabled and you can proceed with placing your order on the automated checkout.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello negro dimitri,

      Please email us directly and we can finding out if there are any shipping restrictions depending on the shipping address you provide.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  14. We apologize for all the delays in response. Currently the email service we have been using,, is down. We will wait another 48 hours before setting up another email address with a different service. Until then, the automated checkout is still functioning as usual.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

    1. The email service is back up and running! Our response times should be back to normal now. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  15. I don’t even know if I still have my job, just sent home for now until further notice. Does this stuff actually work? How dangerous is it? I have never been someone to do illegal stuff before.

      1. thanks for the input bro
        I think i’m going to try it out.
        Hopefully I can get some bitcoin bought by the end of the week

    1. Hello YokerGlenn,

      That will depend on where you are having the order shipped and the size of your order. Please email us to get a good estimate.

      Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. I haven’t ordered yet. Sorry.
        Needed money for something else and have been trying to get more bitcoin ever since.

  16. WTH my btc isn’t enough to place another dam order with this stupid price drop.
    Coinbase is so shitty holding your funds for 72 freaking hours before you can even withdraw.

  17. Time to drown my sorrows again this weekend.
    Commenting to be appreciative of the fact that I can actually afford to do so now.
    Being depressed sucks and what sucks even more is being depressed and poor.

          1. Honestly I think i’m mostly just lonely.
            It’s not very easy finding another person, companion, whatever when you’ve lived alone most your life. It’s hard not to be the problem in the relationship and I know it. It’s never intentional, just how I am. I’ve already said too much though. Thanks though.

      1. Well I have tracking now but It wont arrive until Saturday maybe. I should have ordered overnight shipping I guess.

  18. Give me tip on how to spend the money. Got a PP-CC. How to avoid cops and gov? ATM withdraw and shopes are risky cuz yar monitored around here. Safe laundering for small amounts?

    1. Hello zorfangallmighty,

      The prepaid cards we sell here don’t carry risk as they are not stolen or cloned so you can safely use them in public without having to worry about those things.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. My order arrived today. It was supposed to be here yesterday but whatever. Anyways its worked as advertised so far, took out as much cash as I could from an ATM and have been spending more online since. One thing I was doubtful about was that there wasn’t a set billing address or name for the card but I was assured that I could use anything for a name and billing address for online orders and well it seems to be working!
        For bitcoin I used a mixer for my first transaction and have been using a wallet called wasabi since then, it has a built in mixer.

    1. Hello ParaPalm,

      Overnight shipping is available to you but would take 2 days to arrive. Expedited shipping is also available and would take 3-4 days to arrive in the Caribbean.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hey guys I left a comment yesterday but can’t see it on the reviews.

        My question was in regards too the recycled $$. If I were to deposit the cash into a bank wouldn’t the teller machine pick up on the fact it’s second grade cash?

        1. You should post your question on the other thread for pre-recycled cash, but to answer your question, no the money isn’t counterfeit so there is no distinction between the prerecycled notes sold here and regular money that they are taking every day.

  19. Helo guys. I want to buy PrePaid card and was wondering if is any way to make the order withought giving real idntity at all? For example: could my parcel be delivered to a certen location and left there? I am not talking about mountain sights, or dark alleys in a big citty. I could give a specific geo location, gps coordinates with photoos attached to mark the spot where the parcel should be put. Sory for poor english… it is not my mother tounge…

    1. In my experience most delivery services won’t drop off packages in abnormal places so it needs to be an actual address. Even abandon addresses usually don’t work out.

      1. Yep, tried the house next to me that is abandoned and the post guy stopped and asked me if anyone lived there to see if he could leave the package there or not. Lucky me that I was around at the right time otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten it.

      1. If you don’t want a family member to open your shit then a PO box is ideal but otherwise they are about the same in my opinion.

    1. Dude check the timestamps on the comments and the copyright on the site, clearly things are still active. At the very least email them asking if they are still selling.. maybe think before spamming obvious questions in the threads.

  20. Anyone who can take a hint. Dont bother looking further if you are here reading this.
    These guys know how to conduct business and deliver on their promises. Also everything i’ve tried so far(prepaid cards and 2 paypal transfers) has been exactly as advertised. That may not mean much, but compared to all those financial listing on marketplaces like empire market, they don’t even compare to what they sell here. Most of everything i’ve tried on a marketplace(referring to Empire Market) straight up doesn’t work or is seriously over promised to what it is. Now as for the drug vendors there, I have no experience and I’ve heard good things so these marketplaces do have there uses.
    Best Regards

  21. I was looking for an answer on this and did not see anything.
    Can I order more than one product and have it be sent all together? Like some notes and cards to test them out at the same time? Sorry if this question is already answered somewhere.

    1. Hello OGintheOG,

      The only two products that are physically shipped are the prepaid debit cards and the pre-recycled notes and we are able to combine them into a single order. It’s a really common request so we asked our vendors to arrange a way to make that work. You either place the order on the automated checkout or via email.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello jeffanderson,

      No you don’t, just make sure not to use mail2tor because our responses never get back through to their mail servers. If you need to make a new email we advise using protonmail.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  22. What is the end game break down here? I have been ordering from your guys’ site for the past year and have found that most of the products here are only so good for so long and then really the best option is buying the prerecycled cash due to the scalability of it. But to achieve true wealth you can actually spend, it seems you have to turn to legal means of investment like the stock market and businesses. I have more than I know what to do with and yet I can only spend a fraction of it without getting myself in legal trouble. So I guess that would be called being illiquid. Anyways does anyone have some good past experience how they turned their dirty money to clean over a relatively short period of time so they could really start using it?

    1. You are asking in the wrong place. I highly doubt you will get a legitimate answer from someone who actually has the experience of what you are asking about. Just a bunch of plebs here.
      Once I starting getting regular with my orders I didn’t ever bother to checck the feedback again until now and that is only because I started ordering a different product and was looking for some insight. Best of luck to you guy.

    1. of course it’s not you dumb little fuck.
      Do you see packs of prepaid cards with high balances in the checkout lane of your local supermarket?
      Seriously use your fucking brain

      1. Yes why do all of you over complicate the shit of of places like this. ya ya there there a shite ton of scams out their but you can avoid them by finding forums like this and reading what people have to say. Seriously stop being blind sheeple asking each other mindless questions you can’t even give valid answers to.

    1. Did you see on the side section of the site? ” typical response time ranges between 5-10 hours”. You’re going to have to be patient if you want to order with email, i prefer the automated checkout.

      1. I placed my first order 1/11/20 received confirmation that payment was received right away. Paid for the expedite like most of us and got a reply that package will be shipped today 1/13/20. Now waiting for tracking #. Hoping all goes well so I can increase my volume.

  23. Hi admin!!

    I am about to place a order, but i have one question about witch product its better for me, the pre paid card our the travel card, I am asking you that because I leave in Brazil and I will be using the card down here in brazil.
    let me know witch one its the best for me so i can make the purchace.

    Thank you very Much

    1. Hello bigbrotherbrazil,

      I’m pretty sure we already emailed you, but you want the travel prepaid cards if you’re in any South American country.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  24. Hey admin, I placed an order Saturday, you don’t ship Sunday so I have to wait till 8 am GMT Monday. Will I receive a confirmation email soon as today is Monday?

    1. Hello Mr. Blue Jay,

      Yes you should’ve already gotten it.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  25. Please tell me this is available world wide? I live in a somewhat remote group of islands in the pacific.
    Please respond here or to my email please!

    1. Hello flyaway,

      If you have a postal service near you, we should be able to deliver. Please send us an email and we can discuss in further detail.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. How long does it take for overnight shipping in the us I’m interested in ordering after reading comments seems very legitimate

    1. Hello Str8up,

      For the most part shipping to PO boxes isn’t an issue. Some larger bulk orders won’t work for PO box but that is only with custom orders(exceeding the order sizes available on the automated checkout).

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hello Little Mike,

          It depends on the country, but our vendors have gotten very good at avoiding customs detection with highly discrete shipping.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

      1. I’ll be placing my order today. Was going to get notes however I’m on the fence,.. the prepaid cards are looking pretty ripe for the picking. Anyone sway me one way or the other? Tell me why/ which is your preference. Also obviously, with ppc I’d just be milking atms (a few states over), anyone have some insight on some solid technique for bouncing from atm to atm w different cards whilst maintaining only a moderate level of sketchiness?

        1. This has been brought up before. Everyone goes with the prepaid cards because the cost to reward ratio is a lot higher, but the scale like shit. Like you said you have to spread out withdrawals over a lot of ATMs and that will likely make you seem quite suspicous over time. With notes, the prices aren’t as competitive in terms of a ratio, but you can scale incredibly fast without any headache, no staking out atms or any of that bullshit. You can buy 75k in cash and do whatever the fuck you want with it as soon as you get it. You can’t do that with prepaid cards. Imagine buying enough cards to get 75k off of. Imagine the amount of work you would have to do to get all that taken off the cards via atms, it would be a shit show.

      2. hi admin…
        how long would it take for physical cards to uk on an express as it states 2 days but took 5 from previous vendor..

    1. I would rather read reviews and information about the services here rather than your kind of comments, even if they are “older”.

    2. I guess I was mistaken. That comment actually got posted. Wonder if this one will. I placed an order and admin was right there every step of the way.
      They have amazing customer service!

    1. Setup a free bitcoin wallet on
      I made the mistake of using onion wallet and lost all my coin the first time. Don’t do that.
      You can find a lot of places to buy bitcoin you just have to search around.

        1. Buying bitcoin is the hardest part but once you have a place you get it like a supplier, it’s easy.
          The cash app is another really good place to buy from.

  26. Long time stalker here of the comment sections. I am confident everyone is genuine at this point in time, but I still haven’t posted a comment so this is me trying that out. Here is to hoping it posts.

    1. I know right? Like i’m trying to conduct serious business here and get all distracted looking at her and end up having to take a quick wank break before I can get anything done.

  27. not sure what thread to post this on but the overnight shipping i paid for to NewZealand is like 3 days so its not really overnight. Is that normal?

    1. Hello corrylander,

      The option for overnight shipping is still available to you as a customer, but when shipping to Indonesia, Australia and many Asian countries, the overnight shipping arrives in 2-3 days opposed to a single day. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Admin,

        Is it better to place an order on the site here or via email? I am concerned about my data being entered into a website. That is all.


        1. LowMan,

          If you’re in a hurry then you can place the order on the virtual checkout, but depending on how customized you want the order, it may be better to place it via email. Either way you’ll get what you want, we make sure of it.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

  28. Does anyone know of some legitimate hackers? I need to get back at my bitch ex and have the money to do it now so now I need to find someone with legit skills. pls help

    1. Just curious, why hackers? Can’t you do something else yourself, i mean you have access to as much money as you need now right?

      1. She lives on social media so that is where it would hurt the most. I lack the skill to do that kind of stuff so i’m looking for a “guy”. lol

      2. Well, its safe to say I’ve invested many hours perusing the various threads on this site and have arrived at a number of conclusions, most notably the unique culture that is evolving from these type of services. Of course it’s no surprise that the services are illegal, what service that empowers an individual or group isn’t? I’ve only very recently stepped off the beaten path to explore the deep, dark web and am thrilled at the potentials. I am a veteran of the United States Marine corps and have denounced all allegiance to the ‘corporate’ USA, but this–a better way of connecting with the WHOLE of humanity and sharing resources–is worth fighting for! God bless this day and everyone in it.

    1. Are you an old person or something?
      Technology? lol the tor network has been around since 2002 and the internet long before that.
      I bet shit like this was even easier to get into back then, the longer time goes on the more big business and governments are going to crack down on these kind of services.

  29. This may sound quite odd, but is some sort of gift wrapping available? I want to help out a friend but don’t want him or his family to know it’s coming from me.

    1. I would assume you would be sending them cash?
      Anything else would probably seem sketchy as hell, i mean cash will probably seem a little that way even.
      Now i’m thinking of doing that for this guy I know, he was a shit dad but I still care about the stubborn bastard

      1. Yep anything else would probably be confusing. Everyone knows how to use cash!
        I emailed the question and they said they would check into it for me.

  30. Out of the 3 products I have tried here they are the best I have experienced ordering stuff from tor. You guys could really work on your customer service though it’s been kinda shit for the past two orders.
    happy holidays!

      1. Same here, nothing more than a day or 2 delay with orders if any and then they keep true for the most part with the listed response time(of 5-10 hours). I guess it’s been 11-12 hours quite a few times but its not enough for me to complain about. Some people are less patient than others I suppose.
        We don’t do thanksgiving where I live, happy holidays!

    1. Hello BillyJames77,

      We do take in orders on Sunday but no shipments go out, as implied on the “status” shown on the sidebar of the site.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. If your that worried just order a digital product and you are fine. Although I think the prepaid cards are just as safe and if you get the pre recycled notes they are real not counterfeit so you wont get in any trouble using those either. Youre just overthinking it

      1. Thanks for the encouragement. Its hard to find a way to make money. No one will hire when you have any jail time in your past

    1. Dude I can relate so much
      I have been been keeping this a secret from my gf and shes gonna freak when she sees all the presents she gets this year.
      Cheers man!!

  31. Trying to find a real site, been scammed 3 times, i know this is the darkweb but holy fuck I cant find one legit card distributor fuck

  32. If I pay for overnight shipping and am orderin from Australia, how long will it take?
    I highly doubt it would be only 1 day right?

    1. Hello easternbob,

      Overnight shipping to Australia will take approximately 3 days to arrive.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Okay I know they are legit at this point since i’ve been able to make a down payment on a car with this single card and everything cleared
          Now im just waiting for it to arrive to see if it works as well in person.

    1. Just a general comment on Changelly whom oasis financial recommends as a bitcoin buying site.

      I’m not a dentist, -changelly was like pulling teeth! Its been over six weeks now, and I’ve still NOT been able to buy ANY bitcoin!! Saddest thing for me is, I’ve placed my order with oasis through proton mail, and have been unable to complete my order! The information that Changelly wants borders on insanity almost, or at least, for me who wants to purchase bitcoin, it felt like it!

      So, I emailed my order to protonmail after i ve been on changelly and they said transaction approved. They came back late that night to say its been declined…continued to try…no luck…. Now I’m sitting with an order I placed through protonmail, and STILL no bitcoin!!

      Any other site that’s simpler & would allow me to buy bit coin?

  33. looking for a partner to buddy up with to make some orders with. I need more money to place the bigger orders I want so if anyone is up for it please let me know.

    1. Partner? What kind of order? How big do you wanna go? You’ve worked out percentage sharing? How about trust issue…this is Tor, you know?

      1. I want to start with a the recycled notes. You interested?
        im sure we could get it split up and shipped to two different locations.

        1. Why can’t you just buy from a bitcoin atm or find someone selling bitcoin close to you.
          Have you tried looking on paxful?

        2. Idk if you have CashApp where you are, but you can buy bitcoin and transfer it to another bitcoin wallet or send payments right from cashapp =)

  34. Hello everyone,

    As a heads up, the email service communicates poorly with servers so if you’re having trouble communicating with us and you have an email account, please create a account to get solid communication with us. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello MoneyMachine06,

        No unfortunately we did not. Please create a protonmail account if you’d like to inquire about ordering.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

  35. My brother told me there were some pretty cool things you could buy on tor but this blows away my expectations. He didn’t say anything about being to purchase things that could change my life. Thank you little bro!

      1. are the cards actually being mailed to you guys?Ps:im asking because somebody scammed me when i tried to buy my first one.

        1. Yes I just received my first order from here. They are the first vendor ever for me that didn’t scam the crap out of me
          Who scammed you? I’ve been through the ringer.

    1. I don’t know did you read any of the comments?
      Seriously why does everyone keep asking these kind of questions that are already answered?

      1. Maybe because there’s people who’ve been scammed & never seen this site before. I read the comments all the time. Everyone’s experience is different.

  36. Money changes your life so much.
    It makes me mad how it can make such a huge difference in a persons life.
    Its not fair, so many people live in utter shit because they lack having enough of it.
    That being said, my life is changing so fast for the better after resorting to using the cards you guys sell here.
    Sorry for the rant.

    1. You can let money control your life. Ya it can open more doors, but I believe your livelyhood is all about your state of mind.

      1. Alright im a bit impressed with the reviews but i hope i could recover from all the ripped moments I’ve had with several shit holes , queens ,financial market etc, please i need help on how to get started.

    1. paypal account transfer will be the quickest but its more expensive then the prepaid cards or even the MG or WU transfers.

      1. moneygram and westernunion are basically the same thing except you have to go in to pickup the money. The thing that makes it better is you get cash and it’s cheaper than a paypal account transfer.

  37. the original uncensored hidden wiki is down. Does anyone know of another one that is just as good to find links?
    I need to find some good coke vendors. Still no luck

  38. Is this open to anyone? I seems like I can order on the checkout but I don’t want to send money until I know for sure.

    1. Hello bobbysnitt,

      Yes it’s open to anyone. If you have any concerns, please email us.

      (URL Start:”financo”)
      -Financial Oasis Admin

  39. I would like submit and pay for an order but don’t want it for another 2 weeks because I won’t be home until then. Can you guys do that?

    1. Hello Matt,

      We do not censor comments unless it’s spam.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  40. The ROI on these kind of products are insane, but my question is, how sustainable are they? Will I get shut down after a month or two? That is my main concern. Advise?

    1. Not if you’re smart about whatever you’re using. The easiest is just buying cash because it doesn’t have traceable trail anyone could follow.

  41. Hi,
    A question for the admin,
    Don’t you accept other crypto currencies besides bitcoin for payment?
    Currently all I see available is bitcoin for the auto checkout.

    1. Hello Adrian,

      If you want to pay with a crypto other than bitcoin, please place your order by emailing us directly. Thanks.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start: “financo”)

  42. Are any of the bounty hunter services real? I was told they are all just scams.
    Anyone know of ones that would actually be legit?

    1. You would be better off devising a plan yourself. If you’re gonna off someone you need to think further ahead about it.. the consequences of it.

    2. Are you actually wanting to hire or are you asking out of curiosity.
      That kind of bullshit is not cool if anyone actually offers it irl. Humans just need to chill right the fuck down.
      I can tell you right now that anything you find advertising it openly on tor is full of shit and would just be trying to scam you though. Most people aren’t that demented so they probably don’t make any money off those scams anyways.

  43. I need to come up with 1200 by the end of the month and only have about $200.
    What is my best option considering the time squeeze? account transfers are out of the question because I don’t have an account setup and even I set one up I couldn’t get cash from it.

    1. Get the prepaid cards before it’s too late. If you have 200 then you can get overnight and have it before its the end of the month.

    1. Hello John,

      Please send us an email using the email address you placed your comment with about your issue. I presume you were trying to use the automated checkout? We’ll be waiting for your email. Thank you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. But i will add do not send to the email like i did they will send you a link,it was my first time and they have replied to every question n prob ive had very Professional ill let you know the out come

  44. Are there any special deals or discounts anywhere? I’m still saving up to make an order and only have about $90 in btc. I want to get a prepaid card to start so i need another $65 worth plus all the damn fees that are charged when buying btc.

    1. I’m calling out to the experienced buyers here, has anyone run into trouble after buying a service? And if not, what should i watch out for to avoid them? I wanna buy a PP transfer.

      1. There is always trouble you run into unless you are lucky. These guys have always been good at getting me past it though and haven’t left me hanging unlike a lot of vendors out there. Good support makes all the difference and imo they have that.

      1. There typical response time is 5-10 hours so you have to wait a little bit to get a reply back.
        I am impatient too so don’t feel bad.

  45. Other than running into problems is there any reason not to use the automated checkout?
    It’s supposed to be faster too right? I think i want a paypal transfer but don’t have the full 240 to test it out yet.

    1. Well custom orders you need to email obviously and the WU and MG transfers don’t have an automated checkout option. Once you get going on the paypal accounts the autocheckout is the way to go.

  46. What services can I use where I don’t have to provide any personal details? I live with my parents so I cant have anything shipped to my house.

    1. Well theres the amazon gift cards and then virtual prepaid cards.. paypal account transfers and even the MG or WU transfers if you’re able to get out to go pick them up so you actually have a lot to choose from.

    2. If you are under the age of 18 some of these methods may be either inaccessible to you, or ones you should stay away from due to the consequences

  47. I have been looking for the link to empire market does anyone have it? Need my fix and the last place I always shopped got shut down Also thinking about placing an order here once I get my other shit.

      1. Yes I actually placed an order to see if it was legit or not instead of bitching and whining about it, not knowing what to believe like you guys and a bunch of other people here.

  48. holy cow I cant wait to try this out. Finding out stuff like this existed actually for real is crazy.
    I have to figure this bitcoin thing out next.

    1. Hello carebear-09,

      With our current customer demands we aren’t able to sell at any discount anytime soon. We’ve talked with our vendors and most of them have told us they are running close to maximum capacity so a sale wouldn’t be viable anytime soon.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  49. First time buyer, placed and sent btc yesterday for one prepaid debit card with regular shipping. Responses took 5-10 hours as advertised. Will keep updating for anyone lurking.

      1. Just bought my btc and ready to test the legitimacy of this site. Send mail find out about the producti want. Will be coming back with feed back if the order is placed and further progress all in this thread .keeping my fingers crossed. Just lost my job and want to make ends meet

  50. Is there some sort of club or group I can join with everyone who takes part here? I would love to talk with some of you guys!

    1. I looked into doing that the first time I was placing an order and heard a lot of couriers won’t deliver to places that are empty. You might risk loosing the package so I decided to just setup a PO box. It’s not anonymous but at least you don’t have someone else accidentally opening your package. If I lived alone, i wouldnt even bother.

  51. Update* Placed my order for overnight shipping early sunday & got the confirmation it was shipping monday(today) im just waiting on a tracking number so far so smooth big vouch for anyone who is tempted will post again soon.

    1. Late update*
      I got tracking monday night and will have the order by Thursdady.
      Other than their timing, they are doing a great job with the order.
      I’m completely confident in their product having been able to use the data that was sent to my email and its working.

  52. I have been trying to purchase bitcoin for two days now and it’s basically impossible to stay anonymous. Does anyone know a place that will accept paypal or a credit card for bitcoin and keep you anonymous?

    1. Thats a pipe dream man. The only way you can buy anonymous bitcoin is if you have cash. Just send your btc through a mixer after you buy it from an exchange and then you have clean btcs to use.

        1. No that is what i’m saying you need to transfer that shit to your bank account first and then make a cash withdrawal or something.

    1. So it worked for you? Which ‘package’ did you go for?

      I’m also in a seriously tough spot, just have to make SURE that this actually works… Before I go and royally screw myself XD

  53. Hello everyone,

    Our email has been changed. You can now contact us at [email protected]
    If you’re having a problem with getting a response from us, please send us a new email to that address.
    Thank you!

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Hello Mystic P,

        Make sure you’re checking the same email you placed the order with. Please send us an email with the order number you were given when the payment was completed.

        -Financial Oasis Admin
        (URL start:”financo”)

      1. No paxful is shit, just a place to trade.
        If you want ease of use then setup a free wallet on

    1. Depends on what you are ordering. If you want no risk, I would order their Pre-Paid Cards. You can go to an ATM and cash out and use the money how ever you like. Same thing with money transfer, via Western Unions and MoneyGram.

  54. How long does it take to process an order if I place it on the automated check out? I am too impatient to wait for your email replys

    1. Hello Celciuss**rules,

      Using the automated checkout cuts the processing time down to about half. Sorry for the wait time, it’s been extremely busy the last few months.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Yeah tried queenscash and did receive anything once I sent payment they never confirmed payment and haven’t heard anything back from them when trying to get in touch with them. Who knows maybe something will show up?

      1. I can confirm that. I ordered twice from Queenscash and they didn’t send me shit. No followup at all after I sent payment. I was highly pissed because I really needed the money. Don’t be fooled by their “review” section. They moderate it and only allow comments that are favorable to their business.

    1. Ok can anyone here please loan me
      $200usd worth of bitcoin please I just want to make a wu order and get my shit going Please
      I’ll repay double

  55. i have been reading through the comments about FO. Sounds too tempting and worth giving it a go. Will order soon but will borrow money from a loan shark. i dont want to be scammed again but i feel i am now in the right place. If i loose again i am committing suicide and i really mean it.

  56. Hello I want to know if there are deliveries to Latin America I appreciate your help I have debts, I hope you can help me

    1. Hello osiris,

      We make deliveries world wide so yes that is an option. Please email us for further details.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  57. Does anyone know of painless way to convert cash/card into crypto? Why does it have to be so difficult?

    1. has worked great for me! If you’re using a debit or credit card they ususally work just fine.

    2. The best way is to find a contact you can meet in person and buy directly. no waiting period or anything.

    1. From my experience if you don’t pay for the expedited option or overnight option then you can expect waiting about a week.

  58. I’m so tempted to order but I don’t want to break the law.
    I just need some extra cash and this seems like it would be so easy.

      1. It’s hard too keep stuff to yourself now days and i’m not technically inclined enough to know how to fully keep my anonymity in tact.

    1. Sorry I see I should have posted on the thread meant for the gift cards
      I already have the gift code now. Thanks!!

  59. It’s been two weeks of orders. I didn’t think I would ever find a legitimate service on tor and here I am being proven wrong.
    Cheers to all you other cunts that know what i’m talking about.

      1. What’s a good bitcoincash mixer? got shutdown a little while ago and that was the only one I knew of for BCH.

  60. Anyone notice the hidden wiki is down? FO is one of the only links I have saved because they always have it in their emails when I inquired about a few of the products. I wanted to try out some other services but now I can’t find their links Anyone know of some mirrors?

  61. When sending FO an email, is there any PGP encryption going on? Or do you guys just use the standard encryption provided via proton mail?

    1. The pgp that is built into protonmail is legit so that is all i have been using and it looks like they are doing the same.

    2. Financial oasisis wu transfer got me in my feelings listening to bryson tiller” don’t ” I

      1. Losses make bosses
        Did it all work as they said, was anything suspicious about the transaction and how often do u do this? Any tips u wanna share.

    1. Hello fortnight-1341,

      If it’s a digital order, the weekends will not affect the delivery time.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hello painNgain,

          Yes we do process MG and WU orders on weekends.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

    1. What are you talking about?
      You have to leave a full email address if you want to leave a comment, you can’t just put “protonmail”

    1. Your best bet is buy prepaid card wu transfer and use the cash to buy crypto, online or at local bitcoin ATM
      Best regards

      1. I don’t want to have anything shipped to me, I just want to invest bitcoin in an opportunity to create returns. Simple as that. I don’t really care what it involves unless it’s like human trafficking or something, that’s where I would draw the line. Also because it’s higher risk I would be looking for higher returns like 15% or more.

        1. The darkweb the wrong place for you, your looking for High yield investment platform hyip website. You use clear net for that and its legal to use but your chances of gaining any profit is 3/10 its not easy. You can research it a lot of bullshit website that give you nothing but a headache monitor website that promote bullshit website. Your better off with e commerce like amazon eBay shopify, you can earn bitcoin from customers and pay your taxes, just find something to sell and sell it. Am a eBay seller as well the darkweb is just where I get my non taxable income and its does work especially prepaid cards which I highly recommend, like seriously who going lock you up for having debit card mail to your house ??? Who going stop anybody from using a ATM machine ??? Think about it….

    1. Hello falkman,

      The day you place your order is the day before it ships out. So for example if you get overnight shipping for an order and pay on Monday, it will ship out Tuesday morning and arrive Wednesday. I hope that clears up your question!

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

        1. Hello Ehv,

          You should have it now. Check your email.

          -Financial Oasis Admin
          (URL start:”financo”)

    1. The only thing you can really do it try it out for yourself.
      It does work, but who’s gonna trust another stranger are the dark net

  62. Is there a hidden limit or something that I should stick to? I don’t want to order too much and and too often and draw unwanted attention but I don’t want to stop ordering either. I just feel like something bad might happen and feel the need to be extra cautious.

    1. Just don’t do stupid stuff with what you buy. Being stupid always will get you in trouble.
      What did you order?

          1. Exactly I’ve seen so many people get caught because they flash so hard and do stupid crap it’s crazy

    2. If your buying a physical card your best bet is to use only at ATM machines withdraw 500 at a time. Never use the same ATM machine twice. And throw away the card when withdrawn all the cash. Its impossible to get caught even if you over withdraw just don’t get the big ego and snitch on yourself. Enjoy yourself be charitable give to the needy buy a new Mercedes or just save all the money. God bless enjoy financial freedom

    1. From the other reviews, it seems to kind of depend on where you live but generally around 3-4 days for the expedited shipping.

    2. They always ship out next day so even with overnight shipping you’re waiting 2 full days to get your order unless it’s digital. Your best option is patience It’s worth the wait too.

  63. Ordered to UK on Friday.
    Emailed on Saturday telling me will be shipped that day.
    Will announce on arrival.

    Good day

    1. My order arrived today.
      I had so much doubt at the end.
      I’m happy to be wrong.
      A loyal customer I shall be!

      Good day

  64. Been pretty skeptical but just sent my email to request my first order. Waiting for email response. Will update asap for other potentials reassurance. I know I have some doubt myself, why not.

    1. Just received my respond to continue with my order, that was pretty fast. Got a response telling me my requested information order and the steps to proceed with payment. Gonna take it that now and update again with my experience

      1. Order processed on my end, had a little problem on my end since it’s the first time using Bitcoin so changed my shipping details but all seems well. Awaiting tracking information response

          1. Your timing is great because I just got it in today
            The notes are definitly genuine and i haven’t tried any of the cards I ordered yet but I’ll be doing that soon.
            Cheers man!

  65. I just emailed them. Waiting to hear back. How long has it taken you guys to hear back from these guys?

    1. On the the order page it says “12 hours(likely sooner)” for response time.
      It’s always been 5-10 hours for me, if I don’t feel like waiting for a response I just use the automated checkout.

  66. This page works? or it’s just a scam. I want to know if it is reliable to place an order and also if the credit cards can be ordered via email

    1. Hello 5tone*Malace,

      We don’t officially accept it for payment but if you’re interested in using it as payment, email us and we’ll work something out with you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  67. So it just so happened I am pretty sure I received an order that wasn’t meant for me but I know it came from you guys because I placed an order last week and already got it but today I just got another and it wasn’t something I paid for. I already messaged you guys(waiting for a response) and want to make it clear that I don’t plan on shipping anything anywhere. It’s far too risky for what i’m comfortable doing. Please advise, I don’t want anyone’s wrath raining down on me due to some error that wasn’t my fault.

  68. Sorry I couldn’t find this anywhere. Overnight shipping is or isn’t available to Australia?
    I need to put in a test order of some prepaids. Thanks in advance!

    1. No Mate, no it’s not
      In all seriousness though I have had orders shipped to an address in queensland and it takes 3-4 days if you get the fastest available(expedited shipping for $20) option.

  69. I am unable to send mail consisting my order because of the admin has protonmail ID. I use torbox mail I am having trouble contacting. Pls help.

      1. I did exactly that and got everything more or less settled. Thank you, i don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner.

    1. Hello WebC00ls,

      Sorry for the delay in response. Overnight shipping is available to any country in Europe unless otherwise specified.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Test! Am about to make first purchase but the admin has protonmail ID I am not able to send order mail to him. Any other way to order? Thanks

  70. tried out a few of the products, my favorite are the cards. They offer the most flexibility.
    Really great gig here!

      1. Are you referring to the PayPal account transfers? I only just ordered 1 prepaid card. I guess I don’t know enough about the PayPal transfers to feel comfortable with that yet. It seems to me you might have a hard time explaining why someone transferred a large sum of money into your account. It’s not quite as anonymous as I would like. Maybe I’ll warm up to it once I learn more.

        1. Hey first time buyer here. I was just curious should I be cautious with the prepaid cards? Is it connected to someone else’s account, would they be notified if i use it. Also what do you use the prepaid cards for on a daily basis?

  71. How long does it usually take you guys to recieve a tracking number? I ordered a few days ago and haven’t recieved tracking but was told it got shipped. the person I spoke with when I ordered seemed very professional. if all goes well then I plan on being a returning customer.

    1. Hi spideymack,

      We typically ship out within 12-24 hours of confirming your order payment.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  72. I’m looking to buy the equipment needed to emboss cards and encode chips, does anyone have any good sources?

  73. Just ordered for the second time, still a noob but a noob making money at that
    Time to get my blaze on.

      1. The gift cards right now.
        When I get back to a permanent location that I can have shipment sent to, i will be trying the prepaid cards.

  74. Okay i want order as soon as I can seeing all these reviews.
    I don’t have a good shipping address yet so what should I start with?

    1. Your only options are the amazon gift cards, paypal accounts, and the virtual prepaid card.
      Everything else is going to require you provide an address. I guess with MG and WU you don’t have to provide a specific address, more just country/city/state and a name.
      good luck

      1. Ehh my opinion is the prepaids are best if you can physically use them. There’s nothing like getting cash from an atm.

  75. Hey i’m not sure if anyone has noticed but having a good amount of money increases your confidence level 10x
    That bullshit about money not buying happiness is still a mystery to me!

  76. It seems like there is so much money here, i’ve only been using the prepaid cards and they work as promised. I just don’t get how all of this is seemingly being given away basically, the cost is so minimal compared to what you’re getting. Maybe i’m not able to see the bigger picture or something. Either way i’m happy to be apart of it!

      1. Over a week ago. I tried out the account transfers and like them a lot so that has all I have purchased this prior week. Check out the prepaid card thread if you’re looking for more people that have used them. There is nothing like experiencing it for yourself though.

  77. Testing waters here. Will order soon. So far F.O. has the best products and reviews. If their professionalism is true as advertised, i will be RETURNING fooooor sure

    1. after looking around I’d agree with that.
      What are you starting with? i’m still not sure if I want to have something mailed to me or not.

      1. since im only testing here, i started with a single card order. So far they have been very professional in regards of responding to emails and questions. Just placed my order a few minutes ago. Awaiting confirmation and tracking. Will post under appropriate review section as well as here so all those out there looking for extra way to make some mula dont go wrong.

          1. No prob bro. I just received a tracking number but won’t have the order until next week. Let us know when you receive yours

    1. Hello boldor,

      We do ship to African countries. Keep in mind that only expedited shipment is available if you want something faster than the included regular shipping, but overnight shipping is not offered if you’re ordering from an African country. Money transfers such as WU and MG are also available but check to see what your local jurisdiction limits are, as some countries only allow you to pick up smaller amounts which we may not offer. You can proceed with an order by emailing us or going through the automated checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  78. My wife is telling me to try out this place since we really need the money, but i’m hesitant and really don’t want to be ripped off. If we were to start with something, what would be best? I feel like paypal might be too much of a paper trail so i’m more leaning towards the pre-recycled notes or the prepaid cards. All feedback is very welcome!

    1. I know how you feel, i’ve been setting aside money to try something like this but don’t want to get burned.
      These guys seems legit, but I still haven’t tried them out yet.

        1. I will, we decided to start small with a prepaid card.
          We’ll be ordering through the automated checkout hopefully by Monday.
          Transfers always are slow over the weekend or don’t show up until the start of the week.

      1. Yo I nvr tried this one out yet, I jus got ripped off from BLACK & White cards, Mr Fungi on Green Machine is a scammer too

  79. I know this is the wrong place to ask but im having trouble gathering some bitcoin. I have tried a bunch of site but they all ask for id which i dont exactly have. If anybody knows a place to buy some bitcoin without the use of an id please let me know

    1. If you can find a personal selling on localbitcoins or paxful for cash and will trade with you in person, thats about the best way you can do it completely anonymously.

        1. Yes they are both legit sites. I have a regular guy i buy from off of lbc so I just contact them directly when I want to buy some.

  80. uhhg I had to go jerk off before coming back to come checkout the actual service here.
    That babe is smoking.

  81. New to the scene here and don’t want to play any bullshit games.
    I’ll update after I place an order tomorrow. Any advise is welcome.
    Note: i’ll be updating on a different thread depending on what I order, i haven’t decided what i will be starting with.

      1. Ya go with the prepaids! that or the notes if you’re not into the cards.
        I regularly order both at the same time

  82. Hey I want to order but don’t know when my payment in my account will clear so I don’t know what time i’ll be able to order.
    What is the best time to place orders? Does it matter? I want some prepaid cards and probably will try a paypal transfer too.
    Any feedback is welcome

    1. Hi,

      I think any time as long as your payment is ready, Actually i’m watching the comments about a month ago and i will order soon can you update me after your order is confirmed thank you.

      Best Regards,


      1. Well I hopefully will have my bitcoins ready today but my coinbase account still says pending so it might be a little while before I can place my order

    1. Well once you have bitcoin in your wallet, it’s very easy to spend/send. I assume you’re just having trouble acquiring it? Also do you have a trusted bitcoin wallet already setup? You can never go wrong using for a wallet, don’t use the tor wallets though! I’ve already lost money to onion wallet and learned my lesson. Then once your wallet is setup you just have to find a place to purchase bitcoin. I followed the advise given on the side bar
      “These are our top 3 quickest ways to purchase bitcoin:

      1. Pay with a credit or debit card here:

      2. Find a reputable seller on

      3. See if you have a bitcoin ATM near you.

      I lucked out finding an ATM near me. The biggest down side is the fees on the atm I used are really high so to get $500 worth of bitcoin I was paying around $560. Make sure you’re aware of the fees no matter where you buy from!
      I hope that helps! good luck!

  83. What’s the “catch” here? It seems all too good to be true. This is insane, I never new the dark new had so many marketplaces.

  84. I’ve been a customer here for a few months. I have already made so much money and want to “donate” some back just as a thank you. Do you guys have a donation address? I suppose this is a business so it’s not a normal thing to have, but seriously i’m so setup now and just want to show my appreciation.

    1. I’m taking donations I’m starting from the bottom with no bitcoin and a wiped out bank account. I saw your comment and thought “it couldn’t hurt to volunteer” So this is me, blondeelox, volunteering to accept donations There, I put it out there. Have a great day either way!!

    2. Dwn4thStreet, I’m happy to receive from ur foundation.. Just one bitcoin or one card- I’ll be soon grateful 4 the much needed help..take a bow. When I get to ur level of success, I’ll do likewise!!

  85. Guys, I see 2 different emails in the comments. Which one is active/real?
    I don’t want to lose my broke-man bitcoins.

    1. Hello Panda5,

      Our current email is [email protected]
      Sorry if there is any confusion. We had temporarily changed to ctemplar but had to change back due to some technical difficulties with the email service.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. yes, it’s the fastest way to get it. They take a while to respond to your emails so if you use the store to place your order, it’s automated and goes a hell of a lot faster.

      1. Yes that is my experience too. I emailed the first time wanting to make sure I was talking to a real person and it worked fine, but the next time I ordered I decided to try it with the automated checkout and it took at least half the time. Sadly it’s not very customizeable though so I still email in orders sometimes.

    2. Yes it works. If you feel more comfortable talking to someone then email them, it takes longer but it does feel more personal. That’s how I did it my first time.

  86. Is there a self checkout option for paypal? I’d like to do an account transfer but don’t see it offered in the store anywhere

    1. Hello Swift&Turn,

      You can always ask, there are many unofficially accept for payment.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Wait seriously? That’s kind of a lot, do you do passports as well or can you do like a package deal?
        I’m in the states.

        1. I do mostly US, Canada and a few major countries in Europe. I can make passports too, I charge $1500 a pop for those and if you want both an ID and passport i’ll do them both for $2000.
          You can email me. gentswebe(at)protonmail(dot)com

  87. Is there anywhere I should know about where shipping isn’t available?? I’m going to be traveling a lot and want to be able to continue ordering while i’m in various countries.

    1. It’s just say where you’re going and ask if they work in those countries. You never know with some countries, I mean there’s 195 of them so it’s hard to know the exact jurisdiction of each one when it comes to using a debit card.

  88. The jig is up. Tomorrow is my last day at my old job and i’ll become a free man.
    I’m so grateful that this is possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you guys so much!
    Keep it real, cheers!

    1. wow great for you I’m looking forward to place my order here , if I may ask is it possible to buy BTC online using this prepaid card? Anyone who knows please assist me

  89. There is not a single other vendor i’d rather do business than you guys.
    I’ve been able to change so much in my life using the various things you guys sell here.
    Like it or not, money makes the world go around. It seems like everyone want to deny that, that is the reality.

    1. Yes i’m right there with you.
      I’ve only been ordering prerecycled notes from the start but i’m sure their other products are just as good.

  90. Hello Everyone,

    We’ve had to switch emails again due to technical difficulties with the email service and not being able to access customer emails. We’ve talked with the support staff about fixing the issues that is not allowing our inbox to load, so in the mean time we are using [email protected] for our contact email until further notice.
    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Hello Lungsaniman
      First off please g’t use that link, it is a scammer who has mirrored our site including the comments and has changed the contact information to their own so they can trick our customers into paying them for nothing. If you order from that site you will get nothing in return so please beware.

      Overnight shipping is not available for our African customers. You can get expedited shipping that takes around 3 days, sometimes 4. This is our contact info: [email protected] any other is not us.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  91. Does anyone here ever just go around and intentionally overpay for everything?
    I did it last night. It was a lot of fun and there were a few extremely kind people but for the most part it just showed me more how greedy we all are. lol

  92. How long does it typically take to get a response? I’m probably just being impatient but I put in for an order over email nearly 3 hours ago and haven’t heard anything back yet

    1. Hello RKDoe,

      I see your email is a mail2tor address. Mail2tor emails will not work with most mail servers including ctemplar so please create a new email address with something like protonmail or ctemplar and try messaging us again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. Just now saw this, thank you for the reply. Only waiting on the tracking info for prepaid card now but hopefully the shipment will be here by the end of today seeing as I got overnight and all

          1. I got an email on Thursday saying it was shipped and I’m assuming that because they’re probably not in the same country as me that it’ll be here either today, Saturday, or on Tuesday seeing as how Monday is a holiday and all. I’ll try and report back when I finally do get it. I’m just trying to be patient and not freak out and send them a million emails asking for updates on the status of the package haha

    1. Hello Puok,

      No it should not, please contact us immediately if you think there is any issue with your order.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  93. TESTING – Recently got scammed and discovered if they don’t allow you to freely comment then it is a scam. If this posts, I will place an order.

  94. Please let me know if this is sure fire legit and also once i make the payment online for the bitcoin, will it go straight to the merchant or i have to then manually transfer it?

    1. What exchange are you buying btc from? You can usually send right from the exchange if you want but I prefer to send it to my own personal wallet first if you have one. has a good free wallet.

  95. This is likely crossing the line but i spit on my bosses shoes today and told him to fuck himself.
    He was a complete dick so I don’t feel bad about it, i’m more just ashamed of my self for being so aggressive.
    Thanks for being here for me mates!
    I’ll be getting drunk tonight. Cheers!!!

  96. Can orders ship out on Sunday? I need my order asap if i can get it with overnight shipping on monday i’d be so happy.

    1. Hi gunzblazin,

      Our policy is that we can use any reliable onion escrow service on orders that cost $1000 or more. Remember this is order cost, not order value.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  97. I’m ready to order but am not sure if it would be better to proceed with the site checkout or by submitting the order with email.

  98. I can place an single order with a different variety of items right?
    like prepaid cards and some of the recycled cash? Or do I have to make them separate orders?

    1. Hello billyblueballs,

      Orders of various items can be placed all in one order. It would be more of a hassle for both us and the customer if we required orders of different product to be separated from each other.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  99. I never thought I would be so excited for a Monday to come around and the weekend to be over with.
    Cash is a hellva drug.. as cliche as it sounds

  100. Why can’t there be an automated checkout for the paypal accounts?
    Just do set amounts like the examples you have shown and then the picky motherfuckers that want something different can just place their orders via email. Please please please!!!

    1. Hello drizzy,

      We are working on setting something like that up. You are not the only one with that request, we’ve received numerous emails asking for the same thing to be added to the automated checkout.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  101. I’m looking to place another large order on Wednesday and I just placed my first order on Friday. My question is, are there any limits I should be aware of?

  102. I’ve been very happy with the transfer services so far.
    Thanks for being a trustworthy vendor, they are hard to come by.
    happy money making!

  103. What would the case be for South Africans, I don’t assume there’s a big market for counterfeit Rand, What would my best option be?

  104. i think i have a small problem. i purchased a product and don’t see an email with tracking link in my Email account. hope you can send me a new one right away.
    thank you

    1. Hello Arbo,

      Sorry we’ve been having technical difficulties with being able to get torchat to run correctly. It’s been showing we are online but it seems that no one else can see us. We are working to resolve this and may end up using a different chat platform. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  105. hello guys. its been now 3 days for ordering digital goods.
    Should there be any risks to watch out for? It seems too good to be true spending all this money and I don’t want to do something stupid. Thanks and best regards!

      1. mostly amazon gift cards, i’ve tried buying a stand alone paypal account and failed to transfer the funds from it so if I do paypal again i’ll pay for the transfer to be done for me.

  106. I thought i was going to be homeless at the start of the new year and now i’m looking to buy a house.. You never know what life is going to do.

      1. Mostly the cards but recently i’ve found a way to launder a ton of the counterfeit cash so that has been the best for pushing large volumes.

  107. Does it cost extra to request what shipping provider to use?
    I hate it when fedex makes deliveries, everything always seems to get fucked up.

    1. Hi Gu55ar^^Fagg3n,

      If you have a preference on what shipping you like best, please tell us. We can always arrange shipping with carriers you prefer if they are available to us. We’ll let you know if there is any additional charge, but most of the time it doesn’t cost any extra.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  108. I sent an email for my purchase and a representative got back to me. Bitcoin was transferred and I was told it would be about 1-2 hours for information. I do understand you are busy. It has been over 3 hours and I was just concerned over how long it is taking as the money was transferred and I got confirmation from the rep that they got it. I hope I will be able to get the info soon. I am very interested in doing future business. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Next time post on the right thread so we can tell what you’re talking about.. i assume you got a PayPal transfer or a WU transfer?
      Did it come through yet?

      1. Good point. I bought the Virtual card data for the $135 USD. I just got it sent to my email today so my concern has been dispersed. It’s working as promised too. I’ll be posting on correct thread next go around. Thanks man!

  109. The products i’ve ordered have been amazing. I’ve ordered quite a few prepaid cards and large quantities of counterfeits. I always take it for granted, but thanks for always having excellent customer service, sure sometimes it takes longer than expected to get a response, but even when that does happen you guys have always been so understanding and apologetic about delays.
    Late happy new years!

  110. I’ve been quite pleased how my business relationship here has been as fruitful as it is.
    Please keep up the good work and personally I think the more products you guys offer, the better!

  111. How flexible are you guys on the shipping? I’d like to request a specific company I want it to be shipped with and will even pay extra if necessary. I’ve sent an email about this as well. Please work with me on it, i’d love to be able to do a large volume of business here.

    1. Hello,

      We are very flexible when it comes to shipping. Please tell us the carrier wyou’d like to use and we’ll tell you if we are able to use that carrier. Usually we can always use the carrier you want to use.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Yep. Just expect the worst when it comes to delivery time. It’s better to be surprised that it’s earlier than you were expecting then disappointed that it didn’t arrive as soon as you hoped it would.

  112. The holidays have really delayed my order. I can’t wait for it to arrive this afternoon. Luckily tracking lets me know when there is a delay and i’ve had 2 so far

    1. Yes, it’s my flucky day.
      It finally got here. That’s one thing I won’t miss with the holidays are all the delays.
      Happy new year to me!

    1. It’s been a wild ride since I first started 3 months ago. Money changes you and stuff, usually for the better but not always.
      I would never go back though.

    1. The automated checkout is ought to be at least a bit faster.
      But as they say, typical response time is ~5-10 hours.
      When I placed my order it took 8 hours, some time before than when I asked a question it took 30 minutes, and now I asked something 10 hours ago and have not yet received an answer (but I sent the email pretty much in the middle of the night so I guess nothing weird there).

  113. Repost of an old comment since people keep asking:


    We want to post another reminder. The site that mirrors ours is a scam. Their URL starts with “oazis64o” if you see that is in your URL bar right now or ever, you know that you’re on a scammers site. Please beware. The only true version of this site Financial Oasis has a URL that starts with “financoa7”. We are not posting full URLs since they have a bot that detects them and automatically will change it to their address so the comments that are mirrored will seem correct even though they are not. Also like others have posted, you can see from the main page(first page you see when visiting the site) that our logo is covered up by a green URL that is theirs all one color with a black background right behind it. Ours has a gradient and the images in the background behind the URL are not blacked out. Don’t get your self ripped off! Be vigilant.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

    1. That’s the fake site. Don’t get scammed there.
      Just read down in the comments and you’ll see the admin talks about it.

  114. Finding out today that this kind of thing exists has been my Christmas gift.
    I’ll be ordering soon, but am not sure what i’m going to start with. There is so many fun options.

    1. It doesn’t look like it. When I placed the order they ended up sending me an email asking if I wanted it sent with DHL or FedEx. Maybe they’ll build it in soon, either way it’s not really a concern since they seem to be addressing it well.

  115. Pretty please add the counterfeits to the store!!!
    On another note i’m waiting for an email back providing me with the payment info for the order.

  116. Hello all,

    We are considering making an automated check out for simple and straight forward orders to expedite the process for those of you who know exactly what you want and are ready to order immediately. Orders would still be able to be placed via email of course if that is what you prefer. Custom orders would also continue to be placed email. We are open to ideas so please if you have an opinion, share it.

    -Financial Oasis Admin
    (URL start:”financo”)

    1. Go for it, I already tried it out buying an amazon gift card and it was a hell of a lot faster than when I usually send in the order via email. I assume the product delivery is automated as well for it to be that fast?

  117. Am I able to order more than one category of product at once? Like a few prepaid cards, a couple GCs and a Paypal transfer for example? I can’t decide what I want to start with so I figured I could just try out the ones I’m interested in. Please let me know, thanks.


    1. Hi,

      Yes you can. Just send us an email explaining what you want and how much of each product you wish to purchase.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

    1. I have the sane question. Is there a forum or chat room dedicated for customers old and new? If it’s legit then we all should be able to converse about our experiences with one another. There’s sites with fake comments so it is understandable for people to be cautious. I’m so hoping this is real.

    1. For me it was getting the package. Subconsciously i don’t think I really believed it was real or was even coming after paying for it. It just hits you and man it’s a great feeling.

    1. You can’t go wrong with the prepaid cards.
      I’ve tried everything and they are still my go to.
      The convenience of them are unbeatable.

  118. I’ve found fedex is the best delivery service to use. Their tracking is actually accurate unlike DHL. Anyone else experience this?

      1. use
        sites like coinbase are govenerment regulated and will follow where you send your bitcoin so if you do use them it would be smart to send your coin through a reliable mixer like helix.

  119. Whenever I order it always arrives a day later than what is shown on the tracking info. Does this happen for anyone else? I just order the prepaids, a few a week.

  120. Does anyone have suggestions where I can buy large sums of bitcoin? Exchanges are not an option since I’m keep it under the radar. Any advise would be appreciated, thanx

        1. There are some sellers on but other than that it’s not likely you’ll find any massive sellers. Especially not in this market. Unless you know people privately that would have a connection to someone willing to sell with large sums, you’re likely out of luck.

  121. I’m almost lost for words as to what I should say here. I was just doing this as an experiment to prove to my best friend that most everything you find on tor is a scam. He was so adamant about this site so we made a bet. I was 99.9 percent sure I was right and truthfully i’ve never been so pleased to be proven wrong. I was skeptical down to the last moment even after getting the package and opening it to see there was in fact a card in it, I doubted it would even work. It was when the atm screen showed “processing” and then the dispenser started to whir that I finally accepted the reality of it all. I don’t want this to seem cliche or cheesy but I just want to maybe be a light to true skeptics like myself. I’m not going to lie, i’m not above stuff like this, I just truthfully didn’t believe any of it was real and believed that is was all a big game that scammers always play to win with. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still tons of scams out there and i’m still going to remain a skeptic for my own physiological defense. I’m just amazed how wrong I was about this and i’m grateful for my friend who pushed me. Anyways that is my experience here and I hope it will help anyone like me who reads this.

    1. Hello Stone Key,

      Yes overnight shipping is available to almost every European country and is $45.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

      1. I have a guy who sells to me and I just pay him with cash. Found him on paxful. The first time I just drove a couple hours to a bitcon atm in a neighboring city. You can get it from just about anywhere but if you want to buy it discretely then you’ll have to find someone to buy from privately. You can also just buy from an exchange and then send your coin to a mixer to your own personal wallet and then you have clean coin to send. Good luck buddy

  122. I sure am glad I only buy bitcoin when I need to place an order here. I have relatives whining to me about how many thousands of dollar they have lost from investing in it. lol
    It has it’s use but i’m not investing in that shit.

  123. Are there any delays right now with the shipping? I know things are busy so I want to ask before I order with overnight.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,

      Though it is quite busy for us, currently everything is running on schedule.
      Thank you.

      -Financial Oasis Admin
      (URL start:”financo”)

  124. I assume shipments don’t go out today for US customers?
    I’ll put in my order today anyways so that it’ll ship out tomorrow.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  125. Fuck man I bought my bitcoin just 3 days ago and now it’s barely enough to cover the order I want to place, this price movement is ridiculous

  126. Made a purchase for a manual, but I still decided to go with the account transfer after reading it. There’s just two many steps that are easy to fuck up trying to move the funds yourself.

  127. I paid today and the payment has been confirmed by mail. Today is the 15.11. I hope i get my package in the next few days. If i get my package i will write a comment bellow.

          1. On the delivery or the card or what? It came as described but I guess I didn’t really think about what it would be like. It’s awesome having a card where you don’t care what you buy with it and you have no concern about cost of what you’re buying. Its a great feeling. I spent most of it already by stocking up on every kind of food i could ever want and then I bought myself a nice new big screen. I had about 400 left over so I when to the bitcoin atm and spend the rest to load my wallet back up to order more. Is that what you meant?

  128. Hello,
    I placed an order Monday(05/11) and still haven’t received my order, today is Tuesday(13/11) – I also have received confirmation and tracking number on the order but tracking said it would arrive Monday.
    Please assist.

    1. Okay I have it now. Found it in the mailbox this afternoon, I don’t think I missed it yesterday so i’m pretty sure the tracking was still a day late. It’s been working for the online purchases I placed so far and tomorrow I’ll put it to the real test at an atm. Thank you all very much!

  129. Hey are there going to be any sales here for the holidays? I’ve seen vendors do it before and was curious if that is a thing you guys do?


  130. Hello,

    We want to post another reminder. The site that mirrors ours is a scam. Their URL starts with “oazis64o” if you see that is in your URL bar right now or ever, you know that you’re on a scammers site. Please beware. The only true version of this site Financial Oasis has a URL that starts with “financoa7”. We are not posting full URLs since they have a bot that detects them and automatically will change it to their address so the comments that are mirrored will seem correct even though they are not. Also like others have posted, you can see from the main page(first page you see when visiting the site) that our logo is covered up by a green URL that is theirs all one color with a black background right behind it. Ours has a gradient and the images in the background behind the URL are not blacked out. Don’t get your self ripped off! Be vigilant.

    -Financial Oasis Admin

  131. can 3 people please confirm the url for me i used
    but im not sure if i had the right one, i sent in a payment and havent heard from them since.

  132. are you all looking for a drug supplier? I could hook you up if you are.
    Lots of synthetics and even greens if you want it. lmk

  133. I’m impressed. This is the first non marketplace service I’ve used that didn’t end up ripping me off.
    I haven’t tried anything but the prepaid cards so far, but if that’s any indicator of how they do business with the other products, then my close friends will most definitely be taking part soon.

  134. Hello,

    We are considering locking all the other threads and making the only allowable thread to post in this one right here to simplify things. All old comments would remain but no new comments would be allowed anywhere but here on the general discussion page. Please let us know your thoughts.

    -Financial Oasis Admin

      1. It’s more organized to have seperate sections but I guess if you’re a newb you just want to see if it’s real so it doesn’t matter as much. I like it how it is right now but that’s just me.

    1. For newbs it’s probably easier for it to be all in one place but it makes it pretty shitty for discussion of the individual products. I vote to leave it be for now.

  135. Thank you for walking me through the process for the first time.
    After doing it over and over i bet it gets tiring so thanks for taking the time.

  136. I ordered, didn’t remember my email password and luckily it all still worked out.
    Thank you guys for being flexible with me. You have me as a loyal customer 100 percent.

  137. ordered and confirmed 2 days ago, tracking says it will arrive sunday. Is that right? I’ve never had a package arrive on a Sunday. i’m going to assume it will arrive monday

    1. By the way i was right. It got here first thing mondy morning.
      The cards are still doing what they do best as well!

  138. I’m a new customer and my first order arrived today. I didn’t get tracking for some reason and thought it was a scam because of it but now that i’m using the card I paid for and it works like everyone else was talking about, i’m completely convinced otherwise. I plan to notch things up and do some extreme volume. I hope you all can handle it. Good day.

    1. yup same thing happened to me my first order two weeks ago, it’s like they’re trying to scare you into thinking you’re getting scammed and then prove you wrong when it arrives. lol
      I’ve specifically asked since then and tracking has been provided.

  139. It is nice to not have to find individual vendors or each service you provide. I can know that any product here is reliable. Thanks to my boyfriend i know how to make money online too now

    1. please everyone should know that this site is a miracle
      i make a bitcoin of money gram yesterday and they wrote to me to hold on
      3 hours later and i have 2400 usd in my possession after going to the western union office.
      I don’t know what to say to my wife.. she will be happy.

  140. *NOTICE*

    Our onion URL starts with “financo” not anything else. There is an onion URL which we will not give the link to so that no one falls victim to their scam. They mirror all the comments that our made on our site and everything else is the same more or less. It is very deceiving so make sure to watch out for it and check the URL. Another way to know that you are on the correct website is by the main page with the logo and URL, if it(the image of the URL) has a solid black background behind the URL address and the URL address is not faded from green to yellow to black(top to bottom) then you know it’s a scam site. Please beware.
    We feel obligated to make this post due to the complaints we’ve received in the recent past. We wish all our customers the best. Be vigilant!

    -Financial Oasis Admin

  141. How are you guys not getting shut down by the feds? You’re so far the only legit service i’ve been able to find on tor providing these kind of products and they are really fucking great.

      1. Well it depends, do you mean shipped product or a digital transfer like gift cards or money transfers? I’ve tried all their products except the counterfeits so far.

  142. hello everyone, i was stumbling around and i found a a copy of this website. It looked very identical of course the URL was different but now im not so sure which is the real deal. So would I would like to know is whoever has ordered anything from FO to reply back to this comment leavng the link because i dont wanna get scammed.

  143. I think the idea with overnight shipping is that it gets here overnight. why does it take 2 days? It’s been this way with the past two orders.

    1. DUDE I JUST SAID THE SAME THING!!! It was Columbus Day on Monday and the Post Office was closed then. They say there can be delays over holidays and that when they get busy they get swamped. It sounds like you have received what you paid for though. Is that the case

  144. Greetings FO, It’s been approximately 24hrs after first order placement. I’m I allowed to put in another already or is there some kind of limit?

    1. What did you order? I’ve ordered mg and wu transfers 6 hours apart so if it’s one of those then you’d be good to order again i’m sure.

        1. What are you expecting to get for an answer that differs from all the review and comments that you see by everyone else? It’s like each one of you needs to ask the same question even thought it’s been clearly already been answered many times over again.

    1. I made an order and sent btc to FO a week ago and since then i’ve been making a new order every other day. Once you try it, theres no going back

  145. Great supplier for anything I could ever need on tor.
    Maybe you guys should make a small drug section.
    Regardless, I’ll be back soon.

    1. Sorry we’ve been slow lately due to increased volume of orders over the past week.
      Please be patient with us.

      Thank you,

  146. So I received a follow up email and tracking information. Still waiting for the tracking info to update other than the service seems to be working. Got to wait til the end to be certain but yeah.

    1. So, it’s been apprx. 24 hours since I picked up the the money. I’ve kept a low profile and keep checking my phone but I think it’s all clear. Walking around with 3k in my wallet is something i’ve never done before! it’s great it actually turned out well, I legitimatly thought it was going to be a scam there for a while. Aha

    1. This is more of a test since I emailed them a question before and haven’t received an answer yet. If this comment goes through, I’ll try placing an order. Cheers

      1. I have just placed an order. I will attempt to keep posting updates for everyone. If my updates don’t show well then it’s probably a scam. Aha

        1. Just made the payment and now we wait. Hopefully this post goes through. If not, then like I said this is a scam. If it goes through then everyone should get in on the action.

  147. I thought these people were rippers, this site looked like it could be a sccam. My order finally came after a week. I was wrong but i’m happy about it.

  148. Friends have patience. I also have not received the package yet.
    But these guys are out of series, and many are happy with the service, I came here through a friend who already bought some. and he is super contented.
    Islamic state.

    Alhah aukbar

    1. I think it will be best you state the time in GMT that you are likely to respond to us. I have made payment for my first order and i have been waiting for more than 4hours for someone to get back to me.

      1. You’re complaining over a 4 hour wait? The last order I put in with them almost took a day before I got an email back. When they are busy there is longer delays, that’s been my experience. All i care about is that I get what i paid for.

        1. When someone or something says a thing is going to be done within a certain amount of time, I expect it to be that way. I did finally get it but you don’t have to be a twat about it.

    2. Sorry for the delays. Nearing the end of August and even right now, we’ve had a high volume of orders come in so we’ve been slow to respond and digital delivery times have been lacking. Again we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please bear with us for the time being.

      Thank you,

      1. FinancialOasis people
        Thank you for this service. It’s the first i’ve found a vendor that isn’t a scam
        and it’s made everything possible for me.

  149. I was starting to think this was a scam. Maybe next order you could be quicker to respond so I don’t start thinking that. It’s easy to get paranoid with this stuff

  150. I just sent payment for another order! Please get back to me with tracking. I’m looking forward to use more of those cards